Relax Sauna helps with sleeping issues.

Nancy has had her sauna for about 3 months.  She had been debating about whether to get a wooden sauna or the Relax sauna and decided on the Relax sauna because it heats up faster and takes up less  space. She does it every evening since it is very relaxing and she sleeps so much better.  Her husband has sleep issues and, now that he is using the sauna, he also sleeps well.  Her daughter has Lyme disease and is beginning to notice some improvement since she, too, is now able to sleep.  Nancy notices that with this sauna she releases an oily sweat that she had not experienced with other saunas.  She follows her session with a cold, then warm shower.  She feels better when she does it every day.  She gets a lot of shoulder pain from so much typing and it goes away when she uses it.