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Fall Equinox Edition

A Message from Momentum98

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A Message from the Momentum98 Staff

 “We can be sure that the greatest hope for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any situation rests within ourselves.”
~Francis J. Braceland

Greetings everyone! It’s been a few months since you’ve all seen a newsletter from us but we’ve been undergoing a few changes around the store and it’s been very busy. With things beginning to settle back down for the fall, we wanted to get back to our newsletter to let you all know what’s going on and invite you to come on in and see what we’ve been up to.

            For this edition, our fall equinox edition, it seems fitting that, with the coming of Libra, we pause to reflect a bit on the topic of balance. Every day we are presented with situations and experiences that offset our own personal equilibrium and many find themselves looking outward for different ways to regain their balance.  We search for all sorts of methods to make ourselves feel better emotionally or take away the physical pains, but very rarely do we take a closer, introspective look into ourselves. Our bodies are quite remarkable in their ability to heal and provide us with the information we need to make healthy decisions and live better lives. However, many people rather than observing how they feel and what exactly they may be putting in or doing to their bodies, choose to look for other outside explanations.

For example, say you get up late and grab your coffee, run out the door and get to work just a bit late, only to spend the next 8 hours toiling away at a job you don’t really feel fully interested in being at. You get home and have a terrible headache from all the stress of the day and rather than enjoying the time you have at home with your family, friends, or pets, you focus on how bad you feel. Certainly stress can play a big role in effecting your mode but given all the things it needs, your body is very good at coping with that stress without negatively affecting your mood or emotional state.

Perhaps the headache was actually a sign of mild dehydration due to the impact of the coffee’s caffeine and not quite enough water to balance it out. This is just one simple example but we would encourage all of you to take a closer look at your daily habits and see if there are any elements of your own life that have wandered out of balance. If so, we’re here to help!

Here at Momentum, we are privileged to get to assist our customers every day by helping them to find their own balance of what their body needs to allow them to live happier, healthier lives. Even if you feel in perfect health, we’d certainly welcome you to come on in and if nothing else, just share your own story with us. With every single person being their own unique individual, the more we get the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, the better equipped we will all be to balance our own healthy lifestyles with that of helping others find theirs!

~Momentum98 Staff


To hear more come check out our booth at one of the following upcoming shows!

American College for Advancement in Medicine Fall Confrence
Friday - Sunday November 5th - 7th in Las Vegas, NV

I Can Do It Confrence
Thursday - Sunday November 11th - 14th in Tampa, FL

What's Going on in the Store

Open House

Celebrating the Final Clintonville Farmer’s Market of 2010!

Saturday October 30th
10am – 3pm


Local Practitioners

Anthony DeLaCruz- Massage Therapist

Clinton Kiehl- Reiki Master

Mike Bogrees- Local Body Energy Work

Victoria Parks- Foot Reflexology

Jeffery Richards- Hypnotherapy

Urban Acupuncture 

Kim Kalfas- Naturopath

Portia’s Creations
Raw, Organic, & Gluten Free Dishes.

Daniel Riensenberger- Petite Boulangrie
Specializing in wood oven organic sour dough breads  

With so many practitioners, delicious culinary options, and the multitude of products we carry, there’s bound to be something for everyone! Stop in for a quick treatment or to try something new and you may just be surprised what you find. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to assist you with your shopping needs and answer any questions you might have regarding the products we have!

Featured Products

mag oilAncient Minerals Magnesium Oil
The original and still the most popular, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, contains only raw, highly concentrated, ultra pure magnesium chloride and other trace minerals drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in
Northern Europe. There are no added ingredients except those found naturally occurring in the deep underground deposits from this pristine source. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is considered the gold standard by practitioners for rapidly restoring cellular magnesium levels and is easily absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues. One teaspoon contains approximately 560mg of elemental magnesium.

mag gel
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus combines the healing power of magnesium chloride with biologically active, certified organic aloe vera extract (ACTIValoe®) in therapeutic amounts. Due to its gelled composition, this unique formulation lends itself for the ultimate applications that require tissue manipulation such as massage therapy, while still delivering high amounts of magnesium into the tissues. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus is also ideal for addressing various skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and acne, in addition to offering a broad range of benefits for skin tissue. While the benefits of aloe to the skin are well known by most, the application of magnesium chloride to the skin has shown marked benefits for enhancing skin barrier function, reducing inflammation, speeding wound healing, and augmenting skin cell hydration. Please note that this magnesium gel is unique in that is not designed to be fully absorbed into the skin.

