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I just got out of the relax sauna about 20 minutes ago.  Totally amazing how good one can feel after just a 15 minute complete sweat.  But first on to business, and then to re-introduce myself.

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A little Bit about Me

My life changed when I was in my early twenties.  I became aware of how eating healthy food (and not eating for a day or two at a time, or by juice fasting) could have an incredible impact on how good I felt, and how my mind could work so much better.  I had an honors degree in mathematics (from Indiana University) , and was in graduate school on a 4 year fellowship at Ohio State University in Columbus, at that time.  More next newsletter on my life.

Suffice it to say, I have been promoting health foods and a healthier lifestyle for about 37 Plus years now.   The Health Food Store and Distributor business that I opened in 1980, my travels to about  400 health and awareness expos, since 1975, and my experiencing of many aspects of living in this world, have prepared me to hone in on my skills of communications.  These newsletters, and the books I am writing are the fruits of my labor and my love. 

Little History of Us

Hello Again.     Back to what I was starting to say about the incredible benefits of  The Relax Far Infrared Sauna.  I started out selling herbal vitamins back in 1973.  Then for some reason I fell into being very open to the world of massage, and how massage can improve the quality of ones life. Boy if you are not willing to pamper yourself, then how do you expect others to.  I recommend going to a massage therapist regularly.  Massages are great.   We have almost 100 different massage tools that we promote and sell.  Many massage therapists recommend that their clients use this as their homework, so that every time you go see them, you are in better condition than before, and they can get you even more centered and balanced. 

From selling massage tools, along with all the green products (and this was 1980) and Chinese Herbal combinations (10 years ahead of our time), we started selling many other unique and different kinds of products.  We were the 1st ones to start promoting rebounders, inversion machines, the neti pots, the tongue cleaners, color therapy glasses, magnets, and vision therapy (pinhole) glasses. And all of this was in the early and middle 80's, when hardly anyone else realized their value(See our main webpage, and do a Find search for these products if you are interested in them.)

Now, my main theme of this newsletter:  The Relax Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna.

In 2001, we happend upon a Far Infrared Sauna.  I (and a few others) enjoyed this Sauna for about a year.  Then we were inroduced to what I call a professional model portable Far Infrared Sauna:  The Relax Sauna.

I thought I had a good thing going before.  When I look back at the beginning of my life, my DAD was into selling (he had an appliance store -  HIGH QUALITY appliances from BRAND Names.   Quality that you could depend on.

We noticed that the Relax Sauna not only felt great, but helped us feel better quicker, and the betterness (my  invented word - not to be confused with BITTERness, or Bitter-news - lol ) that we felt was more thorough, and more penetrating than the other (which we loved) portable Sauna that we had been using.  

We are grateful for the experiences we had in the other "FIR" Sauna, since it led us to finding something greater. If we can save you that experience, and lead you directly to an incredible healing tool now, that would be great.

There is much in the vernacular literature about the research done on the healing benefits of FIR (Far infrared Ray) energy or Light.  I can see that I could go on for hours.  So I will do my best to summarize here, and then send you to some videos, and to our website on this.  I will make it as short and as succint as possbile. 

There must be at least 2 dozen books or more , maybe over 100 now, lauding the benefits of Far Infrared Ray Light.  Now this is not the same as Infrared energy.  Absorbable Far Infrared Ray is considered Infrared Energy.  However so are a lot of energy wave lengths that do not necessarily benefit your body in the same way that FIR does.

2 famous books on the benefits of Far Infared Light are:  Detox or Die, by Sherry Rogers, and Our Toxic World, by Doris Rapp.  As I said, every day, it seems, another person has written a book explaining how Far Infrared Saunas are one of the best ways to Detoxify heavy metals, or to improve the condition of someone who has Fibromyalgia, MS, Kidney Dialysis, Gout, Diabetic ulcers, you name it.   In a nutshell,  being in the RELAX Sauna is like Bathing in Healing Light.  Light that penetrates your skin, and is absorbed by your body, thereby pulsating all of the water cells (and hence almost all of your cells), getting them to release waste products, to improve circulation, and in general help you feel a LOT better. 

