Erin was brought in by her son to treat some injuries. part 3

Erin  has been in the sauna for about 20 minutes and her neck pain is gone.  She has been able to perform certain motions with her neck that she's not been able to perform in three weeks.  She says that it feels pretty incredible and that other areas of her body are loosening up as well.  She is also noticing that the headache that she has had for the last three weeks is starting to disappear and she thinks it's because the tension in her neck is releasing and that her circulation is improving.  She says that it feels really good to now have her headache and neck pain diminishing. She wasn't expecting that.  She says that it's really interesting how you can almost chart the improvement minute by minute. She's looking forward to having a sauna in her home so that she will have the availability and accessibility to get release every day.  She can do it in the mornings and evenings since 20 minutes was long enough to feel pretty incredible.  She says that after five minutes she could already tell that it was doing something big and that she felt relaxed and energized at same time and that it’s hard to explain the feeling.  She says imagine having a headache every day for three weeks!  It's awesome that the headache is now so minimal that she wouldn't even consider taking Tylenol or some such medicine, it has minimized so much.  It was at pre-migraine level.  She says that this was a very good surprise and that she's looking forward to enjoying the rest of her day.  

She says that it's incredible and her son says it's awesome and that she seconds that.  She says that 20 minutes in the sauna was better than each hour with her physical therapist.  Even though they used ultrasound and other therapies, she still felt that they were just using more pressure to release pressure.  She says that, when sitting in the sauna, there's no pressure at all and that she feels it’s like just taking a deep breath and letting go.  “It’s really easy, it's like a very slow exhale of tension and pain and pressure.”  

She said that her son's shoulder pain had been at about a seven and that they had been icing it every day, but now that he's been in the sauna, he's outside skipping around, happy and pain free.  Her son, Brad, demonstrated that he had not been able to lift his arm above his shoulder and that now he could lift it straight up over his head. That happened in one 20 minute session after he used the sauna.  He says the sauna is awesome.  She’s looking forward to both of them finally getting a good night sleep tonight.

She loves coming into Momentum 98 where she can get such a good education when she has questions and where she receives information about products, ideas and about herbal remedies and natural ways to heal and to build up your immune system so you can have a strong body before something is happening.  She values a lot of preventative care.  She has been shopping there for years and years.  Her mom brought her there years ago.