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Shahnaz is a company from New Dehli, India that makes probably
the highest quality ayurvedic cosmetics in the world. 
They have been in business for quite a number of years.
When one thinks of Quality in terms of Ayurvedic products, 
the name Shahnaz is likely to be in the same thought, or sentence.


Descriptions of the following products are in the text of this webpage  (in this order):


Shahnaz Husains Beauty Book
Author----Shahnaz Husain

The uncrowned queen of India's beauty industry Shahnaz Husain is as exotic as her name.
 Shahnaz Husain combines ancient herbal remedies with scientific techniques very effectively.

code:  BK786 -SHAHNAZ HUSAIN'S BEAUTY BOOK - $16.95 / SPEC = $14.95

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          Nature:  the expert cosmetologist
          Indian herbal heritage
          The miracle of henna
          Plant products for beauty
          Beauty from the kitchen shelf
          Structure of the skin
          Skin Type
          Daily care for dry skin
          Moisture:  the skin's basic need
          Nourishing the skin with herbs
          Cleansing of oily skins
          Care of combination skins
          Acne:  prevention and treatment
          Unmask your beauty
          Skin rejuvenation
          Skin years
          The pigmentation problem
          Sun vs skin
          Some common beauty problems
          The phenomenon of vitamin E
          Seaweed therapy
          Natural beauty aids in ancient India
          Nature's cosmetic care and Natural beauty aids
          Structure of the hair
          Hair types
          Dandruff is dangerous
          The trauma of hair loss
          Hair dyeing
          Tips on hair conditioning
          Herbs for hair
          Optical illusion
          Brown is beautiful
          Balance your diet with natural foods
          Advantages of raw foods
          How to stay thin
          Fasting for health
          Get into shape
          Correct breathing:  nature's key to good health
          Re-posture yourself
          Mystery of sleep
          All about stress
          What women must know
          Beautiful mother-to-be
          Cosmetic care for men
          Grooming the groom

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Shahnaz Husain is India's
sacred goddess of Beauty......
Jardin Desmondes, Paris, France

Shahnaz Husain is an Internationally recognized authority in Herbal Cosmetics. 
The crowds she drew were so phenomenal that  ---
she was asked to stop the herbal demonstration for fear of roof collapse.
Shahnaz Husain is a name to reckon with.  To her exclusively goes the credit 
of bringing the therapeutic values of herbs out of the mist of antiquity and 
combining them with scientific research and practice.  Shahnaz Husain 
has done so much for India's image in the West that she has earned the sobriquet of the country's "Beauty ambassador"
What stuns you on your first meeting with Shahnaz Husain is 
not her personality but the spiritual charisma she exudes.

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cactus aloe and lemon rehydrant cream

An effective moisturizing and cleansing formula.  Removes deep seated impurities and bacteria.
Gives the skin a satin smooth feeling.  Recommended for normal to dry skin.

Use:  apply all over the face, neck and hands.
Gently massage in circular movements.  Remove with moist cotton wool.

ingredients:  melia azzadirachta, gelidium cartilagineum, daucus carota, aloe indica, cream base.


Sandalwood cleansing milk

A very effective cleansing lotion that removes dead epithelial cells and pollutants.
Helps to keep skin spotless and belmish-free.
Controls oiliness of the skin and restores the right moisture balance to the skin.

use:  apply on fade and neck in light circular movements.  Wash off or remove with moist cotton wool.

ingredients:  china clay, eucalyptus globulus, citrus medica, coriander sativum, antalum album, cream base.


Date enriched Skin Toner

A powerful herbal astringent. Protects skin from atmospheric pollution and micro organisms.
Deep cleanses skin giving it a smooth and spotless look.  Its application results in a youthful look.

use:  Dab on nicely to tone and porcelain skin.  Use as required.
Use it to clean the face before applying Shapeel Apricot Honey Peel Off Mask.

ingredients:  Pterocarpus santanlinus, antatum, album Sapindus trifloialus,
Rose Oil, Phoenix dactylifera, purified water. 


Moisturing Milk

An extraordinary light-textured fluid that counteracts 2 levels.  It replanishes moisture immedately
easing the feeling of discomfort and helps skin regain its optimal mositure balance.

use:  Apply all over face neck and arms.  Can be used under make-up to give the face a dewy look.
Its use in combination with SHABASE is recommended.

ingredients: Vegetable Oil,  Bees Wax, Buchanania latifolia, Cassia tora, Santalum albumn, Purified Water.