After 4 years of promoting and selling the RELAX (FIR) SAUNA, I discovered the reason the other Saunas out there did not work quite as well as the RELAX SAUNA  was because most of the  "FIR" portable saunas were only about 20% healing Far Infared Light, and about 80% not-FIR (but Infrared) light.   I was shocked to discover this.  But it made sense, because I wondered why the Relax Sauna not only worked faster (1/2 the time), but also why we seemed to get such great results that the other products were not necessarily getting.

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna feels so incredible, it is hard to describe !

But regardless...  I want to tell you how good I feel when I get out of the Relax Sauna, and while I am in it.   I get emails, and I have conversations every day almost, where people are telling me how great their experiences in the Relax Sauna has been.   In a month or two, we will compile some of these comments for you in a special website.  Right now, you can check out my 2 new vides on how to set up, and tear down the Relax Sauna (3 minutes and 2 minutes), and you can also go to the websites we have on the Relax Sauna:

setting up the relax sauna - almost 9 minute video

taking down the relax sauna and an explanation of its benefits - 9 minute video

websites on the Relax Sauna:    or

The Relax Sauna sells for $1050.00.  We have it on sale on our website for $950 + $20 s/h.
Until the end of 2009, if you say you saw this in our newsletter, we can give you an extra $75.00
off the price of the Relax Sauna
.   That means $895 delivered. 

If you look at our website, you will see that this is a profesional model used by health professionals, and or course is used in homes by thousands.  (medical device) ...  This is quality, and it works.  And it is documented by the FDA that the healing energy is 100% FIR Light.   No other portable Sauna can make this claim, as far as I know (and not be lying.)  Because the Relax Sauna is steps ahead of any other sauna, we don't believe anyone else can afford to sell the Relax Sauna for less.  We have many associates who have decided to sell the Relax Sauna as well.   Recently a number of them have also put up websites.  If you know these persons personally, we will help them honor our end of year special on the Relax Sauna.  We are educators first, and will always match specials for the same product.

There is a company from China saying they are selling the Relax Sauna.  But it is not.  How they can quote from our literature (about Our Patented semi conductor chips), use our pictures, and then have 2 radiators that cannot generate healing light, and use our documentation that "they" have been certified to be 100% FIR, etc.  is totally beyond me. (And still be able to sleep at night.)   But one does have to have a sense of cosmic humor, I guess.

Some Xmas Specials for you, and some New Videos you can watch !

Well, this newsletter is sort of late as a Xmas special.   We do have Saunas in our Columbus, Ohio Store (abut 15 of them), and have many more in the warehouse in LA. (California, not Louisiana). We can ship these saunas out today or on Tuesday, from one of these locations, and you may get them by Christmas.  Or the Relax Sauna arriving at your house in early January may be just the kick in the butt you and your family needs to propell yourself into feeling really really really healthy.  

Here is a summary of some of our favorite Massage Tools  that we have been selling (mostly) since the 1980's, and work just as well now, as they did then:

We have been selling the Acu-Masseur since 1982, and have actually been importing it for the last 7 years.  When no-one could find out where to get these, in 2001, when the old importer quit carrying it, we were buying these back from stores we sold them to, and selling them for $69.95 each, and the people getting them from us were so thankful.

Here is a video on how to use the acu-masseur. (The most versatile massage tool in the world, and the favorite

massager of MANY massage therapists.  Video on how to use the acu-masseur all-body massager !

If you say you saw  information on the acu-masseur is this newsletter, when you place the order online, just write in the notes: Newletter special, or: I saw this in your newsletter, and we will honor $5.00 off each Acu-Masseur you purchase.  Same as if you call us at 800 533 4372.

