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relax far infrared sauna  
(FIR stands for  Far Infrared Ray Light)



We just uploaded a number of interviews that we have done this year (2011)
at various professional and consumer Expos we have been to.
A number of these individuals were just in the sauna 5 minutes to 15 minutes, and gave us glowing reports about their experiences in the Relax Sauna.

Quite a few people came up to us, raving about how much they have enjoyed the relax sauna  in the last few years after they first purchased the Relax Sauna from us, and wanted to tell us how much they were enjoying their Relax Saunas.

The conglomeration of all of these interviews could be the nuts and bolts of
an incredible infomercial.    These are live, real responses from real people.

I personally have exhibited the Relax Sauna at about 150-200 holistic health expos
and health professional shows over the last 5-7 years.

All over the world, the public is becoming aware of the incredible healing benefits
of far infrared technology and far infrared saunas.

In the last year or two, more and more people are coming up to me, exclaiming to me,
that the Relax Sauna is the Best sauna out there.

They have tried portable other portable saunas, and were not pleased with the results.
They have tried good quality wooden FIR Saunas, and have found that besides the Relax Sauna being felt almost immediately, there are a dozen other reasons that they prefer the Relax Sauna to the other wooden saunas they have experienced.

Listen to these short YouTube Videos.

The following Doctors and Health Professionals
describe their experiences with the Relax Sauna.

Dr. Lionel was one of the first to buy a relax far infrared sauna from us (7 years ago).  He still
loves the Relax Sauna, and finds it one of the best aquisitions he has ever bought.
Dr. Wayne feels better and sleeps incredibly well using the sauna 25 min 3-4 x a week.
Marci does lymph massage at an acupunturist clinic - incredible results using the Relax Sauna 1st.
Kris is an acupunturist who recognized immediately everything we say about the Relax Sauna
Jennifer, acupuncture student, found a home in the Relax Sauna. She loves the Sauna.
A Doctor from New York  talks about the Relax Sauna helping him with a sleep disorder.

The following individuals have had the Relax Sauna for many years,
and describe so many of the benefits they have derived since getting their sauna.
AnnaLisa weighed about 88 lbs about 7 years ago when she asked her doctor
to get the Relax Sauna for their clinic so that she could use it everyday.  She is well, now.
Anna Lisa excitedly talks about how wonderful the Relax Sauna was on her journey to now,
and also points out how special the Relax Sauna is compared to other FIR Saunas.
Katy has had the relax sauna for 1 year.  She absolutely raves about it for about 3 minutes !
The Relax Sauna helps her in the morning to feel alive and awake.
Katy used to have a less expensive sauna that took so long for her to just start sweating.
So she was not using it, and then gave it away after getting the Relax Sauna.

Enoch bought the Relax Sauna from us 3 years ago.  He says the Relax Sauna is
great for getting rid of back pain and for circulation issues.
Elizabeth bought a Relax Sauna from us in 2010.  She loves the sauna, and shares her
excitement with the many different ways the sauna has improved the quality of her life.
Robert bought a sauna from us, and tells how it gets rid of his knee pain all of the time.
Karla sleeps better, her mood is enhanced, it energizes her.  She bought the Relax Sauna
2 years ago, and uses it pretty much 30 minutes every afternoon.

The following individuals just bought the Relax Sauna , are very excited about their purchase,
and they describe the benefits they just experienced  5-10 minutes, which inspired them to buy.
Anita bought the Relax sauna at expo.  This is her  next day comments - worth every penny !
Rachael was excited to experience her fibromyalgia pain subsiding when using the
 Relax Sauna at Anaheim, and loves the idea of the Relax Sauna being so portable.
This New York couple experienced a tremendous looseness in the neck and back.  The hands
became softer, and they are so excited about taking the Sauna home with them.

The following individuals experienced benefits of relief from being in the Relax Sauna
for just a few minutes.  Here are their comments about their 1 experience.
 Liberty was amazed that the extreme pain in her tail bone was totally gone.
Susan was very pleased that her pain disappeared after being in the sauna for a few minutes.
Bertha - used sauna at expo - had just had hip replacement - great difference
Anne was totally amazed to find her joint discomfort and swelling gone after a few minutes.
Fibromyalgia pain gone.  Hyperthyroid problems resolved. Incredible energy after using sauna.
Melissa felt in her core that her internal organs were being massaged in a loving way.
Atalie & Tara both loved the Relax Sauna. They could feel the negative energy draining,
and now had enough energy to listen to a 2 hour talk. 
Fibromyalgia pain gone.  Hyperthyroid problems resolved. Incredible energy after using sauna.
Frozen shoulder pain gone, and this lady is able to lift her arm much higher after 5 minutes.
Coerced into using the Relax Sauna, this English lady's  back pain went away.

