One of the best detox programs. The Niacin flush. 

This email will go over what the Niacin flush regimen is as discussed in "Clear Body, Clear Mind" by Ron L Hubbard. 

This regimen uses diet, niacin supplementation and sweating to remove toxins from the body. 

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There are a lot of environmental toxins we are exposed to everyday.

There are many ways our bodies are exposed to toxins. In food, in the air, in many skin care products, dental fillings, and in tap water. Over time these toxins accumulate in our bodies. That is why it is important to use healthy methods of eliminating these toxins. 2 of the best ways are dietary cleanses and sweating in an infrared sauna. 

The Niacin Flush

From "Clear Body, Clear Mind";
The Purification program is a precisely designed regimen. It includes the following elements:
* Exercise, in the form of running, to stimulate the circulation. (20-30 minutes)
* Prescribed periods in a sauna, which, accompanied by certain vitamins and other nutrients, enable one to sweat out the accumulated toxins.(Usually 20 minutes to an hour)
* A nutritional program, including:One’s regular diet which is then supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables which are not overcooked.
*200-500 mg of Niacin
*2-4 tablespoons of an healthy oil such as flax or olive oil.
*Sufficient liquids to offset the loss of body fluids through sweating.
*A properly ordered personal schedule which provides the person with the normally required amount of sleep.


As a record of research, listed below are the approximate daily amounts of the various vitamins and minerals taken by most persons when starting the program. It is important that no one of these vitamins or minerals is taken to the exclusion of another or others. Niacin: 100 mg. (or less, depending upon individual tolerance at the start) daily.
Vitamin B complex: approximately 2 tablets daily, each tablet containing the same amounts of B2 and B6.
Vitamin B1: 250-500 mg. daily, in addition to the B contained in the B complex tablet.
Vitamin A: approximately 5000 IU daily.
Vitamin D: approximately 400 IU daily. (This is usually taken in a capsule that is a combination of 400 IU of vitamin D and the 5000 IU of vitamin A listed above.)
Vitamin C: approximately 250-1000 mg. daily, depending upon individual tolerance.
42 Vitamin E: approximately 800 IU daily.
Multi-Minerals: 1 to 2 tablets daily, each containing a balanced combination of minerals.
“Cal-Mag” Formula: at least one glass, or more as advised, daily. (The “Cal-Mag” Formula, described in Chapter 9, Part 1 of this book, provides extra quantities of the minerals calcium and magnesium, and this is taken daily in addition to the daily multi-mineral tablets.)


The vitamin B complex tablet that was used in the initial research for the Purification program was one which contained:
B1: 50 mg.
Folic Acid: 100 mcg.
B2: 50 mg.
Biotin: 50 mcg.
B6 50 mg.
Choline: 50 mg.
B12: 50 mcg.
Niacinamide: 50 mg.
Pantothenic Acid: 50 mg.
Inositol: 50 mg.
PABA: 50 mg.
All in a base of lecithin, parsley, rice bran, watercress and alfalfa.
The same tablet or one with similar content is still used very successfully in delivering the Purification program.
Folic acid: a vitamin important in the formation of red blood cells.
Biotin: a vitamin important in protein, carbohydrate and unsaturated fatty acid metabolism, normal growth and maintenance of skin, hair, nerves, bone marrow and various glands.
Choline: a vitamin important to the functioning of the nervous system (it is an essential ingredient in the nerve fluid), the liver and the buildup of immunities.
B2: a vitamin important to red blood cell formation, nervous system health, normal growth, carbohydrate metabolism and fertility.
Pantothenic acid: an acid found in plant and animal tissues, rice, bran, etc., that is part of
the B complex of vitamins and is essential for cell growth.
inositol: a vitamin found in high concentrations in the human brain, stomach, kidney, spleen and liver; related to control of cholesterol level; reported to have mild inhibitory effect on cancer.
PABA: an abbreviation for a vitamin called parawiminoxenzoic acid;
important in the metabolism of protein, blood cell formation,
stimulation of intestinal bacteria to produce folic acid and utilization of
pantothenic acid. See also folic acid and pantothenic acid.


The multi-mineral tablet used in the initial research was one containing the following mineral
amounts per each nine tablets. In other words, one tablet would provide only 1/s of the
following mineral amounts:
calcium 500 mg.
manganese 4 mg.
magnesium 250 mg.
copper 2 mg.
iron 18 mg.
potassium 45 mg.
(protein complex)
zinc 15 mg.
iodine ..225 mg. (kelp)

In the tablet used, the minerals (with the exception of the potassium and the iodine) are ‘‘chelated’’ (bonded with) amino acids in a base of selenium, yeast, DNA, RNA, ginseng, alfalfa leaf flour, parsley, watercress and cabbage.
The same mineral tablet, or one with similar content or additional minerals, is still used effectively on the program.

A very important part in the Niacin flush is sweating

The Relax far infrared sauna heats up in 30 seconds rather than 20 minutes like the large wooden saunas so you can conveniently get a full sweat in 20 minutes.

A far infrared sauna is a great addition to your detox program. It is the only non-invasive way of detoxing heavy metals. In a study done on far infrared sauna users it was found that their sweat and urine contained more heavy metals after using the sauna. This shows that their bodies are eliminating the heavy metals at a faster rate. Click here to read about a dramatic case of heavy metal toxicity being reversed using the Relax far infrared sauna. 
Far infrared burns fat and improves the circulation, releasing the toxins including heavy metals from the fat cells.

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A Relax sauna user describes their Niacin Flush regimen and why they chose the Relax sauna. 

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