Relax Sauna For Vitality.

Halle came around to use the sauna repeatedly because she was so exhausted and drained, extremely fatigued from having been at the expo all day, and it made her feel so uplifted.  “Just amazing - it feels so comfortable and relaxing and I could have my clothes on.  Love it, I just love it.”  Feeling great with more energy, she felt like it was waking up in the morning again.  She said that in the Relax sauna she did not feel the side effects she usually experiences like lightheadedness and dizziness.  There is no comparison she says.  She cannot go into other saunas.  Her doctors have been wanting her to use a far infrared sauna and she has really been wanting to detox but no others worked.  She was so touched when she experienced the Relax sauna she had tears in her eyes.  “I am so touched and excited right now. Every time I come back I’m brand new!”  She can’t wait until it is shipped to her.