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We have put over 100,000 individuals into the Relax Sauna at Professional and Other Conferences over the last 12 years.
Many are profoundly affected in a very good way by their experiences in the Relax Sauna. 
Since we have exhibited at a number of these conferences for many years, we have many very pleased Relax Sauna users
coming to our booth wanting to share with us how much they love the Relax Sauna, and what it has done for them.

 Relax Sauna Video testimonials that talk about Fibromyalgia
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Far Infrared and Fibromyalgia - Hyperthyroid - Relax Sauna Testimonial




This lady has had the Relax Far Infrared Sauna for 2 years based on a recommendation of her sister. She had a lot of aches and pains from fibromyalgia and when she does it every other day there are none.  “it heats to her inner core muscle.”  She is also hyperthyroid and her average body temperature is 96°. When she uses the sauna, her body temperature goes up to 98.6°.  “if the motor on that thing died I would eat peanut butter for a month until I could afford to buy another.  It is that amazing.”    “And I come out of there with energy!”



Fibromyalgia Relief with the Relax Sauna


Amanda was recommended to use the Relax sauna by a woman who had fibromyalgia. She said that it helped considerably with her fibromyalgia but Amanda didn't believe that it would help with hers. However she was convinced to try the sauna herself.  She described her pain as a constant, throbbing, shooting pain at about a level of eight.  After using the sauna for 7 or 8 minutes, she said that she felt relaxed and that the pain was gone.  She felt wonderful and will be getting one for her home.


Helps Fibromyalgia (family review)



I have suffered from fibromyalgia for the last few years.  I can’t breathe.  I have a lot of hormonal problems because of my fibromyalgia.  I also have adrenal problems and lots of pain every day.  There is nothing that can stop the pain so I decided to try the sauna.  I came in yesterday and spent about 15 minutes in the sauna and it was wonderful because the pain went away and I slept like a baby.  I’m not kidding.
Now my daughter is here with me.  My family can see me suffering and having lack of sleep.  I am going to get one.  It is worth it.  I’m very happy I found it.  Nothing helped me.  I used a lot of painkillers and anti-depressants for years and I was just poisoning my body and I don’t want to do that.  This is the perfect thing to detoxify your body.  You have to get one! - Cicilia

I have the slight beginnings of epilepsy.  My body is always stiff.  I can’t sleep either.  It hurts to exercise and I always feel super cloudy and disorientated.  I’ve been in here for what, 15 minutes?  And I already feel so much better.  My body is not as stiff as it has been the last couple of months. I feel like a boulder has been lifted off my back.  It’s perfect! - Francesca

I get all my stuff here.  I have my vitamins and supplements.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to do better with this.  I’m always keeping a healthy diet and exercising and doing good thinking.  It is very important to have your mind clear.  This is the first time I came in and tried the sauna and now I have hope that I will have a healthy normal life.  Now I have only about 20% of the pain, which was about 100 on a scale from 1 to 10.  I am so relieved!  I am very happy.  - Cicilia  

I have absolutely no pain right now.  No pain whatsoever.  I threw my back out about a couple weeks ago and my back has been hurting ever since.  Right now, it is the best it’s been since I can remember.  It’s amazing.  Anyone who can come here, they need to get over here, like right now!  - Francesca at Momentum 98 – July 5, 2013

Helps Fibromyalgia and Pack Pain (And So Many Other Uses!)



I have fibromyalgia and it helped to get rid of it.  It detoxifies you.  It just helps so much with the pain.  It helps to be able to sleep.  I’ve had this problem for many years and it just beats you up pretty bad.  My stress level has gone down and I sleep better at night without the pain.  
My nephew was in Iraq in the war and literally could not bend down and touch his toes.  He tried it out one time at my house and he got out and literally cried.  He could bend over and touch his toes.  He couldn’t believe it!

I use it about 3 days a week.  I get home and use it to detoxify and sleep better. You have no idea what a Godsend it has been.  We love it and don’t know what we would do without it!  - Mary, 2 year Relax sauna owner - 2013


Rejuvenates and Helps Fibromyalgia



It rejuvenated me. I was having pain in my lower back and shoulders and I’ve been walking for quite a while so now I feel really energized.  The pain has subsided.  I don’t feel it in 5 minutes in the Relax Sauna.  It really helps.  I have fibromyalgia and all my muscles ache pretty much all the time.  Sitting in that just affected pretty much my whole body.  It relaxed my whole body so I was really grateful. I could really feel my blood circulating. I started sweating in just 5 minutes.  That was really good.  I love the fact that it is portable.  It is very nice to have it in your home. 

I have problems with sleep apnea and insomnia right now.. I can do it just before bed.
I’ve had to drive 2 hours a day.  By the time I get home, I am exhausted.  I am in pain.  So this is perfect.  I can have it with me.  I understand that there is mold that grows in wooden saunas.  It defeats the purpose in detoxifying. - Rachael   She purchased the Relax Sauna. – Jan. 28 2013

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