Drew reports that the Relax Sauna is a perfect solution for him in his home, having known for a long time the importance of Far Infrared Therapy in his life


 Drew has been in the Health and Wellness industry for several years and their specialty is combating global toxicity.  Their research has shown how critical infrared saunas are.  His house is littered with toys so he was immediately drawn to how compact this sauna is.  It could fit into their walk-in closet.  With 3 kids and a full-time job he does not have the time to wait for a traditional sauna unit to heat up.  As soon as he walked into the room he knew that was the one.
He says it is another great step in human detoxification which is so critical.  People don’t realize what we ingest on a daily basis in our food, air and water and to have a unit like this to help with detoxification is as important as any supplement program or anything else out there.  He feels the wooden far infrared saunas take too long and he appreciates that he can be in the Relax sauna for a few minutes with his clothes on, experience benefits and not have to towel off.  He says that it’s the little things that add up during the day that interfere with our ability to take care of ourselves so something this easy is a no-brainer in his opinion. 

Even though he was having a blast running around meeting people all day about the release of their new book, it was also stressful and he had been feeling achy and had a headache.  After 4 minutes in the sauna he sad he was feeling really good.  He had done the sauna for 10 minutes the day before and said he slept better that night than he had in months.
He co-wrote a book with his father, Peter Greenlaw, on the cutting edge utilizing some old school techniques, such as immunotherapy, to heal the body that the authors feel could change the world and the medical profession forever.  The forward is written by Dr. John Gray, Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.  He said he feels humbled to work with so many people who have the same vision.