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Last Updated: 5/27/16
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Children and Pets




We have put over 100,000 individuals into the Relax Sauna at Professional
and Other Conferences over the last 12 years.
Many are profoundly affected in a wonderful way by their experiences in the Relax Sauna.

Since we have exhibited at a number of these conferences for all these years, we have many very pleased Relax Sauna users coming to our booth wanting to share with us how much they love the Relax Sauna, and what it has done for them.
Here below is are written testimonies we have received by email,
as well as many of the Interviews we have done at Conferences from these individuals.

Relax Sauna Video Testimonials that Talk about
Children and Pets

(click on picture or link to watch video)

Video Testimonials


Raynaud's Disease Treatment with the Relax Far Infrared Sauna


To Watch the Video Click Here

Four little kids, Elyse, Naomi. Trayama and Mario, kept coming back to sit in the sauna at the expo because, “It’s comfy and it’s warm.” Naomi could sleep in it. She would like to use it for a tent outside and Trayama added that you would just have to set the timer for every 30 minutes. Elyse wishes she could be there all day long where she could read a book and she wants one in her room so she can sit in it when she wakes up and it is cold so she could relax. Trayama says you could have one outside in the winter so you could sit in it and throw snowballs at people while you are nice and warm and they were freezing cold.

Mario lifted his head from the sauna and said that he just woke up and had been in it 4 times that day. “This is awesome. This is like so comfortable. You could just chill - watching TV”.


Relax Sauna is a Perfect Addition to Any Home


To Watch the Video Click Here

Alicia is a medical director at a spa where they use the sauna to double the benefits of the other weight loss devices they use. In her home, she has had the Relax sauna for one year and her children use their own intuition whenever they start feeling sick. She doesn’t tell them to use the sauna. They go to the sauna on their own to heat up when they don’t feel good and set up the timer themselves, usually for about 10 minutes. They call it “the tent.” When her daughter was coughing and used the sauna for about 10 minutes, her coughing stopped and she was able to then go to bed and sleep. Alicia uses it herself for about 20 to 25 minutes each time to help her lymphatic drainage. “I love it.”


Relax Sauna Autism Expo Testimony


To Watch the Video Click Here

Maria’s friend, Linda, loaned Maria her own Relax sauna and Maria was surprised how much more she liked it than the full size wooden far infrared sauna she had been using before at a health spa. She looked into owning one like that but they were a lot more expensive, more expensive to run, took longer to heat up and she didn’t like having to wait that long and have to plan ahead if she just wanted to jump in, especially if she only has 10 minutes before she has to be somewhere. Many times she just goes in for 5 or 10 minutes with her clothes on before she starts to sweat. It warms your body from the inside out.

Her whole family now loves it and her children in particular, who have health issues, benefit from the detoxification. She now finds the Relax sauna to be a thousand times better. They all use it everyday and her kids love it. Her nine year old son, who has anxiety issues, insists on using it 5 or 10 minutes each morning before school because he feels more relaxed and centered. Maria says it definitely evens you out. She says that at times, when she feels tired and wired at the same time because she has SO much on her mind and feels like she had only accomplished 10 out of the 500 things she had to do that day, she will hop in the sauna for 10 or 15 minutes and will relax enough to be falling asleep, then and there, in the sauna.

Phil relates that he held his dog on his lap in the sauna once and ever since, whenever anyone in the family is in the sauna, the dog scratches at the tent so it can come in too and lay down under the chair. Maria says, ”I‘m lovin’ it”


Relax Sauna Targets Problem Areas, Reverses Autism


To Watch the Video Click Here

The first experience I actually had in the sauna - I woke up this morning with pain in my back and my ankle. I have an injury in my ankle. And right away I started sweating in both those places, in my ankle and in my back. The purpose if sweating is to get rid of toxins, to detoxify your body from the heavy metals that ae all over the place from the food that we eat and what’s in our air and what’s in everything we use now. I can already feel some of the pain I had for weeks release (after 5 or 6 minutes). That’s amazing!

I have an autistic nephew and a lot of research is saying that heavy metals are a huge cause of the symptoms of autism. I’m really interested in getting one of these to share with my nephew. I think it would be very helpful with that. (Phil shared that a man in Ithaca N. Y. used the Relax Sauna to reverse a child’s autism.) Absolutely. I think it would be extremely helpful in the treatment of autism and in detoxify anybody.

It feels really great. It gives this very, so warm, soothing feeling. It’s homey. Definitely I would use it on a regular basis. It feels like a chi or a life energy. It’s almost like you are bathing in one. It feels much more effective (than the single standing lamps.) I definitely think I’m going to get one for my family. I think it would be really beneficial for all of them.

