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Relax Sauna at New Life Expo
New York City
Friday- Sat- Sunday. October 21-23, 2011 - Booth 404

We will also have our other products at this expo, as well. 

Help Wanted in NY City this weekend
We are short of help at this expo.  If you want to work for us,
please contact: Clinton Spitler, cell: 614 653-1616  - or show up at Booth 404

Chicago - October 22  (Lisle, Illinois - Marriott Hotel )
Momentum98  will be displaying the Relax Sauna at this event.
Hal Huggins will be one of the main speakers. (3 pm)
He wrote the classic book about mercury poisoning:  It's all in Your Head

also.. come see us in Metropolitan Philadelphia  October 28-30
King of Prussia / Valley forge Area. 

We will have a booth there, and Phillip Wilson will be there to give his talk on:
The incredible Benefits of Far Infrared Light Energy.

Go to our new upgraded (easy to navigate) website, listing some new products:

Hello ....

The Momentum98 Health Food Store has serviced Columbus with progressive holistic health products. massage tools, and other wellness accessories, since 1980

We have spent the last 9 years educating the public about the benefits of Far Infrared Light, and the incredible benefits that the Relax Sauna can and has offered you, or anyone on the planet.

We have been exhibiting at many holistic health expos since 1982, starting with the Whole Life Expo in NY City - Thanksgiving Weekend.

We are always helping to educate the public about:
1) The History of the use of Far Infrared Technology in the 20th and 21st centuries
2) The many benefits people (and animals) have derived from using Far Infrared Technology
3) How the Relax Sauna company has been an integral part of this research.
4) Why the Relax Sauna stands heads and shoulders above Infrared wooden and portable saunas, since the Relax Sauna
 is the only Far Infrared Sauna that emits 100% far infrared light energy.
5) The many benefits that the Relax Far Infrared Sauna can offer you, your family and your friends.

The Relax Sauna is sold through retail outlets, and through health professionals, mainly.

Momentum98 has been a forerunner in educating the public about the hundreds of benefits such as, an increase in body core temperature, circulation and lymph flow. If these functions in your body improve, their is hardly a person who cannot benefit from experiencing this very "healing" light energy, that can be likened to the soft rays of the sun, that when you close your eyes, and look at a hot sun, infuses your whole body with a warm, loving light. People Feel Good, they feel relaxed, they feel rejuvenated. And with the increase in circulation, lymph flow, and body core temperature, there is hardly a physical, emotional, or mental problem which cannot be eased or erased.

The Mayo Clinic, for example, has been recommending Far Infrared Saunas to their patients with heart problems for years. Yet they caution anyone with a heart problem from using a regular Sauna. The difference is tremendous, since in a Far Infrared Sauna, the heart does NOT have to race to find an equilibrium between the core body temperature and in the oustide temperature, while in a regular sauna (or in a hot tub), this is NOT the case.

The Relax Sauna uses a special technology of a semi-conductor chip, while the other "so called far-infrared Saunas" do not, nor do the other saunas generate more than 95% Far Infrared Energy. Almost all of the other portable saunas only generate 20-40% FIR energy, and we don't know of any wooden sauna that does so.

See our many webpages on the Relax Sauna. This is our main relax sauna page, which has links to another 10-12 informational pages on the Relax Sauna. (This also links to the chapters of Sherry Rogers' book, Detox or Die, which was published BEFORE the Relax Sauna came into the United States. Dr. Rogers was one of the first to inform the public about the amazing benefits of FIR energy - whereby she points out that the only way she knows of to get the body to rid itself of plastics and dioxins, is a far infrared sauna. The Far Infrared Sauna is also reputed to be one of the best ways to get the body to release heavy metals, according to Dr. Sherry Rogers.

Many leading health professionals and authors throughout the country have actually purchased the Relax Sauna from us, and they concur about the wonderful benefits that they have experienced.
Here is that website:

You can see many youtube, and written testimonies on the RELAX SAUNA on this page:

If you are a health professional and would like to also sell the Relax Sauna, we are responsible for setting other resellers up. Let us know. Currently there are about 200 or more health professionals or stores also selling the Relax Sauna. The suggested retail price is $1195. We and most other websites will sell the Relax Sauna, however, for $995 + $25 shipping/handling.

We look forward to seeing you tonight, or at a later event.

If you have had wonderful experiences using the Relax Sauna, please feel free to send me a written testimonial. There are about 20 written testimonials that we have already received on the Relax Sauna that you can see at:

and of course, another 30-40 short video testimonies on:

If you live in Columbus, Feel free to come by our store at any time to experience 5-8 minutes in the Relax Sauna. We are open 10-7 Monday- Friday, 10-6 Saturdays, and 12-6 on Sundays. You will usually not sweat during this free trial.   Usually within 15-25 minutes, you can experience profuse sweating, and incredible feeling great.

Thanks so much.

Phillip Wilson
President - Momentum98
Relax Sauna - National Sales

cell 626 200 8454
store phone: 614 262 7087

Relax Sauna     .    relax far infrared sauna lady
Relax Far Infrared Sauna  - Happy persons enjoying the Relax Sauna.


The Relax Sauna stands Heads & Shoulders above any other
FIR Sauna !  Why ?  - Go to this link to read our experiences.

Testimonials on the Relax Sauna.

Testimonial resports & research on the Relax Sauna:

Testimonials we have received from very happy Relax Sauna customers:

Go to Relax Far Infrared Sauna Page with lots of information on the benefits of Far Infared Light

A note from Phil Wilson
President  of Momentum98 

    phil 2008
                                skokie illinois   
Phil - Skokie, Illinois - on his 60th Birthday, July 21, 2008

You can use the Relax Sauna to help you with a health problem,
Or you can use it to attain super health.

Using the Relax Sauna in Santa Barbara June 2009 outside at
2 am at the Raw Foods Festival was a trip.
We spent 19 hours demonstrating the Relax Sauna, and finally,
I was alone, and had a chance to use the sauna myself.
It was amazing how good it felt in the cold air --- totally invigorating !

No other portable sauna has the technology that the Relax Sauna has,
and they just do not feel as good.   -  As far as I can tell,
no other portable sauna uses 100% FIR light.  We document this below.

You may look at the FDA Summary of Our listing as a Medical Device documenting that
The range of emission of the Relax Sauna is 4-14 microns, and additonal information.

I have never seen any documentation from any other portable sauna
that their saunas generate more than 20% FIR light.

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