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Protective Cream

Protects the skin from atmospheric pollution while keeping it moist and youthful.
Helps to keep skin free from blemishes and spots.  Improves skin lustre.

use:  Apply all over the face and neck and hands.
Its use is combination with SHABASE is recommended for normal to oily skin.

ingredients:  Oil of Jasminum grandiflorum, Rubia cordifolia, Cassia fistula, Oil of Santalum album, Cream Base


Seashell all Purpose Cream

An excellent all-purpose cream that may be used for regular moisturizing of skin.
Excellent as a hand conditioning cream.

use:  Use sparingly.  Apply evenly.  Leave on.

ingredients: Rubia cordifolia, Triticumsativum, Acorus calamus,
Oil of Santalum album, Power of Sea Shell, Cream Base.


Vitaminize Nourising Cream

This cream, rich in emollients and essential ingredients, gives an immediate lift to dull and dehydrated skin.  Leaves skin looking lutrous and youthful.

use:  Massage into skin gently using upwards strokes at bed time.
Leave on for 5 minutes.  Remove with moist cotton wool.

ingredients:  Cassia tora, Andropogon muricatus, Jasminum grandiflorum, Ash of Turbinella rapa, Cream Base.


Almond Undereye Cream

Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles from under eyes.
Makes eye area look healthy and youthful.

use:  Apply sparingly around the eyes.  Leave on for a few minutes.  Remove gently with moist cotton wool.
Do not leave on overnight.  If sensitive, discontinue use.

ingredients:  Melia azzadirachta, Potassil carbonas, Oil of Prunus amygdalus, Buchanania latifolia, Cream Base. 

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Fairness Cream

Useful for removing scar marks and deep pigmentation.  Removes dead cells making skin fair and smooth.

use:  Apply on problem areas in the afternoon or evening.  Leave on.

Note:  Do not expose face to sun.  If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediatley.

ingredients:  Mesa ferrea, Andropogon muricatus, Wrightia tinctoria,
Ash of Zincum, Sandal Wood Oil, Cream Base.

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Firming Cream

An intensivity rich yet non-oily hydrator that is quickly aborbed into the skin.
Helps restore skin elasticity and firmness.  Promotes a feeling of smoothness and silkiness.

use:  Apply on neck, arms and body.  It is excellent as a hand and neck cream.  It is excellent as a
hand and neck cream.  Massage in gently after bath on the body/bust as a firming cream.
Use it on stretch marks after bath for a smooth and growing skin.

ingredients:  Rubia cordifolia, Manshila Paste, Hemidismus, Sea Shell Powder, Cream Base.


Protein Mask

An effective combination of herbalingredients to tighten skin pores, cleanse the skin and promote
blood circulation to the epidermal cells.  Revitalizes, smoothens and porcelains the skin.

use:  Apply all over face and neck.  Avoid eye area.  Allow it to dry.  Wash off preferably with milk, then water.

ingredients:  Ash of Zincum, Lens esculenta, Quercus infectoria, Egg Powder, Croton tiglium, Purified Water.


Apricot Honey Peel Off Mask

Cleansing and moisturizing mask.  Very effective in removing wrinkles, deep seated pollutants
and bacteria.  Makes the skin lustrous and smooth.

use:  Clean the face with SHAROSE.  Apply thin layer on the skin.
Leave on till dry.   Avoid eye area.  Peel off gently.

ingredients:  Gum of Acacia arabica, Aegle marmelos, Honey, Sandalwood Oil,
Phoenix dactylifera, Prunus armeniaca, Purified Water.


Precious Herb Mask

An effective herbal preparation to control wrinkles and remove deep seated micro organisms
and impurities from skin.  Also removes dead epitheleal cells.  Helps reduce the appearance
of blemishes and breakouts, keeping the skin smooth and youthful.

use:  Should be applied all over the face, neck and hands.
 Let dry and wash off.  Avoid eye area.  Can be applied every day.

ingredients:  Tritcum sentivum, Aegle marmelos, Rubia cordifolia, Honey,
Ocimum sanctum, Oil of Santalum album, Gum and Purified Water.

