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April 17, 2009

April Open House
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Columbus Store Open House - All Invited!

Saturday April18, 2009
Please stop by for our monthly Open House. We will have our unique alternative demonstrations such as iridology, body reading, ear reflexology, hypnosis,
 therapeutic massage, as well as tarot readings.
Enjoy some free samples,  and receive a free astrology chart wheel.

The festivities start at 11 AM and last until 3 PM.
Special Discounts !
Free Astrology Chart Wheels !
Samples of some of our snacks and our water.
Time to browse literature and try out products. (Relax Sauna, stirwand, etc.)

These open houses are becoming very popular -
We have never seen so many people at once in our Store !

Next month we will celebrate on May 23.
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Columbus Open House

April Newsletter:

Around the planet and around the universe:
by Eva

Earth Day is celebrated April 22 every year, a tradition which was founded by peace activist John McConnell in 1969. To help honor this tradtion I'd like to share an email from one of our employee's fourteen year old daughter, Mackenzie:


So everyone knows that earth day is around the corner. So, if you are looking for something to do to help your dear planet on that day, try going vegan for a day! Did you know that factory farming is the one of the leading causes of global warming.

Factory farming pollutes our air, water, and bodies! So on Earth Day, go vegan for a day! That means no meat, eggs, dairy, or any yucky by-products like gelatin. Better yet, have a earth friendly, vegan earth day feast! To help you along with your journey....
If you decide to take this step on earth day to help the planet (I am!) email me and tell me how it went! Good Luck!


And what does Earth Day Really Mean ?

Earth day brings to light to those living in this world,  that there are many less than ideal compromises, that we as a people, we as inhabitants of this planet earth have made in order to have certain technological advances.  These advances need to go hand in hand with heartfelt intentions. The Amish, for example, recognized the negativity of the industrial revolution, and chose not to participate.  There are dangers inherant in the use of cell phones, computers, and many of the electromagnetic frequencies that are part of this day to day world.  As pointed out in the articles that Mackenzie points us to, pollutants are created by factory farming, and in general by the industries that we have created.  Back in the late 1800's one could eat unadulterated food, grown without pesticides, etc.  By planting according to the moon, and using many of the wise methods handed down by our ancestors, there was a purity that was present back then, that is NOT present now. 

So we need to address the less than perfect situation we find ourselves in, and recognize that the rules are a little bit different now.  It is very hard to find good water that we can drink in nature.  And our plumming and bottling of water systems, as I have recently discovered compromise probably 90 -99% of our drinking water, where it is no longer readily assimilated into our body.   The products we do sell here at Momentum98 are solutions to these perplexing dilemmas that it appears we need to address if we want optimum health. 

The quantum age stirwand, for example, is able to put water back to its natural state by ionically dissolving hydrogen bonds between molecules of water, thus allowing the water molecules to be small enough to actually get into our cells, and do what water is supposed to do - wash out the daily waste products, to bathe our cells, and to then cleanse the cells of embedded toxins.  The Far Infrared Sauna (by Relax), similarly bathes are water cells with light having an even more profound effect on cleansing our cells, and bringing radiant health to us.  And of course, we have hundreds of detoxing products at our store, such as bentonite, zeolite, activated charcoal, liver and color cleansing formulas, PH balancers, Oxygenating formulas, and food enzymes.  We also carry fish and other high omega 3 oils (Nordic Naturals, Garden of Life, Salba, etc.), and many, many herbal tonics, and high energy foods, and drinks, including the new Jiva drinks mentioned later in the body of this email newsletter.   We have hundreds of acai, goji, mangostein and other drinks, green drinks, red drinks purple drinks, ginseng products, chinese herbal tonics, ayurvedic healing herbs, south american herbs, and even the good old North American herbs, such as chaparelle, dr. christopher formulas, caisse's tea, and many others.   All are solutions for better health. 