The following individuals experienced "WONDERFULNESS" in the Relax Sauna
for just a few minutes.  Here are their comments about their 1 experience.
Harry found that being in the relax sauna was more than a beautiful experience !
Tania felt so energized (& Relaxed & Cleansed) from being in the Relax Sauna for just a few minutes.
It is like getting a massage from the inside out, and the muscles are just relaxing.
Geosiph & his wife found the Relax Sauna Soooo Relaxing at anti-aging expo.
Krisanga finds his experience in the Relax Sauna as Incredibly Enjoyable + more !
Then You can Listen to some of the short interviews of Phil Wilson (me)


Michele Pierson interviews Phil Wilson at the Raw Spirit Fest, Maryland, August, 2009.
Michele is very wet after experiencing the Relax Sauna for 20 minutes.
Another user floating on the clouds, feeling like they are in heaven
People tell us it gets rid of aches & pains, helps with heavy metal toxicity, etc.
Explanation of how the Far Infrared Light interacts with Your Water molecules.
People feel Great when they experience being in the Sauna for just 2-5 minutes.
"Fantastic and Invigorating," Michelle Adds
Relax Sauna has a higher level of technology than even the wooden saunas.
Basking in Divine Love (Healing Light) - gets rid of darkness, dark moods & heavy metals.
Relax Sauna company has been in business for 33 years.

An interview with Phil Wilson from Massage Magazine staff at the Florida Massage Expo.

Phil Wilson gives a short presentation on the Relax Sauna at the Florida State
Massage Therapy Show in July, 2010 in Orlando, Florida.

You can also watch these videos on youtube.

Videos produced by the Relax Sauna company Headquarters in Taiwan:
A Scientific explanation of the  Benefits of using the Relax Far Infrared Sauna
& understanding how it works

A 7 minute video on setting  up the Relax Sauna in 3 minutes !

Fox and Friends Sunday Sept. 27  - 2 min 37 second
interview with Dr. Svetlana Kogan

Doctor Svetlana Kogan, MD,  the Founder of Doctors at Trump Place (DTP), 
appears regularly on  Fox TV as a consultant

Lose 600 calories in 15 minutes using the Relax Sauna
Used in Dr. Kogan's medical practice
Improve lymphatic drainage, lose weight, improve beauty of skin
FIR technology tremendously valuable to nerve cells, circulation, regeneration of cells
Isolating Healing energies of the sun to create FIR Energy
Article on Relax Sauna on Dr. Kogan's interview on Fox News - Losing Weight & Detoxification !

Interview of Phil Wilson by Melinda Elliott - Mind Body Spirit Expo - Philly - Oct 2009

Mayo Clinic research recommends FIR Sauna for all of their Heart Patients - 1994 study
Information on unique Reflective tent of the Relax Sauna
Experiencing the Relax Sauna - The proof is in the Pudding !
Relax Sauna - Very easy to clean ! - Self cleaning !

Melinda works with Nathan Batalion who is a
 naturopathic doctor, and has a practice in Upper Nyack, NY

Phil Wilson interview & Incredible Live Testimonials - Mind Body Spirit Expo - Philly

Relax Sauna booth at Valley Forge, Pa - October, 2009
Fantastic, Incredible, & The Relax Sauna goes where even human hands cannot go !
No shoulder pain in 2 minutes.  Pain underneith the bone.
The apple test - Relax Sauna FIR penetrates at least 1.5 inches.
Relax Sauna works on a cellular level.
Unclumps water molecules,  dilates blood vessels, & vibrates water cells.
Relax Sauna helps us more than cope with living in this toxic world.
Honest confidential expressing of one's experiences of pain relief in only 8 minutes.
Dramatic improvement of one's health.
Mercury and lead levels normal for the first time in 2.5 years.
Lost 70% of cellulite & skin looks so much prettier.
15 minutes before going to bed - Never, ever slept that good in a hotel
100% absorbable Pure Intense Far Infrared Light makes the difference.

This very well made presentaion by  the Columbus Polarity Institute is worth seeing.

Some Phil Wilson Videos Explaining how to set up the Relax Sauna

Short History of the Relax Sauna in the United States
New Version of Phil Wilson showing how to put up the Relax Sauna
This explains the hardest part of setting up the Relax Sauna:  Putting  timer on the pole.
Phil Wilson setting up the Relax Sauna
Phil Wilson taking down  the Relax Sauna

Here are some recent radio interviews of Phil Wilson:
1 hour long Radio Interviews
Truth and Freedom - May 6, 2011 - Progressive Radio Network - Bruce & Marianne Curtis
One Radio Network - March 26, 2011 - Patrick Timpone radio host
Transcription - One Radio Network Interview -  Phil Wilson by Patrick - March 26


If you would like a DVD of lectures in the United States on the Relax Sauna,
along with International snipits of information, call us at 614/262-7087 or
at 800/533-4372 ...  or use the order form below to order a DVD.
If you order a DVD and then decide to get a Relax Sauna from us,
we will rebate you the $15 you paid for your DVD.
DVD's are $10 each plus $5. per order for shipping/handling.


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National Sales - Relax Sauna Company
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Happy Relax Sauna Users
                    at Holistic Medical Conference in Minneapolis

Happy Relax Sauna Users at a holistic medical conference in Minneapolis


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