Karen who is a massage therapist really loves her sauna and explains what the main differences are.

Karen is a licensed massage therapist. She tried the sauna and was pleased to feel the heat within 30 seconds all around her whole body.  “It's really awesome that it just envelops you and makes you feel good.”  She went home that evening and felt a bit of a detox reaction, so she sat in the sauna again the next day at the trade show and “Boom, It revived me back to life.”  And she was able to finish out the day.  She came back to the booth to report to Phillip how she felt.  

She says that she has been in far infrared wooden saunas before and that the comparison is like night and day. She says you don't feel the same even heat, the same heat capacity, that they are not as warm and that the Relax sauna is 100% different in a good way.  “You gotta go this way.”  She says that they take too long to heat up and everyone is so busy these days and that, “This heats up so quickly, it gets it done, you’re out, you’re on your way, back to normal life and not have to worry about the time, time, time.”  She had been in the wooden saunas  about three or four times but they didn't impress her so she felt like why bother.  Her first response about the Relax sauna was, “Awesome." Because the sauna helps elevate mood she's ready to start using it all the time.