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Relax far infrared saunas

We will be at the World Massage Festival
May 7-10, 2017
Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort
Cherokee, North Carolina
We would love for you to come visit us

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The Massage Festival Mission Statement: To honor those who built the bridges for our profession,
to educate the general public about massage, to educate therapists
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Relax Sauna’s High Levels of Far Infrared Energy, 95% to 100%,  Levels Which Other FIR Saunas Do Not Emit, Neutralizes EMF Energy. 

The Health Benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna.

Click here to listen to the owner of Momentum98, Phil Wilson explain the benefits of far infrared.

Phil has had a health food store in Columbus Ohio since 1980 which is now known as Momentum98.  He has been into holistic health since 1971 when he started fasting. Prior to that his diet started improving and he noticed that his body chemistry stated changing and his thinking and his feelings started changing.  He had been a thinker with an honors degree from the University of Indiana.  He was thinker not a feeler.  The book, Narcissus and Goldman by Hermann Hesse talks about the journey of moving to a more balanced state, that of moving from being a thinker to more of a feeler.  One of his favorite sayings is, “Thinking without feeling brings about woe and feeling without thinking brings grief.”  This is a quote by Paul Twitchel. 

This is related to the Relax Sauna because when you go into it and you feel the energy, it takes a level of receptiveness to lay down your guard and just relax into it. 

The Relax sauna has a radiator in it that is the same one as is in the Far Infrared Relax Sky Eye Radiator, which the FDA has certified as a medical device.  It has the same healing energies that the Relax sauna has, which has the equivalent of two of those. “Upon application the decrease in inflammation is remarkably fast.”

A lady was in a hospital for a year and a half with a diabetic ulcer.  When one has diabetes, the blood gets thicker from too much sugar.  The energy from the far infrared energy interacts with the water molecules in the body and causes them to vibrate faster and shrink in size, promoting better blood flow.   After using the far infrared Relax radiator for 7 weeks - 20 minutes a day, the 1-1/2” x 1” ulcer was reduced to a pencil point.  If the Relax radiators can do that, imagine what they can do for us if we just want to become healthier or have fibromyalgia or have indigestion from eating the wrong foods or have hangovers, arthritis, Lyme Disease or any sort of inflammation that we can get.  This is where the miracles take place. 

Sunlight generates a vast array of frequencies such a what we see as color, as well as microwaves, x-rays, radio waves, gamma rays and near infrared rays.  It also generates the ultraviolet ray which causes sunburn as it creates a kind of resistance and friction.  The near infrared rays from such appliances as space heaters, toasters and hairdryers are also very harsh.  The far infrared ray is between 4 and 14 microns and is the the absorbable, deep penetrating energy.  We and the water molecules in the body vibrate at 9.4 microns so our bodies resonate with the far infrared energy.  We merge with it and there is no friction or resistance.  Far infrared lamps are used in incubators for premature babies so they can survive and thrive.

We, ourselves, generate about 75 watts of far infrared energy.  The saunas are called Relax saunas because this merging of energy is so relaxing.  Most people who first try the Relax sauna comment, “It feels so relaxing!”

In a similar way, Phil named his store Momentum98 because living in the moment propels you into greatness as you catch the wave of energy that you are experiencing in the moment and go with it, go with the flow.  Getting into the Relax sauna is a catalyst for getting in the moment and getting into that relaxed state.

When you are in the sun and you bask in the warmth of the heat penetrating into your body on a chilly day, that is the far infrared ray of the sun that feels so good.

Other far infrared saunas on the market emit between 20% and 60% far infrared energy and the rest is “filler” such as the near infrared ray which does not penetrate deeply. 

Momentum 98 has been distributing many products such as essential oils, Chinese herbs and Aryuvedic herbs and oxygen therapy products way before they became popular.   He was the “King of Massage Tools for a while.  The far infrared Relax sauna is the pinnacle of all they offer. 

Far Infrared vs "Full Spectrum" Infrared

The use of the term "full spectrum infrared” is a marketing tactic used by sauna manufacturers that cannot achieve the purity of infrared output in their saunas to match the Relax far infrared sauna. Far infrared is the form most absorbable by the body. For example far infrared is used in baby incubators in the hospitals, it is also used for chicken egg incubators. The Relax sauna uses the same far infrared generators that are in the Sky-Eye FDA approved medical grade far infrared lamp.

The Relax sauna generates 95-98% pure far infrared. Other saunas on the market do not have the technology to put out this level of purity and so they simply call it "full spectrum" infrared. Near infrared is the harsher form that some call "toaster oven" or “hair dryer” energy. Your body cannot absorb it as readily and so it heats the skin more rather than penetrating the body like far infrared does.

