momentum98 show specials - Natural Products Show - Midwest - July 20-22, 2012
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Relax Far Infrared Sauna
Portable Model
Professional Model

Our pinnacle product is now the Relax Far Infrared Sauna,
 which is the Only Professional Model Far Infrared Sauna in the world,
 as it generates 100% Far Infrared Light Energy between 4-14 microns.
No other portable sauna comes close to this. 

The Relax Sauna is the only one made in Taiwan, and is the ONLY Far Infrared Sauna
that uses a patented semi-conductor chip.

Buy a Relax Sauna for your home
Sell the Relax Saunas in your store !

We nationally distribute the Relax Sauna, the Relax Lie Down Sauna, and their sister product,
the Sky Eye 800 watt professional Model Radiator,
and would love for many of the health food stores to be demonstrating these in their stores.

We can drop ship for you.
The Relax Far Infrared Saunas are one of the best healing tools you can offer to your customers.

See the book, Detox or Die, by Dr. Sherry Rogers for a wealth of information about the incredible detoxifying
effects of Far Infrared Saunas. They are, according to Dr. Rogers, the only way (2001) to get plastics out of the body,
and pretty much one of the BEST ways to detoxify the body of Heavy Metals.

The Relax Sauna will work with other products you sell to make them far more effective than they are by themselves.
The Relax Sauna stands head and shoulders above any other sauna on the planet.

At our booth, you can experience 5 minutes of bathing in this healing light, and have an incredible experience of wonderfulness.
You may then be inspired to want this in your home.

Show Specials - NPA - Midwest - July 22, 2012
Far Infrared Radiator Lamps:
150 watt Lovely Pandas, and 200 watt FIR Energy Lamps,
will be 10% off 1, 15% off 3, and 20% off 6 at the show.

As importers of the Acu-Masseur (which we have been distributing since 1982),
we will be giving 10% off orders of 6, 15% off orders of 12, and 20% off orders of 24.

Olive Gold ozonated olive oil
we will be giving 10% off orders of 6, 15% off orders of 12, and 20% off orders of 24.

Pinhole glasses will be on special for $9.00 a pair for orders of 12 or more,
mix and match sizes.

Color therapy glasses sets will be on sale for 10% off 1 set, and 20% off 3 sets.

We will have some cloisonne Chinese Exercise balls on special for 10 - 30% off.

Quantum Age Stirwards will be 10% off 12 or more at the show as well.

Other specials will be announced here on Monday, July 16.

for more information on literature available to you to promote the products we distribute to stores.

When I'm 64 !!!
July 21 is the 64th birthday of the president of Momentum98. (Phillip Wilson) He will not be at the NPA Midwest show this weekend.  He will be at a naturopathic doctors show in Las Vegas this weekend, selling Relax Saunas.
 But as a vender since 1981 at the NPA Midwest Shows, he wishes he could be with you in Columbus,
where he has lived for 42 years, and personally wish everyone the best.
 He does wish everyone the best, and wishes a great experience for all at NPA Midwest 2012.

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