Renee came into the store after doing research and found that the Relax Sauna is the best quality

Renee purchased her sauna about a year ago after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  She had done a lot of research and found out that far infrared saunas would help with detoxing some of the byproducts of the treatment of lyme disease.  When she was really sick, she used it once or twice a day, now she uses it occasionally.  It was a godsend when she was really sick because it made her feel so much better.  It took away her aches and pains.  It got all of the toxins lodged in the sweat out of her body.  Then she showered to get the sweat off of her body.  She said it helped her sleep better. She doesn’t know how she would have survived her initial Lyme treatment without her Relax far infrared sauna.  “ I love it.  I highly recommend it to anybody.”