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Last Updated: 10/3/2014
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Relax Far Infrared Ray Energy Sauna
relax far infrared sauna

                    showing chair and radiator
relax far infrared sauna

                  with logo on right
Relax Sauna showing Quality Chair, and Radiators near Feet
Relax Sauna with poles holding up tent, tent slightly open

medical grade sauna

The Sister product of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna  (The Sky Eye Radiator)  is a Medical Device:
FDA Documention of the 800 Watt - Relax Sky Eye Radiator being a medical device

sky eye

sky eye

                  generating healing light
Sky Eye Radiator
Sky Eye Radiator generating Resonating Far Infrared Light

Relax Sit-Up & Lie Down Saunas

Many people are being told by their doctors to get a Far Infrared Sauna since the buzz is that Far infrared Saunas are amazing at helping people get rid of pain & inflammation, as well as getting rid of toxins, including heavy metals.

The book, Detoxify or Die, by Dr. Sherry Rogers, an environmental medical doctors, spawned an industry in 2001, when it brought out scientific documentation on the benefits of  "Far Infrared Light."
                                           You can also see our brochure on the Far Infrared Medical facts. 
There are dozens of companies selling Wooden Far Infrared Saunas, and dozens selling portable saunas made in China, that are very primitive in their technology.

Many people are out there looking for a Far Infrared Sauna that works, and is affordable, and are confused by everything they see and read.   Many companies talk about their INFRARED Saunas, and then give information on What Far Infrared Light can do, when their saunas are Much LESS than 1/2 Far Infrared Energy, and are mostly "space heater" infrared energy, which does NOT penetrate deeply into the body, and thus do NOT cause the cells in the body to resonate, and hence do not create miracles.  Some of the Better Wood Saunas are closer to 50/50 - 50% near infrared "Non-resonating" Light, and 50% Far Infrared Light Energy (Energy medicine)  These can be very beneficial, but usually take 1 hour to do what the Relax Sauna can do in 15 minutes.  You can see many Youtube videos that attest to this. 
Dr. Bill Akpinar, MD, Holistic Dentist, Acupuncturist, Chi Gong Master, and much more, wrote the book:   No Sweat, Know Sweat, in 2007.   It is one of the best books on sweating.   Dr. Akpinar, 3 years after he wrote this book, was gifted a Relax FIR Sauna by a grateful patient of his.  After trying the Relax Sauna, he was very surprised how much better it felt, and how much more effective it was than other Infrared Saunas he has been in.    He has spoken at conferences for Integrative Medical Doctors, pointing out these experiences.

So many people are out there looking for a Far Infrared Sauna that works, and is affordable.

The Relax Sauna, made in Taiwan, uses a technology that took 10 years to develop.  It is highly recommended by thousands of doctors  and health professionals in the United States.

relax far infrared sauna radiator
relax far infrared sauna open tent
semi conductor chip
Relax Sauna Radiator
Relax Sauna
Relax Semi-conductor Chip

The Relax Sauna semi-conductor chip - pictured above - is the miracle worker.
There are 20 of these chips in each of the 2 Relax Sauna radiators.
Each chip transforms electricity into the exact frequency that "resonates" with human energy ---
 Thus, penetrating deeply into the human body to create core temperature increase, increase in micro-circulation, and to mobilize the lymph flow.

The Semi-conductor chips are able to take a specific alloy composed of heat components, and far infrared materials, and to generate an energy that is more than 95% far infrared energy.
Only Far Infrared Energy Resonates with Human cells, and hence Penetrates Deeply
Space Heater energy (Infrared heaters) and Hair Dryer energy  - Only get the skin and air hot.

The Relax Sauna Far Infrared Radiator - emits 95% or more Far infrared Light.
Ask what percentage of far infrared light is generated by any other sauna before you purchase.
The Relax Sauna radiator costs $895 separately. 
Panels from inexpensive portable Saunas made in China - costs about $35 to replace.
Their technology is wonderful, yet primitive.  It does not FEEL like Relax Sauna Energy.

The Relax Sauna belongs in every home !
Far Infrared Light Saunas are the wave of the future.   It is Energy Medicine.  Lives are being transformed.  
  • If your house has a Washing Machine, a Shower, a Stove, and a Refrigerator, and you  do not have a Relax Sauna in your house - What is wrong with this picture ?
A Relax Sauna belongs in every house.  It can transform your house into a HOME,  A Home, where there is a Hearth.

We are here to inspire as many as possible, and to very simply educate the public on how Far Infrared Works, and what it can do for a human body.   Dogs, cats, and Children also can benefit greatly through using a Relax Sauna regularly, and even occasionally. 

For  more information on the Relax Sauna, go to:  www.momentum98.com 

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You will be grateful that you have a Relax Sauna in Your Home, Your office, or Your Employee Lunch Room.


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