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Fruit Collection

An Ayurvedic formulation which helps to remove skin eruptions and dead cells from the body surface.
Improves skin texture and helps to tighten the skin and nourish it.

use:  Gently rub on face, neck or any other part of the body for 5 minutes, using circular movements.
Leave on for 10 minutes, wash off with water.

ingredients:  Rubia cordiforia, Cassia tora, Prunus puddum, Celasterus peniculatus, Curcuma longa, Cream Base.


Body Satin Sandalwood Cleanser

An effective herbal preparation for body cleansing.  Prevents dryness of skin and the dehydrating effect of soap.  Refreshes skin, making it healthy.

use:  Pour 4 tsp or more of body cleanser into bath tub for foaming effect or onto washcloth.
Soak for 15 minutes.  Shower off.

ingredients:  Sapindus trifoliatus, Holarhena antidysenterica, Sandal Wood Oil, Myricanagi, Purified Water.


After Bath Body Lotion

A unique herbal lotion that soaks in quickly to help restore skin elasticity and firmness.
Nourishes and softens the epidermal layer.
Gives the skin a comfortable silky smooth feeling without oiliness.

use:  Wipe body dry.  Apply all over like moisturizer.

ingredients:  Withania somnifera, Curcuma amada,
Holarrhena antidysenterica Seed ext., Sandal Wood Oil, Cream Base.

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Precious Herbal Hair Oil

Prevents flaking and provides a soothing effect on the scalp.
Nourishes and promotes the growth of healthy and lustrous hair.  Excellent hair conditioner.

use:  To be applied at night before sleeping.  Apply with cotton wool.

ingredients:  Hydrocotyle asiatica, Emblica officinalis,
Acacia cincinna, Lawsonia alba, Santalum album, Vegetable Oil.

 (out of stock, sorry)

Precious Herb Hair and Scalp Cleanser

For Normal Hair:

A scalp and hair cleanser that removes flakes and prevents the breaking of hair.
Nourishes follicles, promoting the growth of healthy hair, controlling hair loss.

use:  Wet hair.  Apply SHAMLA.  Work out rich lather.  Rinse off.  Use as required.

ingredients: Sapindus trifoloatus, Aegle marmelos, Emblica officinalis, Premna integrifolia, Purified Water.

 (out of stock, sorry)

Herbal Hair Cleanser/Conditioner

For all Types of Hair:

Tones up scalp and hair.  Helps arrest hair fall.  Reduces flaking and helps growth of hair.
Built in hair conditioner makes the hair lustrous and easy to mantage.
Improves dry damaged hair with split ends by maintaining mositure balance.

use:  Rub into wet hair and massage well into the scalp.
Wrap hot towel around head and wash hair after 15 minutes.

ingredients:  Sapindus trifoliatus, Eslipta alba, Hydrocotyle asiatica,
Prunus puddum, Gum of Acacia arabica, Purified Water.


Hair Gel

This non greasy gel helps in maintaining the hair style abd keeping the hair well groomed.

use:  Apply to dry or damp hair with finger tips or a comb.
Allow to dry naturally or with heat.  Moisten hair for restyling.

ingredients:  Gum of Acacia arabica, Nardostachys jatamansi, Aegle marmelos,
Trigomella foenumgraecum, Hibiscus rosasinensis, Gelidium cartilagineum, Camomile, Purified Water.


A Powerful Ayurvedic Precious Herb Therapy for Peace of Mind

use:  Apply sparingly on pulse spots, temple, forehead, inner wrist and behind earlobes.
Avoid eye area.

ingredients:  Spearmint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Santalum album, Gaultheria fragratissima, Cream Base.

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Special (Close out) on Shahnaz Products
50% off

Shahnaz is a company from New Dehli, India that makes probably the highest quality ayurvedic cosmetics in the world.  They have been in business for quite a number of years, and when one thinks of Quality in terms of Ayurvedic products, the name Shahnaz is likely to be in the same thought or sentence.

We have in our posession Shanaz product manufactured in May, 1994.  This product has a stamp on the product saying that the product expires 3 years from the manufacture date.

Those who have been using the product for years have noticed that the quality of this "expired" product is still of the utmost quality, is still "fresh", and is still very effective in doing what it is supposed to do.

We have had this product for a few months, and have no complaints that the product was bad. 

We stand behind the quality of these Shanaz products. & offer a
Money Back Guarantee
if not completely satisified with the quality of the product ! 

