Recent pictures of Phil
                 Phil in Car, Nov. 16, 2005                         Phil, Dec. 27,  2005 in Columbus Office 

Phil in NY City buying subway token on last day that it could be done !   / Phil wrapped up ! 2003

Phil swimming with the fishes  , August, 2004 , Columbus, Ohio 

Phil with the Sangs, Dec. 2004 , Ft. Lauderdale - Chiropractic Show

Phil in 2004 sees a ghost, I think,  then hides behind a plant, thinking you won't recognize him without his hat

   .    ... 
phil sometime in  2004 at his booth   -   Phil in hotel room 2003  - smaller photo of above photo 

older photos of Phil

Phil in New Orleans by lake
Phil not working in New Orleans, La. May, 1997

               .     .          
May, 2000 picture of PhilColumbus, Ohio               /  Chicago - 1998                       picture of Phil not sure when 

Phil hanging out in the early 80's in front of first sight of store 

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