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Wellness Products, Beauty & Body Care
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pinhole glasses - regular

mist of dreams ionic mist maker
aqua wizard reverse osmosis
backsaver chair

f5000 inversion table
nedak rebounder - soft bounce

delete natural hair remover lipservice
green color therapy glasses

polar bracelet with blue stone

-Far Infrared (FIR) Products-
FIR Relax Sit-Down Portable Sauna
FIR Relax Lie-Down Sauna
FIR Relax Pro 800 Watt Radiator
FIR Relax 150 & 200 Watt Radiators
FIR Relax Bed
FIR Sauna Hothouse
FIR Table Lamps & Lovely Panda

-Air Therapy-
Air Therapy Air Freshener
Mist of Dreams - Humidifier
Negative Ion Generator
Pionair Air Ionizer
Oxyoz Ozone Generator - New!
Porta-zone Ozonator
Ionizing Salt Lamps

Air Therapy by Mia Rose
Arbor Oil (Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil)
Essential Oils
-Aura Cacia Essential Oils
-Nature's Alchemy Essential Oils
Essential Oil Diffusers
Mother Anita's Body Balm
Tiger Balm
White Flower Analgesic Balms
Blue Pearl Incense
Auroshikha Incense
Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense

-Back Health / Exercise-
Backsaver Chairs
Folding Chairs
Overeasy Inversion Bar & Boots
Rebounders (Mini-Trampolines)
Total Back System

-Bath, Beauty & Body Care-
Aztec Secret Healing Clay
Castile Soaps
Delete& Lipservice Hair Removal
Deodorant Stones
Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath
Ear Coning Candles
Elizabeth Van Buren Massage Oils
Equinox Botanical Salve & Ear Oil
Fomentek Hot and Cold Water Bags
Heritage Edgar Cayce Products
Lotions & Oils
Mustard Bath
Neti Pots (Nasal Cleansing)
Ohio Valley - Wild 'Erb Products
Olive Gold 03 - New!
Proseed Ear Oil
Rhassoul Rocks
Shaving Products - Total Shaving
Shaving Products - Shave Deluxe
Squalane/Squalene (Shark Live Fish Oil)
Tongue Cleaners
Thermophore Heat Pack
Weleda Arnica Massage Oil

-Cleaning Products (All Natural)-
Ecodiscoveries (Moldzyme, Multizyme & Airzyme)

-Color/Light/Vision Therapy-
Color Therapy Eye Glasses
Color Lamps
Diet Light
Light Shaker - Monochromatic Light
Natural Eyes Pinhole Glasses
Ott Lites, Lamps & Sunglasses

-Detox / First Aid / Healthcare-
Detox Foot Patches - New!
Hydrogen Peroxide

L'Equip Juicers

Bach Flower Remedies & Rescue Remedy
Helpers First Aid/Relief(Bonsana)
Newton Homeopathics

-Magnetic Therapy-
Magnetic Products
Moon Car Massager
Magnetic Bracelets
Magnetic Belts
Magnetic Insoles

-Sleep Products-
Dream Pillows
Eye Pillows
Iso Cones (for Sleeping)
Sobagara Buckwheat Pillows
Zen Alarm Clocks

-Sound Therapy-
Tuning Forks

-Water Products-
Aquawizard Reverse Osmosis Filters
Aquasana Water Filters
Stirwand (Quantum Age Water)
Water Filters & Reverse Osmosis
Willard's Water Catalyst

massage tools on table at expo
This is one of our tables at the many Wholistic Health Expo's we exhibit at each year.

We appreciate your interest in our fine products
improving the quality of your life.

phil with hand in pocket
This is Phil, the proud parent of Momentum98.

(Click ME ... For a little bit of History on Massage Tools (& Me) in America)
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