If you want fresh product, you may wish to contact them at e-mail:
Their corporate office is :  M-64A Greater Kailash - I, New Delhi- 110048 India
 shahnaz husain home page

here is a link to an article on Shahnaz Husain from 1998:
Shahnaz newspaper article

$6.00 total shipping per order for all products from us.
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Special on Shanaz Products
50% off all products on this page.
(manufactured May, 1994.
expiration date on products is 3 years from date manufactured.) 
I use these products myself.  They are great products, and we offer a money back guarantee on them, if you are not satisfied with their freshness !

code Product size reg 50% off
BK876 Shahnaz Husain's Beauty Book
16.95 14.95
SHZ01 SHAFLOWER After Bath Body Lotion  200 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ02 SHABATH Body Cleanser (Sandal)  200 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ03 SHAPEEL Mask (Honey/Apricot)  80 gm 23.95 12.00
SHZ04 SHAROSE Skin Toner (Date Enrich) 200 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ05 SHAPEACH Firming Cream 40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ06 SHAMOON Cleansing Milk (Sandal) 80 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ07 SHAMOIST Moisturizing Milk  80 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ08 SHACLEANSE Cream (Catus,Aloe,Lem 40 gm 21.95 11.00
SHZ09 SHATEX Protein Mask  130 gm 21.95 11.00
SHZ10 SHASILK Protective Cream 40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ11 SHAYOUTH Precious Herb Mask  90 gm 20.95 10.50
SHZ12 SHASMOOTH Undereye Cream (Almond)  40 gm  21.95 11.00
SHZ13 SHACREAM Seashell All-Purp Cream 40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ14 SHALIFE Vitamin Nourishing Cream 40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ15 SHAMLA Hair Cleanser (out of stock, sorry) 200 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ16 SHAGROW Hair Cleanser/Conditioner  (out of stock, sorry) 200 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ17 SHAROOT Hair Gel (Non Greasy)  40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ18 SHALOCKS Precious Herbal Hair Oil 200 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ19 SHAPEACE Ayurvedic Herb Therapy  15 gm 9.95 5.00
SHZ20 SHAFAIR Fairness Cream 40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ21 HERB BASE  40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ22 HERBMOIST 80 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ23 HERBMOON  80 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ24 HERBFAIR  40 gm 16.95 8.50
SHZ25 HERBSHEEN 150 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ26 BABY SKIN CREAM  40 gm 17.95 9.00
SHZ27 BABY MASSAGE OIL 150 ml 16.95 8.50
SHZ28 BABY DUSTING POWDER  30 gm 11.95 6.00
SHZ29 BABY HAIR CLEANSER 150 ml 17.95 9.00
SHZ30 FRUIT COLLECTION - SHAGROW  100 ml 11.95 6.00
SHZ31 FRUIT COLLECTION - SHACLEAN  100 ml 17.95 9.00
SHZ34 FP PRIMROSE JASMINE Hair Oil  200 ml 20.95 10.50
SHZ35 FP SPANISH JASMINE Scalp Cleanser  200 ml 20.95 10.50
SHZ36 FP ROSEMARY Hair Cleanser  200 ml 20.95 10.50
SHZ37 FP CHINESE HIBISCUS Anti-Dandruff  200 ml 17.95 9.00
SHZ38 FP WILD BASIL Hair Treatment Ge 40 gm 17.95 9.00
SHZ39 FP FRILLED BEGONIA Peel-Off Cream 100 gm 23.95 12.00
SHZ40 FP PINK LOTUS Skin Treatment Base 40 gm 17.95 9.00
SHZ41 FP MORNING GLORY Skin Shine Antis  40 gm 17.95 9.00
SHZ42 FP WHITE WATER LILY Rehydrant 200 ml 27.95 14.00
SHZ43 FP WHITE ROSE & SANDAL Shower Gel  250 ml 25.95 13.00
SHZ44 FP ENGLISH DAISY After Bath Lotn.  250 ml 25.95 13.00
SHZ45 FP HOLLY HOCK Skin Rejuvinator  100 gm 23.95 12.00
SHZ46 FP EGYPTIAN LOTUS Night Nourisher 40 gm 17.95 9.00
SHZ33 SUN COLLECTION - SHASOOTH  40 gm 20.95 10.50
SHZ47 SUN COLLECTION - SHABLOCK 40 gm 20.95 10.50
SHZ48 SUN COLLECTION - SHASCREEN  40 gm 20.95 10.50

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