In this video Momentum 98's store owner explains the healing benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna

Phillip Wilson is introducing the Relax family of far infrared products at the Momentum 98 health store in Columbus, Ohio.  The portable Relax sauna is a great sauna, coming in a sit-up version and a lie-down version..  What makes it unique is that the radiator's they use in their 200 watt lamp, which can be directed to the eyes or an ear or the throat or especially over the liver, have four semi-conductor chips, the Sky Eye radiator, which is considered by the FDA as a medical device, has 20 semi-conductor chips, and the Relax sauna has two of the Sky Eye radiators that have 20 semi-conductor chips each.  The semi-conductor chips are able to turn electricity into the far infrared healing light.  In Taiwan, where the Relax saunas are made, they have been shown to generate 98% far infrared healing energy. The best way to describe far infrared energy is to imagine going outside on a cold winter's day with a warm coat on and feeling the warmth of the sun penetrate through your coat and throughout your whole body.  Or, consider how far infrared energy penetrates through the air and through the sand, resonating with the cells of a turtle egg, to activate the embryo of the turtle egg, causing it to generate and create a turtle inside which will then eventually hatch.  Without the sun’s far infrared ray energy the turtle egg would lay dormant. 

The Relax sauna works in 30 seconds.  In 30 seconds you start to feel it, in five minutes you feel great, in eight minutes you start sweating, in 15 minutes you are dripping, in 20 minutes you are drenched. People love the Relax sauna because it works well. There are four pages of information on the medical facts on far infrared energy on the website.  However, the following is what makes the Relax sauna unique.  

People prefer them over wooden infrared saunas or other brands of infrared portable saunas and buy the Relax sauna instead.  Other portable saunas may look similar, but it's how a Chevy Chevette sort of looks like a Mercedes when you see it from a distance.  The Relax saunas have a silver-lined reflective nylon tent. No plastic is used in the sauna. The silver is embedded in the nylon with a cotton batting and makes it reflective like a mirror so the infrared energy comes out of the radiator and bounces around inside like a light box, making it work very effectively.   People who have tried the cheaper portable saunas from China, using corrugated plastic, find that they take 10 to 15 minutes to warm up, take 50 minutes to work up a good sweat and some never sweat because the sauna doesn't get hot enough.  Some of those saunas, that don't get hot enough, put a space heater inside, which is a very harsh source of heat, which one woman in California said taxed her adrenals.  People have found that the Relax sauna is by far the most effective sauna on the market.  People who have wooden saunas call the store and ask why people who have wooden saunas purchase the Relax sauna.  When they are told that wooden saunas take 15 to 30 minutes to heat up and the Relax sauna heats up in 30 seconds, they say . “Bingo.  Here’s my credit card.  I want your sauna.”  People find that when they have a sauna that heats up quickly they tend to use it more often.

We have gone to about a dozen alternative doctor and health professional conferences a year for the last 12 years.  We are becoming very popular and are known for having a quality sauna.  You can go to, call the store at 800 533-4372 or talk to Phil personally on his cell at 626 200-8454.  We thank you for taking the time to view this video and look forward to hearing from you.