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    1. you like green ?

    ma roller literature
phil as a kid of about 8
this is not me !!!   Even though this is Elsie's page..
This is my pet cow.  We call her Phil .
humor, entitled.. but actually, this is saying that souls, and soles also, would be better off if they hu uuu'ed more.
To hu. is to chant hu...  and if we hu more, then , by being pulled into the cosmic currents, we will get cosmic humor, and certainly the defined divine laugh.
so humor comes to those who hu more.
just in case y ou wanted to know.
if y ou want a great page (this is our commercial, nothing to do with Borden)...   click:   great massage tools (jacknobber page)
And we can write anything...
We can put pictures on:
more pictures:
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backnobber 2                      acu-a-ssager rolled on legs
These are two of the finest massage tools available in the country.
They well well, and you are experience seeing them being demo'd by live models, as opposed  (aposed -- correct since they are a poses. as compared to B+ poses...  to dead ones.
 I need to feel muddy, can you help me by clicking here !

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