Momentum February 2012 Newsletter
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Come Visit Us at the Long Beach Health Freedom Expo

We will be at booths 531-533 for this 3 day event.  If you live in the Chicagoland area, you can also visit us on Saturday and Sunday in Skokie at the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

Some of the speakers at this event (Health Freedom Expo - in Long Beach, Ca)  are well known authors whose books have created an impact on thousands of lives, and have helped improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands.  We have been exhibiting at these shows probably for the last 10 years, ever since they began having them.  (sort of as the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of the Old National Health Federation shows, that we have been exhibiting at since the early 80's.)

Phillip Wilson, president of Momentum98, will be giving 2 talks at this event, entitled:  The Incredible Healing Benefits of Far Infrared Light Energy.   These talks will be at the Long Beach convention center on Friday at Noon, and again on Saturday, at 5 pm.

You are invited to attend the talks or the event.  If you are a customer of ours, and would like to meet some of us Momentum98 people, please feel free to visit us.  Friday is free for everyone to attend the exhibit Hall, and I believe to also go to the talks.  On Saturday, and on Sunday, there is a slight fee, but worth it for sure.

Come visit us, and learn more about some of OUR favorite products, including the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, and other Far Infrared Healing Light products that can make a big difference in your life.  Far Infrared Light is so wonderful.  To give you an idea of what it feels like, just imagine yourself on a bright sunny, but chilly day.  Close your eyes, and feel the warmth of the sun INSIDE your body.  Take that feeling and mutiply it by about 20, and that can give you an idea of what it feels like being in the Relax Sauna for even 5-10 minutes.  A 20 minute sweating session may be one of the best ways to get rid of toxins of all kinds.  Go to our website, on the relax sauna,   and look through the many articles that are available to read.  The articles by Dr. Sherry Rogers, on the amazing benefits of Far Infrared Light are pretty impressive. 

We will also have some of our other products at this expo, such as the quantum age stir wand,  the Acu-Masseur, and Olive Gold 03, an ozoneated olive oil. Click on the links below for more information.

Relax Far
Infrared Ray
Portable SaunaRelax Far Infrared Sauna
Learn More

Acu-MasseurAcu-Masseur Trigger Point Back Massager
Learn More

Quantum Age
StirwandsQuantum Age Water Stirwand
Learn More

Olive Gold 03
Olive Gold Organic Olive Oil
Learn More

Vision Therapy
GlassesPinhole Glasses
Learn More

GlassesColor Therapy Glasses
Learn More

In our Health Food Store in Columbus Ohio (Yes a brick and mortar store we have had since 1980), and on our online websites, we will be introducing some new products, as well as taking time to educate you about some incredible health products few know about.   We call them sleepers, and our "Natural Health Store" carries many Really Great A+ products that we would like you to know more about, and maybe start using regularly.

Infrared Saunas at expo
We are Educators and Promoters.  We love sharing the fruits of our labor in discovering some of the best available life giving products out there.  That is what we are always doing.  Generally, since I buy large quantities of the products I love, I can usually always offer these products at farily goofd prices.  In the event you find products we are promoting for less than what we are offering them to you for, Please know that WE also are always willing to match prices, if you feel loyalty to us in educating you about an incredible product.

We sell a lot of raw foods in our store, enyzmes, probiotics, chinese herbal combinations, and potent raw powders, which we will tell you a lot more about in the next 2-4 weeks in our next Customer Newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support of Momentum98 throughout the years.  As a newsletter subscriber, we want to offer you a special price on an incredible nutritional product we have just gotten back in.

Optimal Health Systems Fruit and Veggie Complete Drink Powder

Optimal Health Systems
Fruit and Veggie Complete  -- 100% RAW

It is a raw red powder that produces a very berry good and delicious drink,  It sells for $59.95 , and comes in a 1 lb container.  It is called Optimal Health Fruit and Veggie Complete.    See our website:     The special price for those who read this newsletter will be $49.95 for 1 , or $47.95 each for 2 or more.  $6.95 shipping per order.  You can also add any other products for no extra shipping.   When ordering from the website, please write in the notes are when putting in your credit card:   Newsletter special, and you will get this special.  If you are local, and come into our store, just let us know you saw the newsletter, and you will get the same discount.

All Natural Eyelash Lengthener and a Balding Hair Growth Stimulator
Here are a couple of exciting new products we now carry which are made locally here in Columbus. These product are available both online or in our store.

This eyelash lengthener does not contain any chemicals or synthetic hormones like most of the cosmetic brands.

Grow thicker and longer eyelashes in just 3 weeks.

Natural eyelash length. Thicker and longer eyelashes
Click here for more information about natural eyelash growth

We also now carry a natural alternative to Rogaine. Grows you hair back naturally.

Contains no chemicals or hormones.

Natural alternative to Rogaine, Regrow hair naturally

A Note from Phil Wilson
President of Momentum98

We invite you to visit our store...

We have health products from all over the world.

Try our massage tools for yourself,
smell our aromatherapy essentials,
hop into the Far Infrared Sauna to try it out,
browse our large selection of charts and Chinese Exercise Balls,
sit down on our futon and read through some of the books in our library,
and peruse all the wonderful health supplements that we offer.

We have visitors from all over the region stop in regularly
as we carry products that aren't available anywhere else!

Thanks for reading this.  Let us know what we can do to better serve you.



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