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May 22, 2009

May Open House
 in Columbus at our store

 Sat. May 23

11 am - 3 pm
Actually, a number of our
holistic health counselors
will be there by 9:00 or 10:00
So Come early. This will coincide with this years's first  the Farmer's Market,

The Farmers Market
is from 9 am - Noon

on Saturdays & for the rest of the Summer
(in front of our store & down the block)

Our goal is to thank our loyal customers by inviting spiritual practitioners to demonstrate their healing modalities. We will also be partnering with Cozy Cat Cottage as an adoption site for homeless kittens. And don't forget to ask for a free Astrology Wheel.

Plus ...  New Products &  Featured Items

3509 North High Street,
(2 blocks North of North Broadway)
Columbus, Ohio 43214

Hours: M-F:  10-7,    Sat:  10-6,   Sun:  12-6 EST

Summer hours
 from Memorial Day to Labor Day

We will be open until 8 PM M-F

PHONE: 1-800-533-HERB (4372) & 614-262-7087
EMAIL: moment98@gmail.com
Momentum98 Relax Far Infrared Sauna Stirwands
Acu-Masseur MA rollers
olive gold 03
Columbus Store Open House - All Invited!

Saturday May 23, 2009
Please stop by for our monthly Open House. We will have our unique alternative demonstrations such as iridology, body reading, ear reflexology, hypnosis,
 therapeutic massage, as well as tarot readings.
Enjoy some free samples,  and receive a free astrology chart wheel.

The festivities start at 11 AM and last until 3 PM.
Come Early because of the Farmer's Market 9 am - Noon
Special Discounts !
Free Astrology Chart Wheels !
Samples of some of our snacks and our water.
Time to browse literature and try out products. (Relax Sauna, stirwand, etc.)

These open houses are becoming very popular -
We have never seen so many people at once in our Store !

Next month we will celebrate on June 20.
See our new face-lift on our website:  www.Momentum98.com

We apologize again for only giving you a 1-day reminder about our open house this Saturday.  Do Note our next open house is Saturday, June 20.  We plan on getting our newsletter out on Tuesday, June 16 or Wednesday, June 17 next month. 
Please excuse us.
 Please also feel free to give us feedback.  Email Us

We just came back from both South Carolina, where we were demonstrating the Relax FIR Sauns to a conference on Autism.  We were also at the New World Fair in Pasadena, demonstrating the Saunas, Olive Gold, the Stirwands, and the Acu-masseurs.

Next Month, we will be planning ahead.


Quantum Age Stirwands
Help make the water you drink hydrate your body even better!

 Clinical studies back up the science behind these amazing products that
has shown an increase in hydration by 28.5%, an increase in blood oxygen levels by 10.25%, and  an increase of 18% in cellular detoxification.
Go to our website on Quantum Age Stirwands 

maggie soap nuts box


A single soapberry tree produces hundreds of kilos of nuts per year!
Maggie's Soap Nuts fall to the ground in Indian and Indonesian forests
where they are collected by folks who have used the nuts for centuries.
We take pride that our all-natural soap GROWS ON TREES!

  One of
of the Best Laundry products in the United States:
Soap Nuts !


Spring into Green Cleaning
An exciting new product !
Spring is in the air but so are harmful chemicals from conventional cleaning products.

This month we are again featuring one of
the Best Laundry products in the United States !

Just recently discovered abroad,
and now brought to America !

What's a Soap Nut?

Soap Nuts are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi), similar to the lychee. A long time ago, local folks in the South East Asia figured out that when the nuts get wet, they release saponin, a natural cleaner, making them great for washing clothes! Maggie's Soap Nuts are the only household cleaner made exclusively from Nature, by Nature.

The Only Thing Between You and Your Clothes is  MOTHER NATURE

"I cannot believe how great it is. I can't find the words to express my amazement. My clothes are softer, brighter and fresh smelling......Thanks so much. " Tawny,Petaluma, Ca.

".....Everything comes out so clean and fresh.....I love knowing that my new little guy is wrapped up in clothes that are truly clean. No chemicals on my baby! Thank
you! Thank you! Thank you!" Ashley, Costa Mesa, Ca

"What I can't believe is that I actually feel better after washing my clothes"
Go to our maggie's Soap Nuts page

American Biologics
Special Product of the Month !

This Month’s Newsletter Special:

 Hepa Trope IITM   / 25% off May 22-31

Hepa Trope IITM promotes renewal and healing of the human liver, an organ currently facing toxic threat to a degree unparalleled in human history. The liver is exposed to “first-pass” levels of toxins: From the intestines, directly into the liver, come chemicals foreign to the body (“xenobiotics”), “lifestyle” chemicals, foodborne toxins, infectious organisms, pharmaceuticals, and other agents threatening to life. While facing the greatest risk of toxic damage, the liver also is the body’s workhorse organ; therefore its nutritional support is important to good health and continued survival.

We want to thank you for subscribing to our customer newsletter.

Go to our American Biologics Page &  if you order by using the order form
(or by phone) - mention in the notes that  you get the newsletter only 25% special
on this product, and/or 15% off Inf-Zyme Forte !


Ultra Inf-Zyme Forte® /


Inf-Zyme Forte® combines digestive pancreatic enzymes with antioxidants and metabolic cofactors.
These digestive enzymes reportedly aid the small intestines' role in digesting proteins, fats, and
carbohydrates. Their actions are known to help maintain intestinal health and minimize food intolerances. This product is pH release coated to resist stomach acid, and to release
 in the upper part of the small intestine where food synthesis occurs

See our special page dedicated to inflazyme forte - remember newsletter special of 15% off


Now Available from us
Jiva Femented Soy & Curcumin Beverage
This drink is so great,  those doing green drinks are liking this even better !
jiva curcumin fermented soy beverage         curcumin fermented soy capsules
Newsletter special -Mention this newsletter to get an additional 10% off our posted prices

olive gold 03
Comes in 3 sizes, 4 oz, 2 oz & .27 oz.
Olive Gold 03
Please ask to try this product at our store !
It is quite amazing !

A Miraculous Multi-Purpose Topical Lotion, for Health and Beauty. Olive Gold 03 is a perfect proprietary blend of SUPER OXYGEN, in an all natural organic olive oil base, with super-charged vitamins (A, B’s, C, D, & E), 72 minerals, alpha-lipoic acid, Exotic Botanical Essence and fragrance.

Go to our page on olive gold / ozoneated olive oil of the finest !
(Read the many testimonials on our webpage ... or
pick up a brochure on Olive Gold at the store.

Salba Seed

Salba® is the richest whole food source of Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber found in nature. Gram for gram, Salba® provides 8 times more Omega 3's than salmon, 4 times more fiber than flax, 6 times more calcium than whole milk, 13 times more antioxidants than blueberries, and much more! Salba® is all-natural, has no trans-fats, very few carbohydrates, and is certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-Free.

Our 16 oz bottle on sale for $23.95 or buy 2 or more at $21.95 each!

Go to our Salba page for more information on Salba

Taking Advantage of the Moment !
Propelling yourself into Greatness !
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We will be sending you additional information in the next few days about more New products that we are real excited about. 

If you are in Columbus, come to the open house, and you will see them there.  Our new shipment of MA rollers and Mini-Ma's have arrived.

Thanks for shopping !
Phil Wilson, President