A great book, which we carry in our store, Your Body's Many Cries for Water, by Batmanghelidj, points out that when he was a political prisoner in Iran about 50 some years ago, he was the only doctor at the prison.  They had no medicine.  He would go around and talk to those prisoners who were ill, and he would ask them about their problems, etc, and then he would "medicate" them with pure "hydrating" water.  (I have observed that almost all of the water in the United States does not work like this.  This and knowing that 94% of us are dehydrated sees the solution of this problem as simply discovering how to create a very hydrated water.  I have since discovered that the male principle of adjusting our water is to purify it, and to give it a good energy.  However, just like so many aspects of this society that we have awakened into, the male principles in life are dominant, in subjecting the females principles of living.   In the world of good water, this equates to the necessity of having a very hyrdrating water, a water which can be received by the cells of your body. 

The quantum age stirwand is an incredible solution to this dilemma that many of us have awakened into. It truly returns water (ionicly) to its natural state by separating the water molecules, thus making the water molecules separated enough so that each water molecule can enter the cells and to their job.  Truly amazing.  This is the female principle of adjusting our water supplies so that the water can be used by our bodies, and received by our cells.  Even the nobel prize in chemistry people have recognized this dilemma when in 2003, they awarded the nobel prize to 2 chemists, one Peter Agree who discovered that the only way water gets into a cell is through its water channels which are so small that the only way water can enter is by one molecule at a time, thus pointing out a major problem with our water.  

Again, The principles of Earth Day, the images it conjures up, of protecting our earth, protecting our bodies, RESPECTING our Earth, RESPECTING our bodies as crucial ingredients of US coming out of these economic and other difficulties we are finding with the planet at this time.  It is the polluted thoughts, the imbalanced emotions, the denial of our feelings, and so many other factors.  And I myself am "embarrassed" to awaken to the fact that "Oh, my God, what have I done to myself, what have we on earth done to ourselves."  Well the beauty of realizing that we as individuals, and as a group got ourselves into quite a mess, is the realization, that if we have consciously or unconsciously created this mess, then, by God, we can uncreate this mess by creating what truly belongs in our heart.  Life is Good, and it can be better.  We each one-by-one are stepping up to the plate, and taking responsibility for our past actions, and slowly gradually, we are lifting each other, as well as , by our actions, also our brothers and sisters are catching our changes in attitude, and are also reflecting these new atittudes.  And in doing so, we are creating a domino effect. 

When we transform ourselves, when we truly enter the present moment, we can then Take Advantage of this one moment, and in by doing so, we truly do propell ouselves into Greatness.  And others watching this process, this transformation, will also thereby be transformed.  It's like when we fly the planes, we are told before every flight begins, in the event of a disaster, and you need to use the oxygen mask, put YOURS ON first, and then you can put your child's on.  And in this same vein, by us coming to the plate, recognizing the status quo, and having a desire in our heart, and the willingness to do what it takes, we learn to be truly honest with ourself.  We then can speak from our heart, and be honest to others.  And like a disease, others can catch this change in attitude.   Life can and will get better on this planet. 

On almost a homeopathic, very subtle level, I believe that the planetary energies can and do affect us.  As we become aware of these subtle influences, we and society are being transformed, as old lies are coming to the surface, so that we can acknowledge them, and hence address them, just as society is doing with our economic system, finding out sort of hidden information about the federal reserve system (having no connection with the federal government), as well as the discoveries that some scientific research has been biased due to the influence of powerful drug companies, and so much more hidden stuff is being uncovered in other arenas as well, in terms of less than honest activities.  And this stuff is in all of us including me, and if we acknowledge this within ourselves, we can be transformed.  So the old saying goes is when Pluto is involved, it is just a question of time.  You can run, but you CANNOT hide.
You have been found out.  The good news, that just like after the storm, the flowers bloom, is that the Phoenix WILL RISE from the Ashes.

So in time, we all learn that by trusting this process, we can all start shining. No need to fear, but to awaken, yes to awaken, and to definitely trust the process.  Is not that what it says on the dollar bill, to trust in God.  Recently I discovered, that I am totally in love with the process of how life works on all levels including disoveries about myself.

Being in love with the process of how life works (whether you are a scientist, religious, or spiritually oriented, or some or all of the three), it is this love of the process that is the heart of being successful in life, and to my surprise, i find that this total awe of how life works, and the joy in seeing the miracles of life, can only be defined as loving God.   That's what they are talking about.  Doesn't matter whether you are an atheist or ascribe to any number of religious creeds.  First be in love with the process of how it all works, and all of your other dreams will follow suit.