mag bathAncient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes are the dry flakes of magnesium chloride and other naturally occurring trace minerals, in a convenient and economical form for utilization in baths and foot soaks. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes dissolved in warm water provide the user with a medicinal bath of cell restoring magnesium chloride. Some individuals with sensitive skin may prefer this method of application, rather than the more concentrated Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel or Magnesium Oil. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes are also highly effective for healing skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Soaking in magnesium salts has been shown to markedly improve skin hydration, speed wound healing, enhance skin barrier function, and decrease inflammation. One cup contains approximately 15g of elemental magnesium.

sunwarriorSun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein

Sunwarrior has the highest level of raw vegan protein available today. Their unique process yields the first complete hypoallergenic protein made from all 9 essential amino acids. It has a 98.2% digestion rating making it one of the most efficiently digestible protein products on the market. With this high rating, it can easily be ingested and absorbed by infants, the elderly, as well as adults. Clinical trials have shown that Sunwarrior Protein aids in the vitamin absorption of AIDS patients, works well to supplement a weight loss plan, and can even help control the insulin levels of diabetics. It has also shown promise of lowering cholesterol levels as well as aiding in controlling high blood pressure.

KombuchaKombucha Kvass Tea

Our locally made Kombucha Kvass is a refreshing home-crafted beverage made with age old techniques. It is brewed using pure dual-filtered waters, organic green teas, organic cane sugar plus simple fermentation from a parent Kombucha culture of symbiotic bacteria and yeasts. The origins have become lost in the mists of time though it is thought to have originated in the Far East. Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the Kombucha culture. As the Kombucha culture digests the sugar it produces a range of organic acids, vitamins (particularly vitamins B & C), amino acids, and enzymes. 
Available flavors include: Original, Goji Ginger, Black Cherry, Mango Lime, Pomegranate, and Blueberry

Ringing Cedars Series

“This Series of nine books tells the story of a remarkable woman named Anastasia, discovered in 1995 by a Siberian trader, Vladimir Megre, while he was plying the waters of the remote Ob River. Anastasia was born in the forest in 1969 to parents who died tradically when she was just a baby. Living without warm clothes, food cultivation or man-made shelter, she has survived on fruit, nuts, berries and mushrooms, brought to her by “wild” animals with which she lives in peaceful harmony. Megre initially spent three days with Anastasia during which time she displayed such astounding knowledge, power and wisdom that he abandoned his business and, at her request, began writing this series. She told him she would encode the books with an energy that would cause them to sell in the millions. Despite his lack of writing experience, this is exactly what happened. It is Anastasia’s ability to strike a chord in the heart of the reader that makes these books so very unusual. The purity and power of her words is provoking an outpouring of joy and hope in people from all walks of life.”


Relax Far Infrared Sauna
Relax Far Infrared Sauna
The one product we can't help but feature is the Relax Infrared Sauna. It is certainly a familar product for many of you that have seen our newsletters, ordered any of our products, or even just been in the store but with the astonishing results our customers have had, we want everyone to experience the energy for themselves! While it is called a sauna, it does not work in the same way sauna's as we know them work. Traditional sauna's work by heating the air around the body to force the body to utilize it's protecting reaction of sweating to cool the body and protect the vital internal organs. The Relax sauna works differently by isolating the wavelengths of light (or energy) that are most like that of our own bodies. By providing the body with this additional energy, the body produces a different sweat than the type caused by a traditional sauna. The sweat response occurs not because of a need to cool the body off but rather as the bodies way of using the extra energy to rid itself of harmful toxins and begin healing itself. For more information click on the image to view the webpage dedicated to the sauna but don't stop there, we encourage everyone to give the sauna a try and decide for yourself! We have a demo model ready for use in the store and as always, it's completely free to use so come on it and experience the wonderful healing energy of the one and only Relax Infrared Sauna!

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