We have many customers who have owned other infrared saunas and then purchased a Relax sauna after trying one out at a show or at our store.
Here is the testimonial of a former Therasage user who switched to the Relax sauna.

Here is a page from our new website explaining how the Relax Sauna is different than other saunas.

Feel free to email or call us if you have any more questions. 614-262-7087.
Order online at

Autism Expert says Relax Sauna is By Far the Best Choice


Wooden vs Relax Sauna Testimonials

Relax sauna owner / Athlete review / We use it every day! - IT'S MY FAVORITE

NASA doctor Recommends Relax Far Infrared

Doctor, Author, Lectures on TV and Radio REALLY LOVES the Sauna

Massage therapists love the Relax sauna
Many massage therapists have reported that having their clients use the Relax sauna before a message is a great way to loosen their muscles and make the massage that much better.

"Clients love it because it helps them relax and reduces their pain".

Transcription below

Phillip    And your name is?

Lauren   I’m Lauren.

Phillip    You got in the sauna about five or 10 minutes ago.

Lauren   Right.

Phillip   The Relax sauna. Tell me your experience.

Lauren   My muscles feel looser, I put my hand inside and my sinuses cleared up some. I sweated some but it wasn't an uncomfortable sweat at all like a normal sauna. This is more of a to-the-bone, to-the-core heat that just feels really good.

Phillip    Good. And you are working with a company that does carpal tunnel.

Lauren   I am.  I do carpal tunnel coaching and I think that this would be a great product for people who have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Phillip    Why is that?

Lauren   Because I think it will release some of the tension in the muscles, which may also reduce the inflammation if you have inflammation, which is causing pressure on the median nerve which may help your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Phillip    Of course, yeah. You know, one thing that we tell people about the sauna is that it's remarkably quick in getting rid of inflammation.

Lauren    It does feel really quick, yes, yeah. It’s really cool.

Phillip    Yes.

Lauren   It's really cool!

Phillip    And you feel looser?

Lauren   I do feel looser all over.

Phillip    You didn't have any pain. You’re someone who's going from feeling good to feeling great.

Lauren   Yes, that’s right!

Phillip    That’s my way of doing it but a lot of people do have pain and it’s amazing. I’ve seen thousands of miracles.

Lauren   I can believe it and I can see why. I can FEEL why.

Phillip    Right, exactly. Can you feel the penetrating heat?

Lauren   I can, I feel it all the way to my bone somehow. I feel it through the skin, through the muscles, and into my bones, yeah.

Phillip    In a regular sauna, do you ever experience that?

Lauren   No, in the regular sauna it feels like it's just my skin. I feel like it’s just me sweating. My pores are opening up and normally my head feels uncomfortable, but my head doesn't feel uncomfortable in this.

Phillip    You’re a happy camper.

Lauren   I am a happy camper!  I can take this camping with me.

Phillip    This is the Relax sauna and people can find out more about this at  We are at the Florida State Massage Therapy Show. You’re a massage therapist?

Lauren   I am - 10 years.

Phillip    Do you suspect that if we put people in this for about five minutes and then you massaged them, do you think you would be able to do a better job?
Lauren   Yeah, I think they would be a lot looser and ready for their massage.

Phillip    Well, thanks so much, Lauren. I'm going to turn you off now.

Lauren   Thank you.

Far Infrared saunas are different than regular saunas in that the far infrared penetrates into the body and provides many benefits. Including;

Lose weight - via increased circulation(by increasing the body’s temperature) and metabolism. Can burn up to 600 calories per session.

Improve skin quality – reduces acne, removes toxins, stimulates collagen and elastin production which reduces wrinkles.

Reduce pain and inflammation – Increased circulation makes it easier for your body to heal, especially when healing inflamed joints. We have had numerous first hand testimonials of relief of chronic pain after using the infrared sauna. Click here to see people experiencing pain relief from far infared

Reduction in the appearance of cellulite – fat cells store heavy metals and toxins in your body. Far infrared energy stimulates the release of these toxins and melts away fat.

Detoxify your body –  tests have shown that people release more than twice as much arsenic and other toxins out of their urine after using the Relax sauna. The sauna increases your release of toxins through both your urine and sweat.

Oxygenates the blood - increases nitric oxide production which reduces blood clots and plaque formation, also fights infection

Heats up faster than a wooden sauna - the Relax Far Infrared Sauna heats up in only 30 seconds

Sanitary - self cleaning. Zip it up and run for 5 minutes to self clean.

Portable and space saving - breaks down in less than 5 minutes and fits into a convenient carrying bag.

Time saving - get a complete sweat session in only 20 minutes which is about half the time of a regular wooden sauna.

Lower blood pressure - the infrared sauna increases blood flow and scientific evidence shows that over time this reduces blood pressure

Here is a more recent page on the sauna

Here is a page of video testimonials

Relax sauna literature page

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