Rooms in our House

Breakfast room - May, 2003 - Linda 

Dining Room - May, 2003  - Linda blurred

kitchen - May, 2003 

Living Room - notice picture of Linda's - May, 2003

Larger View of Living Room 

TV Area of Living Room - with some of Linda's Art projects

Living room - view from inside 

Bedroom - part of

House From the Outside

Our cars in the driveway - pretty house

Car door is open... nice ranch house

Front of House.. You can read 4853 barely, and Linda is at the door. 

The Yard (Our garden in the back)

Lilacs all over

looking to the right from the sliding door

to the right of the pole , more lilacs, too !

Our Yard to the Left !   or...
Our Gravel Pit with the alien (Linda) design
(Tomorrow, you get to see the New Gravel Garden)

Throwing some light on Our Gravel Pit with the alien design
and Tomorrow will bring more beauty !

Not a great picture...  But the gravel pit looks better now !

Some of Linda's Pictures (NOT FINISHED)
terrible photos, but at least you get the idea.

I was trying to figure out where this was...  then I realized it was one of Linda's pictures.

Here is the same picture in our living room

The camera didn't do a good job on this picture.

I just adjusted the contrast and the brightness / not quite like the real thing, though

It looks so much better in person - too much light from camera.

This picture is only about 50-60 % finished 

One recent picture of me

Me - buying a token at the subway in Manhattan ! - March, 2003 

Some pictures of the store from the outside

Here is the front of the health food store
Here is our corner - showing off our Balls ! 

Linda Smiling (Cat got the mouse ? )

rick and kathy in Skokie

trimmed  ..  and then brightened & contrasted ! 

Last Updated: 4/13/11