Pain reduction with the Relax Sauna.

Doreta was at the Cancer Control Society Convention and said, when she tried the sauna, that it was internal heat and not the kind of external that usually makes her feel hot on the outside.  It penetrated on the inside and it relaxed muscles and reduced pain.  “I like that.”  She had been in pain at the level of about eight and, after using the sauna, it went down to about three in about 10 minutes. She liked that she felt a warm healing energy that felt soothing and that she does not experience that when she goes into wooden saunas, where she feels a kind of anxiety, feeling the heat only on surface making her feel overheated.  The Relax sauna penetrated into the inside, didn't make her feel hot or overheated.  ‘Yeah, It was soothing. It was nice.”  “I am in love.”