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Last Updated: 6/14/11
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Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna has many benefits
Some of the Health Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Energy
using The Relax Sauna or the Lovely Panda 150 watt FIR Radiator:

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relax far infrared sauna .
Patients of diabetes
need to improve their blood flow. 

If the blood is too thick and hence too sticky to flow properly, the ending cells can’t obtain enough nutrition. RELAX Sauna provides Qi Gong energy to cause the water molecules to  contract, thus causing the consistency of the blood to become thinner,
 and the blood to flow more smoothly.

Therefore, those with diabetes become more active.  They lose the
numbness in their extremities, and the digestive system improves.
Testing yourself after receiving regular Far Infrared Treatments
will convince you of these benefits. If you are taking medication,
the use of the RELAX Sauna can assist medication to be delivered
to the necessary locations in the body.
lovely panda radiating feet
To heal wounds by using
a lovely panda/medical lamp:

Amputating limbs often causes the wounds on the lower limb to ulcerate
and are not healable.  Because lower limbs are the furthest from the heart, partial blood circulation of these extremities is poor.

The lovely panda can irradiate wounds. The lovely panda can kill infection causing bacteria, etc., and can provide energy to speed up healing wounds.
 The therapeutic effect of FIR on wound healing has been shown
 to be quite remarkable, as evidenced by a study done
in 2004 at the BO TAI Dermatology Hospital.

lovely panda sending FIR energy to face

To avoid going blind , one can use the lovely panda.

Going blind is a complication for those with diabetes.

The blood vessels of the eyes are very thin. The blood of those with diabetes is too thick to flow through these vessels to the eyes, and thus the blood flow is easily blocked. Therefore the cells of the eyes can’t obtain enough oxygen and nutrition.  This is why those with diabetes often go blind.  Those with diabetes can really benefit by using the lovely panda to care for their eyes. Every day, one can close their eyes and use the lovely panda for 15 minutes. If you test your eyes after a few weeks of daily irradiation, you may find tremendous improvement in your eyes.

For more information on the Relax Sauna, the Lovely Panda or any FIR products:
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  You can easily solve problems of suffering heavy uric acid and gout
by using the Relax FIR SAUNA

The release of the wastes, uric acid, urea, and toxin all depend on micturating and sweating. It will cause heavy uric acid and gout when bodies producing more uric acid than releasing. When the melting rate of body fluid reduces, uric acid and urea crystallize and pile up on joints, and causes joints jutting. Blood delivers the wastes of human bodies to livers in order to decompose and filter, and then release the wastes through micturating. When the blood circulation is poor, uric acid and urea can not be releases through micturating.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna provides an environment of 70-80. At this temperature, metabolism will be improved, and the blood circulation will be smoother; therefore, urea can be released more easily and frequently through sweating.

Taking exercise also causes sweating, and helps uric acid release. However, taking exercise will produce more uric acid because the rise of body temperature after taking exercise results from consuming nutrition. Once bodies producing more uric acid than releasing will cause burdens to livers.

Only Relax Far Infrared Sauna can easily, conveniently, and efficiently help human bodies release surplus uric acid without producing uric acid.

You may not have time to exercise everyday.  However, you can make the time to enjoy Relax Far Infrared Sauna every day.

When using Relax Far Infrared Sauna, drinking a lot of water and eating alkaline food will be helpful for the sufferers of heavy
uric acid and gout. Gout is caused by the crystals of uric acid and urea; therefore the sufferers have acid constitution.
Using the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, and eating alkaline food will help sufferers relieve the pain.

Gout is not caused in one day; therefore, it takes time to cure the disease. For people of heavy uric acid and urea,
it will speed the releasing of the wastes of human bodies by using the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, \
drinking a lot of water, and sweating more frequently.

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