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Thank You Relax Sauna User

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Opportunities which we have available to health professionals

1. You can have your patients call us, and mention your name,  we will them $100 off the internet special. And you can choose from a $100 reward, or get a free sauna after 7 referals or get a free far infrared lamp with each sale.

2. We also have an affiliate program. If you have a website, we have a banner we can send you, or a link that you can use either on a website, or you can send them an email with this link, and we can give you $109.50 for every sauna that someone you referred to our website who purchases.   (they do not get a discount, however)  -  maybe we can include a code that gives them a $50 or $100 off, and we can then give you about a $100 commission.

3.  You can become a Reseller of the Relax Sauna .  You can order from us wholesale, and we can either ship to you OR drop-ship directly to your customer.

Payment processing information:  we can use their card, and charge them whatever you want to charge them ($950, $995, $1050, $1095 ?)  Your cost is $700 + $25 s/h in the US, $100 s/h in Canada, Alaska, Hi., (shipping is generally $225 in other countries)  or you charge them anyway you want, and we will charge your card $700 + shippiing.
If you wish to be a reseller of the Relax Sauna, then we have available to you Relax Sauna handout literature, that we are working on revamping, but right now have available 3 brochures.  We can send you a 10 pak of each of the 3 pieces, or a 20 pak.  Let us know.
Other tools have are a 28 page ringed laminated demonstration or office booklet.
We also have posters available that can be hung.
We are in the process of creating effective literature brochures. to assist you in making Relax Sauna presentations easy.

To join any of these available programs contact us at moment98 @ or moment98 @



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