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We had sold out of our last shipment of Ma Rollers almost as soon as we got them in.  Well our next shipment has just arrived and just in time for the holidays.  Act fast to get yours before they sell out again. Visit today!

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We carry many unique items that make great gifts!
Or purchase a gift certificate and let them get what they really want.

Complete your order by 3PM Dec. 20th** to receive your domestic shipment via USPS Priority Mail by Christmas! (December 22nd** for Express Mail)
**Applies to in-stock items sent to domestic non-military addresses (
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The Authentic Ma Rollers are back in time for the holidays!

Many companies claim to sell MA ROLLERS, but most are trying to push cheap imitations as the real thing! Don't be fooled... Authentic MA ROLLERS have the MA insignia burned into the wood.

Ma Rollers are hand-crafted of beautiful wood.  The middle ridges straddle the vertebrae giving your back a firm massage to relieve all your pent up stress from the holiday hoopla!

Authentic Ma Rollers
$10 OFF
MAS283 -
$69.95 $59.95/ea
MAS28M - $74.95 $64.95/ea
MAS28L - $79.95 $69.95/ea
MAS28X - $84.95 $74.95/ea

Aqua Wizard
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Aquawizard Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 
Get a FREE TDS Tester With Every System
AQB10 -
Reg: $149.95 Sale: $139.95

Give the gift of great tasting water!
Reverse Osmosis forces tap water through the tiny holes of a filter membrane (filter cartridge) which are up to 620,000 times smaller than the width of the human hair, and which are also smaller than the size of bacteria.

Reduces 96.2 % of dissolved solids
Reduces 99.3 % of dissolved lead
Reduces 99.3 % of dissolved arsenic
Reduces 99.97 % cysts
Eliminates chlorine taste and odor

Comes with a FREE TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Tester.
A $46.00 value!

Great Stocking Stuffers
Stylish Hematite Bracelets




Reg: $19.95 Sale: $15.95 / ea
Linked Bracelets

MAG141 - 7 5/8"

MAG142 - 8 1/2"
Reg: $19.95 Sale: $15.95
Bracelet / Necklace

Magnetic Clasp
MAG780 - 29"
Reg: $19.95 Sale: $15.95

Journey To The Wild Divine
Combo Pack of The Passage & Wisdom Quest
Journey to the Wild Divine
 Journey to the Wild Divine
WLD243 -
Reg: $199.95 Sale: $189.95

A $220.00 Value
Begin Your Journey with The Passage. The First in "The Journey" Series. Step out of time and into a realm of endless possibility, where you'll practice breathing and meditation techniques, like the heart breath, an ancient yogic breathing technique that will help you achieve control over your mind & body to help reduce stress and improve physical and mental wellness.
Continue Your Journey with Wisdom Quest. The second in "The Journey" Series. Featuring Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Dean Ornish, M.D., as two of your new guides, Wisdom Quest builds upon the skills you acquired in
The Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage.
Practice new and exciting meditation and breathing activities for advanced training as you learn to integrate this wisdom into your daily life.

"The Journey to Wild Divine allows people to influence what is happening in their body, in their mind, and the world they create everyday."
- Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Biofeedback hardware is included with The Passage.
Wisdom Quest is a software only product that works with the hardware from The Passage.

FIR (Far Infrared) Radiators
FIR wavelength is 4-14um
These Radiators are very safe, they do not emit any Near Infrared Rays (which can cause sunburn or other side effects).
150W Lovely Panda
150W Lovely Panda FIR Lamp

25% OFF
SAH02 -
Reg: $129.95 Sale: $97.50

Power: 150W/50-60Hz
200W Table Lamp
200W FIR Table Lamp

25% OFF
SAH03 -
Reg: $179.95 Sale: $135.95

Power: 200W/50-60Hz
These will not burn or scald the user, and you cannot even ignite a tissue touching the semiconductor unit - yet it emits a high power FIR radiation that is much stronger than competing companies. It can also be used instead of a space heater or a warm blanket to keep you nice and toasty. When this energy is absorbed into the depth of our bodies, it will activate our cells and promote metabolism. This is excellent for our health. The Lovely Panda FIR Radiator (150 watt) and the FIR Table Lamp (200 watt) both generate enough energy to have a very beneficial effect on the human body.

Designed to be used in the car, home or office, it is lightweight to take anywhere with you. It fits over most seats thanks to its elastic straps. You control the type of massage you want with the remote control. The massage pad has 3 independent motors to target your upper back, lower back and thigh area You can set it to vibrating or pulsing movements. It also has a built-in heater and 3 variable intensity levels to make your massage that much more comfortable.
Massage Seat Cover
Great for Home, Office or Travel
Massaging Seat Pad

MAG255 -
Reg: $49.95 Sale: $45.95

- AC Adapter & Car Lighter Adapter
- Size: 109 (H) x 53(W) mm

Natural Salt Lamps
SAL20 - Sphere
$79.95 $59.95

Natural Salt Lamps
SAL22 - 3-5 lbs
$39.95 $29.95
Natural salt lamps create a soothing glow and mood while ionizing and cleaning the air.

Salt lamps are made from natural salt crystals. These lamps are sold as either natural chunks or shaped into spheres or pyramids. They are an attractive decoration and a unique gift. Salt lamps are said to provide health benefits to those who use them because they release negative ions into the air. Negative ions help remove odors and particles from the air, but even more intriguing is its effects on mood. Clinical studies have shown that high density negative ions are as effective as light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and has even shown benefits for chronic and non-seasonal depressions. These lamps use a candelabra bulb (included).

Makes a great stocking stuffer!
A do-it-yourself technology that converts drinking water to more hydrating, more oxygenating water! Read more
View clinical trial results here.

8 Types: Basic, Olympian, Zen Master, Warm Heart, Guardian, Illuminator, Gardener, & Gourmet.

•45-Day Money Back Guarantee.
5 Year Warranty against
manufacturers defects.
Quantum Age Stirwands
All 8 stirwands shown
QAW01 - QAW08 -
$69.95 $59.95/ea
QAW09 - All 8 Wands - $559.60

Featuring - The Infamous
MAS01 - Our Price: $44.95

Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna

SAH21 - List Price: $995.00
Our Price: $795.00 + $20 S/H


By Earthlite


Earthlite Spirit  Massage Table

Earthlite's flagship model!

Spirit Table : $409.00 $399.00
(FREE Reiki Endplate included)
*Manufacturer Warranty
Amethyst, Burgundy, Mystic Blue, or Teal


Deluxe Headrest: $85.00 $60.00

Deluxe Carry Case:
$99.00 $69.00

Includes Spirit Table,
Deluxe Headrest & Deluxe Case

Reg: $539.00 Sale: $528.00


Receive a Free Acu-Masseur Massager
Get a Free Acumasseur With Spirit Package
with purchase of Spirit Package!
A $45 value!

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