(About Naturopathic Medicine) – It’s definitely going to be a new wave, a new form of medicine and a reality for the masses. I think conventional medicine has been politically overtaken by money and pharmaceuticals. They are losing sight of actually bringing wellness and health. Naturopathic medicine is definitely where it is coming in. – Sara, Naturopathic Doctor Medical Show in Phoenix, Arizona, August 2011


Teenager Feels Great after Relax For Infrared Sauna


To Watch the Video Click Here

It’s the first time I’ve been in any sauna. Very satisfying. My BMI is 13½ percent. Did the sauna for 25 minutes. Afterwards – felt amazing. I did my BMI one more time. Lost 2% body fat and one pound of weight. Afterwards, I felt positively amazing. I feel absolutely great. I’ll tell everyone. I was totally down. After I got out of that, I feel like I can run laps. Standing up all day, my legs have been hurting a little bit. Now, they feel just as refreshed as ever. – Chandler


Infrared Sauna has More than a Few Benefits


To Watch the Video Click Here

Jennifer’s mom had gotten a Relax far infrared sauna about four years ago. Jennifer tried it the first time when she had the flu and had lack of energy, her body hurt and she did not feel very well. After 20 minutes in the sauna, almost all her symptoms went away.

Her five-year old and her three-year old children tried it and experienced an increase in energy and a decrease in crazy energy and now want to sit in it every time they visit her mom. They always feel better and more relaxed when they sit in the sauna and their colors is better afterwards.

When Jennifer uses it, she feels an increase in energy, a reduced stress level and an overall sense of well-being. After 20 minutes in the sauna, she feels that she does not need a glass of wine to relax in the evening because she feels a lack of stress, the ability to relax and gets a great night’s sleep and feels an overall sense of well being. “I love it! I recommend it to everybody. If you don't have one you are missing out.”


New York Medical Doctor - Every Home Should Have a Relax Sauna

(17) MP4

To Watch the Video Click Here

Lauren Is a doctor practicing in New York. She bought the Relax sauna of a year ago and uses it, by herself, every night, five nights a week. She has a cedar sauna, also, in her house that she uses on weekends as more of an event.

She finds that by using the Relax sauna it helps her sleep, it helps her joints and, when she does Ashtanga yoga and her muscles are killing her (but she knows that it's good for her), she finds that it helps her muscles. She says the biggest thing is it helps her mental health and emotional health so she feels like she wants to do the same again the next day.

Her three children, who are 11, 12 and 16, love it. They all go in with her, all of them naked, with with their heads poking out. She likes that she can reach through the arm slots to use her cell phone when necessary. She usually keeps the arm slots zipped closed because it's warmer inside when she does that.

She travels and has taken the Relax sauna with her all over the world. When she was in Jerusalem, she set it up in their air B&B. She will be taking it with her to Brazil next with a group of volunteer doctors. She always uses an electrical adapter when in a different country like she does with her electric toothbrush.

She frequently uses the Relax sauna for 10 minutes right before bed because she finds it helps her sleep.

She feels that having the Relax sauna in the home is so important and valuable for people's health that, if they feel they don't have room, they should throw away a chair and have guests sit in the sauna instead. :-) She says she has been known to have a little glass of red wine while sitting in the sauna herself.

Her husband had gone online and found other saunas for $159 but they were not the same. The technology is completely different. She says that for a couple of dollars a day, in a year the Relax sauna is paid off.


They Feel the Sauna is a Lifesaver, Even in Their Cats Love It!

(6) MP4

To Watch the Video Click Here

Bonnie and David bought their sauna a year ago at the Conscious Life Expo and say they are so grateful that they got the Relax sauna. They say it's wonderful and that they each use it just about every day.

Their cats also want to use the sauna every time. They come in and sit on their laps and when they feel they've had enough then they leave - they are very intuitive. They also purchased one of the 200 watt far infrared lamps and their 20-year old cat loves it. She uncurls and just relaxes in front of it. It has been very good for her.

Bonnie says she loves, loves the sauna - that it has been a lifesaver!

She says that when she has aches and pains, particularly knee and ankle pain, tendinitis, or feels cold, the pain not only goes away but she feels a deeper healing is occurring.

David says that when he feels fatigue that the sauna, with both switches turned on, really helps to eliminate it due to a detox effect. He feels that things really get moving similar to the way that exercise works. He usually does it about 20 minutes. Sometimes he just puts the one switch on and it feels like a warm bath, very soothing. Frequently, he does this for about five minutes right before bed because it's so relaxing.

Bonnie says that the proof is in the pudding when you see the benefits that you get from using it everyday. Says she feels rejuvenated, detoxed and healed and that the sauna belongs in every home.

