Relax Sauna June 2013 Newsletter
Hello Relax Sauna user or Relax Sauna prospective reseller,
About 13 years ago, I saw a portable infrared sauna at an Expo that one of my suppliers was selliing.  I said, "Wow ! How much is that?"  when I saw it, since as a youth I have ALWAYS LOVED Sweating, and the resultant PURIFICATION that I felt. 
It actually took me a year to decide that I could invest the money they wanted (it was not much, but in those days even $500 was a lot for me).    I did so , and throughly enjoyed my in-home portable sauna.  We even had one at the store, and I demo'ed the Sauna at shows, put it on my website, and maybe sold 6 saunas that year.
Then I received a phone call From Taiwan.  They saw that I was selling a portable sauna (on my website:, and they wanted me to consider marketing their Portable Far Infrared Sauna. 
They told me their sauna was better (more effective), and gave me a good price.   I said, what the heck, and gave them my credit card.  And pretty much the rest is history.
The Relax Sauna is not only more effective than any portable "infrared" sauna in the marketplace.   It is light years ahead of any portable sauna in technology, but more than that, we are getting many people who have had wooden $4000 Saunas for years, who are now buying Relax Far Infrared Professional Model Portable saunas from us as UPGRADES.
We were just at a Colon Hydrotherapy conference this past weekend, and once again received powerful feedback about how Good, and how Amazing the Relax Sauna is.   One lady who has a wooden sauna in her practice:  She could feel the acupuncture meridians moving, and a lot more than that.  She bought 2 of the Relax Saunas, and the Sky Eye 800 watt radiator.  A man, who had owned a garden store, and had sold about 40 Wooden far infrared Saunas over years at his store, and at Home and Garden Shows, was very impressed that the Relax Sauna quickly alleviated his back pain, and preserved that pain-free state all day.  Meanwhile, another woman, who owns two wooden saunas in her business, was totally overwhelmed with how great she felt.   Wooden saunas do not create this tingling sensation (for her) that created this incredible feeling of well-beingness.   At this same show, one of the doctors (also a speaker) came up to us, and told us that she had purchased a Relax Sauna from us 10 years ago, still uses it, and Absolutely Loves it.
We also do have about 140 video testimonies on Youtube:
you can go to these websites to see some of them:   for many of our latest videos, and  for some of our videos of 1-2 years ago.
When we first started selling the Relax Sauna, I did NOT Realize that the Relax Sauna was SO MUCH more effective than other portable saunas made in China, and certainly was not aware that the $4000 to $8000 Far infrared Saunas many times did NOT produce the Results we get out of the Relax Far Infrared Portable Professional Model Sauna.
We want to also let you know that I have been interviewed a few times over the last couple of years on internet radio.  We have transcripts of these interviews that you may wish to listen to.  Also, I gave a talk in New Jersey in March of 2013.  You can listen to this talk online, or you can also read the transcipts of this talk as well.  You can access all of these interviews, talks and transcripts on this website:
It really has taken me a long time  (10 years) to realize how special the Relax Sauna really is, and to realize how different the Relax Sauna is.  
The Relax Sauna semi-conductor chip that performs the magic of generating actually took 10 years to invent.  The semi-conductor chip is patented, and is able to transform electricity into 95-100% Absorbable, Deep Penetrating far infrared energy.  By using a nylon tent with silver embedded into it, we are able to reflect the far infrared light over and over again, so that every part of the body receives the absorbable far infrared light.
Much research has been done on the incredible benefits of Far Infrared Energy, as documented in Dr. Sherry Rogers (an environmental medical doctor) in her ground breaking book (2001), Detoxify or Die.  We have also compiled some far infrared facts  (60 years of Japanese and Chinese Research) , which can be accessed from our main Relax Sauna page:
Recently Dr. Bill Akpinar, who wrote the book, "No Sweat, Know Sweat," in 2007 has recently discovered the Relax Sauna.  He and his colleague have purchased a number of the relax saunas from us, and I understand he is writing a booklet on why he likes the Relax Sauna so much.   Information on his book, that can be purchased from us, is on another webpage that has many of our literature pieces that can be reprinted.  see: for lots of information. 
Well, this certainly has been a mouthful.
We want to do the best we can to educate you about what we are finding out more and more and more about how the Relax Sauna can Improve the Quality of Your Life.
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Thanks for your interest in the Relax Far Infrared Sauna .  Let me know if you have any questions at any time about the Relax Sauna.   Call me on my cell phone, if you have questions:   626 200 8454.
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More later. 
Phillip Wilson
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