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Last Updated: 7/29/2016
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Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Runner Reviews


Runner / Performance Athlete REVIEW


"I am a performance athlete.  I compete in marathons,endurance races, heavy weigh lifting, athletics.

I cannot live a day without sweating in my sauna at least 40-45 minutes every day. It makes me feel balanced, calm, relaxed.  I generally feel if I don't sauna I am not in that same level of health as I was on the day that I did sweat.  ...  I notice on those days (when I don't use the Relax Sauna) I don't sleep as well. my mood is not nearly as elevated and  happy as it normally is ...  When I Sauna It is a better day. I lOVE this machine!"  --- 


"The Relax Sauna is amazing too ...  It is one of the few saunas that actually penetrates in past the cellulite.  It's able to break up the cellulite, rids you of all those toxins. help you detox It detoxes your blood your organs,  everything   ...  The Relax Sauna is -  I recommend it to Everyone.  ... I am 27  I have been using Saunas  for 13 years. ...   The Relax Sauna is my favorite. ...  I know with the Relax Sauna when I sweat it is over 80% toxins ...    I definitely perform WAY better.  ... my muscles are so well conditioned  They are actually soft.  They are not these rock hard muscles.  Because there's no toxins building up in my muscles. I don't have any cellulite ...   It is inflammation reducing.  If the muscle gets irritated, inflamed, it's ok, it's going to be better in 30 minutes  - I have my sauna . ...   It helps me recover SO Quick. (after a marathon) "


Marathon runner PART 1


"I feel incredible  I don't want to leave.  I feel warm, and  relaxed. My muscles feel great.  I ran a marathon today.  This is just enhancing my recovery more than anything else I have done today."
"I feel enclosed and Safe and warm.   With the heat that's emanating, its relaxing me. I am feeling a little bit sleepy.  But it's a good sleepy.  My muscles feel loose. my brain feels good,  my brain feels clear, clearer than it was before.  So I feel good.
"I was tired, and  sore and fatigued.  Now I think I can I have a day.  I can have the rest of my day back.  This was great."
"I just like the warmth.  My muscles were very tight and tense.  I was squeezing my entire body together.
But here I feel let go I feel relaxed. The heat is just - it's great."



Marathon runner PART 2


"I just did about 10 minutes in the (Relax Far) infrared (sauna)  I do not feel sore, I do not feel tried.  I can do a squat.   I can bend my legs.   26.2 miles this morning.  I was so sick I was ready for my nap.    I am good to go.  I am double happy about this.  Sitting was hard before this. 10 minutes ago I could barely walk. This is amazing.  It took a lot just to get down the stairs.  I could not even put my shoes on early.  Thank you so very much . This is amazing.  Thank You. Thank You.  I really enjoyed this.  I feel good. I'm Good."

                        Order the Relax Far Infrared Sauna
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SAH24 RELAX Sauna Regular Silver Pattern Tent  (Tent Only.)

sauna tent

$225.00 $200.00 $175.00
RELAX FIR Sit - Up Sauna - (model FIR9008-2sw)  New & Improved tent AND with double controller switch, each radiator with its own switch. Comes with carrying bag.

relax far infrared sauna latest model



$1095 + $25 S/H*
$1050 + $25 S/H*
RELAX FIR Lie - Down Sauna - with New & Improved "Black" tent

lie down sauna

$1095+ $25 S/H*
$1050 + $25 S/H*
RELAX FIR Bed (Healthful & Warm Bed)

relax bed

$895 + $25 S/H*
$850 + $25 S/H*
FIR Professional Model Radiator (800 watt)

sky eye professional model FIR Radiator

$1095 + $25 S/H*
$1050 + $25 S/H*
FIR Portable Goose neck White Table Lamp (200 watt)

table lamp

(radiator model number:  CH-9008-C )  

relax far infrared sauna radiator alone

$895.00 $895.00+ $25 S/H* $795.00 + $25 S/H*

relax far infrared sauna chair

$150.00 $100.00 $85.00
SAH362 Relax Sauna set of 2 poles (1 with End Cap (top) , 1 an extension (bottom) piece)

set of 2 poles

$50.00 $40.00 $30.00