   -   Phillip Wilson, president of Momentum98

Raw Food Snacks
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Garden of Life bars, etc.

April 25,  National Arbor Day, was founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872, and is celebrated to encourage tree planting and care.


See below for April one-time only special on astrology reports
aurus - April 20- May 20

compiled by eva


Taureans are  patient, placid, reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistant, security loving, determined..

To the Greeks, Taurus is associated with Zeus, who transformed himself into a snowy white bull so he could abduct the beautiful Phœnician maiden Europa. While she and her  attendants were gathering flowers, she saw the bull, caressed his flanks, and eventually got onto his back. Zeus took that opportunity and ran to the sea and swam, with her on his back, to the island of Crete where he made her his queen. 

But can be possessive....self indulgant......inflexible........ jealous.... greedy.....

So when a bull isn’t abducting a maiden, running alongside a crowd of Spaniards, or bucking a cowboy, you might be surprised at just how easy-going this creature is. But don't be fooled by how gentle he seems because you know when he has something good to move for, his stamina will probably go unmatched. If you were born under this sign, don't  be offended that you’re likened to a bull, because your quiet strength and perseverance is rather admirable.

In astronomy, zodiacal constellation lying between Aries and Gemini, at about 4 hours 20 minutes longitude and 16° north declination.


On April 19 at 6:45 (EDT) the Sun enters this house, 

and a Taurus, with hard work and determination, will be able to convince his superiors of his importance this year (i.e.promotion and other gains in 2009). However, the Taurean may expect some misunderstandings between family members while relations with the partner may also not be up to the mark. There are high chances of long distance travels. 

On April 17,Venus goes direct, ending the
love planet's six-week retrograde period and allowing the wheels of relationship to start moving forward again. It may take a week or two to put recent romantic, social or artistic ideas into action, but once Venus returns to pioneering Aries on April 24 the pace will quicken.

The new moon in Taurus is your green light to go, go, go: April 24

Next month, Mercury will retrograde from May 7 to May 31.

Free Wheels with your moon &  all of your planets on it.  It is best to have your birth time.
Astrology Charts
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astrology chart sign
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We offer Natal Charts, of course, and also solar return charts, and transit charts.
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Free Wheels with your moon & all of your planets on it.  It is best to have your birth time. 

disclaimer - information about Astrology was taken from various sources - oops - next time we will give credit.
Information on earthday & global warming is NOT necessarily our views, but views we feel can be looked at for growth.
I however, do definitely feel that factory farming does pollute our air, water & bodies ! - Phil Wilson
The Products we sell at Momentum98 offer partial solutions to protect ourselves from these pollutants.

"People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone."   

 ~ Audrey Hepburn, born May 4, 1929

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A single soapberry tree produces hundreds of kilos of nuts per year!
Maggie's Soap Nuts fall to the ground in Indian and Indonesian forests
where they are collected by folks who have used the nuts for centuries.
We take pride that our all-natural soap GROWS ON TREES!

  One of
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Soap Nuts !


Spring into Green Cleaning
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Spring is in the air but so are harmful chemicals from conventional cleaning products.

This month we are again featuring one of
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What's a Soap Nut?

Soap Nuts are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi), similar to the lychee. A long time ago, local folks in the South East Asia figured out that when the nuts get wet, they release saponin, a natural cleaner, making them great for washing clothes! Maggie's Soap Nuts are the only household cleaner made exclusively from Nature, by Nature.

The Only Thing Between You and Your Clothes is  MOTHER NATURE

"I cannot believe how great it is. I can't find the words to express my amazement. My clothes are softer, brighter and fresh smelling......Thanks so much. " Tawny,Petaluma, Ca.

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you! Thank you! Thank you!" Ashley, Costa Mesa, Ca

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Inf-Zyme Forte® combines digestive pancreatic enzymes with antioxidants and metabolic cofactors.
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Salba® is the richest whole food source of Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber found in nature. Gram for gram, Salba® provides 8 times more Omega 3's than salmon, 4 times more fiber than flax, 6 times more calcium than whole milk, 13 times more antioxidants than blueberries, and much more! Salba® is all-natural, has no trans-fats, very few carbohydrates, and is certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-Free.

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