Deloris Orhdorf invented a "magic finger" roller or (acu-reflex roller) in the 1970's to fix some health conditions she had where she was hardly able to move.   After curing herself of her maladies, Deloris started demo'ing her rollers at many health fairs all over the country.   She would use her acu-reflex roller on people, get rid of their short legs, and "erase" their pain with 10 minute treatments.  Right now, Deloris is probably in her early 80's, shines, glows, and still radiates health.  See these 2 videos, one on all of her rollers, acu-reflex rollers - 4 minute video and the other on her acu- reflex 4 ball foot roller.  acu-reflex 4-Ball Foot Bed Roller-   2 minute video

If you mention you read about this 4-ball Foot Bed Roller in this newsletter, we will give you a $10.00 discount on every foot-bed roller you order.  (ie. our 2 price is $59.95 each - so if you order 2 of them, you will get them for $49.95 each.) And .... We will throw in a free book  ($9.95 value) by Deloris Ohrdorf (on the Acu-Reflex Rollers) with every order. (Again, mention in notes when you order.)   See webpage:

We have not yet prepared a video on the Original MA Roller.  But the MA Rollers that we have with the Original Logo on it work differently than any wooden sticks pretending to be the MA Roller.  The inventor of the Origianl MA Roller retired, and moved to India.   We were disappointed that the Original MA Roller was NO LONGER available, so we talked him out of retirement.  And he is specially making the MA Rollers and Mini-Mas for us.  We now have not only the Original MA Roller, but a little bit larger-sturdier one, called the Medium size of MA Roller, and the X-LARGE MA Roller, which was actually the Original Original MA Roller created by the inventor, but not marketed because it uses about twice the amount of wood as the original MA Roller, and was too costly to market. 

What is unique about these MA Rollers, is that they have a certain kind of "Fractile" energy that none of the other wooden rollers (sticks) have.  When you lie on them, and LET your body sink into them, magic happens.   This, and the special kind of "Fractile" energy that these all have, (And the Medium one it turns out has the most, don't know why - This is just what we have been told) ...  a special kind of healing takes place.

So again, buy Quality.  Buy the Original MA Roller (proof: Logo on it) at:

Quantum Age Stirwand

When we scour the planet for great unique products that perform miracles, (by going to many shows as an exhibitor, and sometimes as just a buyer), we discovered the Quantum Age Stirwand.   We have also just been told that miracles can take place when you place the sritwand in your laundray when you do your wash.  See this recebt video  Quantum Age Stirwand  8  minute video  for some info, or look at our website:

Drinking pure energetic water has very little to do with the hydrating ability of the water you drink.  If, even after a great diet, and much work, you are still dehydrated (94% of us are), you may find that miracles can about when you use the Quantum Age Stirward in all of your drinking water, your liquids, and your pet's water, in your aquarium, with your plant water, etc.  You may actually find that you are No LONGER Dehydrated, and that you actually feel quite spry.

Our next Newsletter will have Lots of Nutrtional Information and Tidbits for You

Read the testimonials at the end of this webpage:  olive gold

Well this short expository whatever that I just wrote turned out to get quite long.   We have been creating local newsletters, in the last 9 months.  You may view those newsletters at: archived Momentum98 newsletters

If you actually managed to get to the bottom line, and you have read this, and you decide to place an order,  then be sure and ask for a free figit:   Ask for free figit when you place an order, and mention this newsletter.

Next newsletter will have lots of Healthful information on our many nutritional products that we have in our store, many of the products, which we have been selling since the 1980s, along with many other nutritional products you CANNOT find elsewhere.  For those you can,  we always match prices.  We are educators, and communicators, and we hope that you will value the information that we have spent many years accumulating by experience and hard sweat.

Now that we have the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, Sweating is easier than slicing bread.  Thanks for reading. Please feel free to 
EMAIL ME any comments on this newsletter, our store, our website, or anything else that's in your heart or on your mind.  Remember:  They always talk about the Wisdom of the Heart.   They never talk about the wisdom of the mind.  Interesting food for thought, at the least.   So when you listen to your heart, and become aware of how you really feel, you can attune to the secrets of your heart, and discover incredible-ness within yourself

heart     We Wish you the best.   Thanks for reading. 

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