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This Month:
March is Nutrition Month!

Good nutrition involves providing the body with a proper balance of nutrients to sustain all our physiological needs. Nutrients are specific chemicals in food (some of which are essential to life) that provide energy, promote growth/regrowth and regulate important bodily functions. Many health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and even cancer, can be prevented or alleviated through proper nutrition. Important nutrients include carbohydrates (fiber and sugars), proteins (amino acids), lipids (essential fatty acids-EFA), vitamins (antioxidants and coenzyme precursors), minerals, and of course, pure water. Because most of us are not dieticians, it is hard to know which foods we must consume to provide suffient nutrition. Supplements are a good way to compliment the foods we eat on a daily basis in order to maintain good nutrition. Momentum98 carries a wide range of supplements and food products that provide important nutrients to cover the nutrition spectrum.

Premium Nutrition Products
We carry products that cover the entire nutrition spectrum
Salba - Salba Seed - (EFAs, Fiber, Vit/Min) - New Product
     Salba Seed - Whole 12.7oz (SLB05) - $25.95
     Salba Seed - Ground 11oz (SLB04) - $18.95
     Salba Seed Oil - Original 16 fl.oz. (SLB03) - $19.95
     Salba Seed Oil - Original 90 caps (SLB01) - $19.95
     Salba Seed Oil - Protection 60 caps (SLB02) - $23.95

Source Naturals
(Amino Acids)
     Amino Mass 50 tabs (SN412) - $11.95
     Amino Day 60 tabs (SN403) - $15.95

- Hemp Protein Powder (Amino Acids, EFAs, Fiber)
     18oz (RUT08) - $19.95
     18oz with Sprouted Flax and Maca (RUT10) - $24.95

Living Harvest
- Hemp Protein Powder (Amino Acids, EFAs, Fiber)
     Original - 16oz (LVG01) - $22.95
     Vanilla - 16oz (LVG02) - $22.95
     Chocolate Chili - 16oz (LVG05) - $22.95

Nature's First Law
- Raw Protein Powder (Amino Acids, EFAs, Fiber)
     16oz (NFL04) - $29.95
     16oz with Greens (NFL043) - $29.95

Bulk Flax (Amino Acids, EFAs, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals)
     1 lb. (BUL93) - $3.50    

Evening Primrose Oil (EFAs)
     100 softgels (ROB02) - $19.95 Buy One Get One Free

Udo's Oil
- 3-6-9 Blend (EFAs)
     8.5 fl.oz. (UCH01) - $14.95
     17 fl.oz. (UCH011) - $24.95

Nordic Naturals - Omega 3 (EFAs)
     60 softgels (NRD03) - $15.95
     8 fl.oz. (NRD23) - $24.95  

Megafood - Balanced B Complex (Vitamins)
     30 caps (MEG34) - $15.95
     60 caps (MEG35) - $24.95
     90 caps (MEG36) - $32.95

Rainbow Light - Complete B Complex (Vitamins)
     180 tabs (RAI07) - $34.95

Twin Lab (Vitamins)
     B-100 - 100 caps (TWL805) - $21.95
     B-50 - 50 caps (TWL806) - $7.95

SLB01 - $19.95

NFL04 - $29.95

UCH01 - $14.95
Premium Multiples
One 'n' Only
by Pure Essence Labs

One 'n' Only by Pure Essence Labs
PUR24 - 30 tabs - $13.95 $12.95/ea
PUR25 - 90 tabs - $35.95 $33.95/ea

One 'n' Only provides over 5900 mg of the world's most potent SuperFoods and Tonic Herbs. This is over 20 times more than you'll find in many other once daily multiple.
Optimum Foods
by MegaFood

Optimum Foods bu MegaFood
MEG01 - 60 tabs - $33.95 $32.95/ea
MEG02 - 90 tabs - $45.95 $42.95/ea
MEG03 - 120 tabs - $84.95 $82.95/ea

100% Whole Food Multiple with 28 Quality Fruits & Vegetables. Provides the equivalent of 24,254 mg of Whole Food

Amino Acid
Happy Heart Massager
  MAS76 - Happy Heart Massager
MAS76 -
$10.95 $7.95/ea

This hard plastic hand-held massager is easy to use and works great.  It is portable and can even be heated up.
Hitachi Magic Wand
MAS22 - Hitachi Magic Wand Personal Massager
$10 OFF
MAS22 -
$49.50 $39.95/ea

 This electric massager is one of the most popular on the market.  Also available are special attachments that fit snuggly on the flexible rubber head.
MAS922 - Nukkles Massager
MAS922 -
$12.95 $9.95/ea
7.95/ea (6+), 6.95/ea (12+)
With its patented flex-technology, Nukkles contour the body, allowing anyone to provide a deeply satisfying massage.

Mineral Bath Salts
Nature's Alchemy
Mineral Bath Salt

  Nature's Alchemy Mineral Bath
3 oz - $2.95 $2.50/ea
12 Unique Scents
Aromatherapy blends make these salt baths soothing and relaxing to help you unwind after a long day.
Dr. Singha's
Mustard Bath

Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath
2 oz - $2.95 $2.35/ea
32 oz - $29.95 $26.95/ea
(2 or more $24.95/ea)

Mustard is renowned for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities.
Ancient Secrets
Mineral Bath Salt

Ancient Secrets Mineral Bath
4 oz - $2.35 $1.95/ea
32 oz - $11.95 $9.95/ea  
6 Unique Scents
Mineral bath made from salts from the Dead Sea combined with aromatherapy.

Aura Cacia Essential Oils
Love Potion Blend
  AUA278 - Love Potion Blend
0.5 fl.oz.
AUA278 -
$9.95 $7.95/ea

Jasmine & Sandalwood
Rose Absolute
AUA273 - Rose Absolute
0.5 fl.oz.
AUA273 -
$9.95 $7.95/ea

Pure Rose in Jojoba
Cool Hottie Blend
AUA901 - Cool Hottie Blend
0.5 fl.oz.
- $9.95 $7.95/ea
Vitex & Geranium

Healing Light Herbals
Herbal Erotica for Men
  HET01 - Herbal Erotica for Men
HET01 - $35.95 $31.95/ea
Formulated exclusively for a man's system
Designed to enhance arousal, performance, and endurance.
Herbal Erotica for Women
  HET02 - Herbal Erotica for Women
HET02 - $35.95 $31.95/ea
Formulated exclusively for a woman's system. Designed to enhance a woman's sensitivity and desire.

Chiming Heart
  MAS045 - Chrome Chiming Heart
MAS045 - $14.95 $12.95/ea
(2 or more $9.95/ea)
Chrome chiming heart has a gentle chime inside that provides a soothing, relaxing sound. Comes in felt lined wooden box
Warm Heart (Rose) Stirwand
  QAW04 - Rose - Warm Heart Stirwand
QAW04 - $54.95 $49.95/ea
Used for opening the heart chakra. Use in your bath or stir in your drinking water. It's hydrating and oxygenating.

Featuring - The Infamous
MAS01 - Our Price: $44.95


Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna

SAH21 - List Price: $995.00
Our Price: $795.00 + $20 S/H


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