Bernard tries the relax sauna to ale an issue he had due to a stroke.....very good review!

Bernard had a stroke about a year ago. It was a stroke in the cerebellum that is leaving a tingling sensation in his right side. It has been slowly starting to go away but the tingling is still in his limbs.  After just 10 minutes of sitting in the sauna, the tingling in his limbs started to go away.  The tingling in his face had already gone away but, even after a whole year, the very uncomfortable tingling in his limbs has still been there.  He also noticed that the tingling in his hands and fingers was going away as he sat in the sauna.  He said that the tingling in his skin feels as though someone had slept him as hard as they could and tingling would not go away.  He says the tingling stings.  Later, he got into the sauna for five more minutes and felt the pain was completely gone. and he felt like he used to feel.  He also felt a rejuvenating feeling, similar to how he used to feel after playing ball.  He says he plans on getting one and that he is a very happy camper.  He also feels it will be good for his cardio-vascular system.