Relax Far Infrared Sauna Rave Review #1

Erick used the sauna at the expo three times because he loved it.  After the first session he felt relaxed, he felt like it gave him energy for the rest of the day.  He did another session that day and slept like a baby that night, better than a baby because babies wake up during the night. He did it again the following day. “it’s perfect.  I love it.”  He likes it better than wooden saunas because they drain his energy.  You might be in them for an hour.  He likes that the Relax sauna is more flexible.  You can be in there with your clothes on or off and he likes the benefits of the far infrared light that you don’t get in regular saunas. “It's a great product.  This is great.”  He felt great after a just a few minutes, so relaxed he felt like he wanted to go to sleep.  He felt  even more sense of ultimate relaxation when he had his whole head in the sauna.  It's portable and it's small and you can just fit it in any room. “It’s worth it,” he says.   He started feeling good immediately when he got in.  “You gotta just do it!   It's amazing!