They first tried it a year ago. Bonnie felt the difference with it immediately and told David, “You've got to try this thing! You’ve got to try it!” He did and fell in love with it - and it’s portable, too!


Delighted with her Pain Relief using the Relax Sauna

(37) MP4

To Watch the Video Click Here

Briannne had been in the Relax sauna 2 or 3 times and had expected to simply be relaxed and cozy. She had a lot of tension and knotted muscles in her right shoulder and her back. She described the pain at level 10. She says it was really bad and she didn't want to lift her arm. Now after about 20 minutes in the sauna, she says the pain has been reduced to about level 3, just barely there. “I feel much better. I can move my arm. It's amazing!”

“I want one.”

She says that before she used the sauna, she felt kind of slow, sluggish and kind of heavy. Now she feels looser, warmer since she had been feeling rather cold before, and more energetic since she had been tired when she got in. She said that she was relaxed while in the sauna and when she got out, she felt like she had more energy “and healthier. I don't know how else to explain it.’”

She says that by using the Relax sauna these two times, it was the first time she had sweated in six months. She felt relaxed enough in the sauna that felt like she might like to take a nap.

“I feel really good. I really do.”

They are at the Autism Conference. She has a son who has autism and she feels he would love the sauna since he loves to be warm and cocooned. She thinks this would be his happy place. She will stay in touch with Phil over the next few months to give him a progress report.


Older Teenager Used Relax Sauna and her Hang-over Headache Went Away!

(43) MP4

To Watch the Video Click Here

Nina was a little hung-over with a pretty bad headache. When she got out of the Relax sauna after about eight minutes she says, “I feel so much better. It's unbelievable!”


And Her Pounding Hang-over Headache Gone using Relax Sauna

(44) MP4

To Watch the Video Click Here

Nina had been hung-over with a pretty bad headache. When she got out of the Relax sauna after about eight minutes she said, “I honestly feel so much better. It's incredible!”

She said it was a pounding headache of about a level 7 or 8. Now she says it is about a 1. She laughed and said she could drink all she wants now and all she needs to do is get in the sauna afterwards! “I really like this product and I want it.”

She says that she ducked her head inside the sauna for about 3 or 4 minutes of the 8 minutes and that really made a huge difference. Her dad and mom are very strongly considering purchasing the Relax sauna. She says, “Buy this!”


Mom Feels Way Better at the Autism Conference after Sauna Use

(45) Mp4

To Watch the Video Click Here

Tina is at the Autism Conference in Chicago. Before she got into the sauna, she had been feeling very jittery, shaky and she hadn’t slept well the night before. After 30 seconds in the sauna her jitteriness went away.

The Relax sauna has been on her Wish List for the last year since she had experienced similar feelings of wellness then, as well. She didn't expect it to work so quickly this time and had to been considering skipping the next lecture to go and lay down. Now she's going to the next lecture after all.

She has a son with autism and says that the saunas are good for the moms as well because, normally, they are extremely stressed, worn out and tired, which goes along with the autism world. “ I feel way better. “


Feel So Good with The Relax Sauna


To Watch the Video Click Here

Vanessa, at the Florida State Massage Therapy Show, says she just wants to stay in the sauna because it feels so good. She said there should be a two-person sauna and Phil says that he and his wife both sit on the floor in the sauna and even the dogs come running and can hardly wait to come inside with them when they hear the sauna being turned on. She says she justwants to get two, one for work and one for home.


Gets Rid of Headache and Back Pain


To Watch the Video Click Here

I’ve been looking at saunas and I’ve had experience with saunas. I was thinking about the wooden sauna though. But because of the information that you shared with me about the plates that extend the far infrared and the mirrors that are available in the Relax Sauna that reflect it and the portability of the sauna, this is the one I have decided to purchase. It was very comfortable and relaxing for me. It was the distance between the plates in the wooden one. In the Relax Sauna those conditions are all improved and corrected. In a wooden sauna you are farther away. And I like the fact that the Relax Sauna doesn’t require a warm up time. We’ve been wanting to get one and you’ve convinced me today that this is the one to get. I’m so glad I did. – Lynn, a practitioner

I’ve never been in one before and I’m claustrophobic so I was really nervous about it but it was actually quite nice. It was really relaxing and immediately after I got out after only about 7 minutes… I had a headache and back pain when I went in and those are both gone. It was very nice. Thank you! I was starting to sweat after only 7 minutes. – Lynn’s daughter, Amber




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RELAX FIR Sit - Up Sauna - (model FIR9008-2sw)  New & Improved tent AND with double controller switch, each radiator with its own switch. Comes with carrying bag.

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RELAX FIR Lie - Down Sauna - with New & Improved "Black" tent

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