Sarit has owned a Relax Sauna for over a year and fully loves it~!

Sarit and her husband had gotten a Relax sauna three years ago.  She uses it about two or three times a week and when she's not feeling well she uses it to detox and to stay warm in the cold Chicago winters.  “I love it and we use it a ton.”  She used to take very hot baths to soothe sore muscles but now that she has the sauna she doesn't need to do that and she can now take lukewarm baths which are much better for her body.  Her husband loves the sauna and likes the health benefits of just sweating and detoxing out.  “It’s fantastic.”  With three little kids, colds used to get passed around a lot but since using this sauna they don't have that happen anymore.  When she feels achy and not 100%, she goes to the right to the sauna and knocks it out.  “We love it.”