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Come Visit our Booth at the following Expos this weekend.
We will be at both of these 3-day shows this weekend !
  New York - Long Beach
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See our archived Newsletter (February, 2010)
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We will be demonstrating these products & more at these Expos !

There will be talks on the Relax Far Infrared Sauna at each of these expos, also !
The Relax Sauna stands head and shoulders above all other FIR Saunas in Effectiveness & Convenience.

Click on the pictures below to find out more about these products:
Relax Sauna acu-masseur quantum age stirwand MA rollers olive gold

We will be handing out these fliers & booklets at these expos:

Flyer # 1:  All Momentum98 products:

page 1 - Momentum98 Products brochure - Relax Sauna
page 2 - Momentum98 Products brochure - Quantum Age Stirwand & Olive Gold 03
page 3 - Momentum98 Products brochure - Acu-Masseur
page 4 - Momentum98 Products brochure - Information on about 10-20 other products

Flyer # 2:  Relax Sauna & Far Infrared Light information:

page 1 - Sauna brochure - Poster on the Relax Sauna
page 2 - Sauna brochure - Testimonial on Heavy Metals Detox & Cellulite Reduction
page 3 - Sauna brochure - about 20 other testimonials
page 4 - Sauna brochure - explanation on why the relax Sauna is Unique in the world of FIR Saunas

24 page Booklet:  Relax Sauna & Far Infrared Light Questions
Relax Far Infrared  Sauna 24 Page Booklet

Go to these web pages on the Light Shakers:
light shaker page    
light shaker 2nd page - new

Look at the FDA documentation that the energy emitted by the
Relax Far Infrared Sauna is 100% between 4-14 microns !

See Momentum98 at the
New Life Expo in New York City
  Fri, Sat & Sunday , March 26-28 - Booth 404
(we have been going to NY Expos since 1982 ! )

New Yorker Hotel - 481 8th Ave (at 34th st - across from Madison Square Garden), New York, New York

3:30 - 10 pm Friday  / 10 am - 9 pm Saturday, / 11 am - 8 pm Sunday
New Life Expo

See the 4 x 6 " post card we will be handing out at the New Life Expo.

See flyer on special Talk on Healing FIR  Light

Talk on Far Infrared Light
(Bathing in the Healing Light of Far Infrared Energy)
by Phillip Wilson, President of Momentum98
Live !!  - in New York City
This talk will be informative, humorous, and insightful.
If you can make it, you will probably be grateful.

11 AM Sunday Morning
 4th Floor - Room Tribeca

New Yorker Hotel. 481 8th Ave., NY, NY

Besides, the Relax Sauna products, the acu-masseur,
the quantum age stirwands, the Olive Gold, and the MA Rollers (& Mini-MA),

products being promoted  in NY are:

Ozone Generators
Light Shakers (regular & special Tri-light shakers)

Piezos (stimulators)
Aquawizard Shower Filters
Pain Erasers, backnobber 2's, theracanes, Stillpoint inducers
Zen Alarm Clocks
Hydrogen Peroxide
Zeolite powder
figits, thumbease, pain eraser 2's
about 100 charts (8x10, 5x7, and 14x22, and food combining charts)
about 40 wallet cards
acupuncture charts
foot reflexology models
Acu-puncture men and women models
Zone ear reflexology models
reflexology socks and gloves
oxy-cleanse, oxy-caps, oxy-max, American biologics inflazyme forte
LDM, Alkalife High PH drops
Neti Pots & Nasal Cleansing Pots
maybe a few other miscellaneous products I forgot to list here.
Look at our website:   Come see us at our Booth !

Make sure you try the Relax Sauna - it will make your day !

 Visit Momentum98 at the
Health Freedom Expo in
Long Beach (California)

  Fri, Sat & Sunday , March 26-28 - Booths 133-135

Long Beach Convention Center  - 300 Ocean Ave.,  Long Beach, California

11 - 7 pm Friday  / 11 am - 6 pm Saturday, / 11 am - 6 pm Sunday
Health Freedom Expo

See flyer on  the Momentum98 Talk

Far Infrared Light - Healing Medicine of the Future
by George Hung & Mandy Chang  (Mandy subbing for Phil Wilson)

5 PM - 5:45 PM
Saturday Afternoon - Room 203A

Besides promoting and demonstrating the Relax Sauna Products, The Acu-Masseurs, the Quantum Age Stirwands, the Olive Gold, and the MA-Rollers, we will also have a number of other products that we will be promoting there:

Ozone Generators
Light Shakers
Zeolite liquid - ask to see this product
And lots of surprises that they packed (that I did not get to see)
So make sure you look at the nooks and crannies of our booths

Look at our website:   Come see us at our Booth !

Make sure you try the Relax Sauna !   They will make your day.

We look forward to Seeing you again , or in Meeting you !
- Phil Wilson, President

phil wilson - Feb, 2010
Phillip Wilson, president, Momentum98

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