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Last Updated: 4/8/11
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New Aquawizard Box
AQB10 - The Aquawizard

The world's first and only faucet-mounted Reverse Osmosis
water filter combined with a carbon filter!

with purchase of an AquaWizard

TDS Digital Water Tester
($46.00 value)

You have your own water tester to test your water! For example, Columbus, Ohio tap water usually has about 190 -200 ppm (particles per million). After 1 hour, you will get a gallon of reverse osmosis water with the AquaWizard that will test at 10-12 ppm (the filter needs to be replaced every 6-12 months).

AQB13 - Replacement Filter

With your water tester, you can monitor how well the AquaWizard is working. When the water (parts per million) is not being as filtered as you want it, then it is time to replace the filter. Rather than buy a whole new AquaWizard,
you can simply get the replacement filter cartridge (shown above). It takes 36 standard pitcher style filter cartridges to accomplish the job of one AquaWizard cartridge - and their filters do not remove totally dissolved solids or arsenic.


The post-filter is recommended for use where water is particularly bad.

The post-filter attaches to main filter and provides an additional stage of filtration, specifically for removing chlorine and fluoride. While the main AquaWizard filter has some carbon in it too, a post filter can help further filter water that contains high levels of unwanted particulates and chemicals.
(Not compatable with the new AquaWizard 2, will only work with the older version)


Use AquaWizard purified water:
To get your daily dose of drinking water (8-16 glasses a day)
For cooking, baking or rinsing
For your pets and plants
For mixing infant formula
To help make the best tasting coffee, tea, juices or drinks
For workouts and sports activity
At home, work, vacation home, RV, college or school
You can fill your own water bottles (for pennies per gallon)

Why is the AquaWizard so unique ?
How does it compare with other water filters ?

AquaWizard is the world's first and only faucet mounted reverse osmosis water filter combined with a carbon filter. Other filters become more and more clogged with daily use because the removed water contaminants accumulate inside the filter. AquaWizard is a self-cleaning filter that rinses itself automatically as it purifies your water. (The purified water goes through the tube into your saving gallon jug or pitcher, while the waste water goes out the bottom end of the tube and down your sink.)

Before the AquaWizard, we used a large 1 3/4 gallon counter top reverse osmosis machine. It took up a lot of space, cost $400, and it had two filters that needed to be changed regularly. Now we use and sell the AquaWizard because it works so easily, takes up so little room (only 8 inches in height and 2 inches in diameter) and is portable- you can use it at home or take it with you anywhere (RV's , hotels, camping, etc.) Best of all, the AquaWizard saves you the cost of spending $400 - $600 to attach a reverse osmosis water system underneath your sink.

It is so unique that it is patented and used in over 40 countries.

  Aquawizard in use

Do I have to also buy a filter cartridge when I buy an AquaWizard,
or does one come with it?

When you buy the AquaWizard, a filter cartridge is already installed.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis forces tap water through the tiny holes of a filter membrane (filter cartridge) which are up to 620,000 times smaller than the width of the human hair, and smaller than the size of bacteria.

What are the advantages of  Reverse Osmosis
(over carbon filters, distillers, bottled water, spring water, tap water)?

Reverse osmosis (in combination with carbon filtration) offers great advantages over pitcher style and other faucet mounted filters.

Better quality water

See Dissolved Solids Chart below - filtered water doesn't come close:
  Substance Removal
Reduces 96.2 % of dissolved solids
Reduces 99.3 % of dissolved lead
Reduces 99.3 % of dissolved arsenic
Reduces 99.97 % cysts
Eliminates chlorine taste and odor

The result is better and cheaper than distillation.
Distilled water can taste "flat" because the process removes the much needed oxygen from the water.
(Some distillers cost $240 a year in electricity)

Where is reverse osmosis water used?

Reverse Osmosis Technology has been trusted for decades.
The water is used in making medicines by pharmaceutical companies and in hospitals. It is also found in the world's finest coffee and tea shops where the taste and quality of the finished product is dependent on the best water.

We recommend using reverse osmosis water - buy it at your local stores if you are not ready to invest in an AquaWizard (at a cost of about 45 per gallon).

Compare AquaWizard with Bottled Water:

A recent Natural Resources Defense Council, NRDC, four year scientific study on bottled water concluded that bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer than common tap water (based on 1000 bottles of 103 different brands of spring water). Moreover, a University of Iowa study which tested 39 brands of bottled water found that 75% of them contained chemicals, dissolved metals and other harmful pollutants. The study concluded: "Bottled water is no better than tap water, and in some cases, even worse."

Reader's Digest wrote: "True or false? Bottled water is generally safer than tap water. False. What's sold in jugs or delivered to coolers need meet no standard higher than for tap water! Some bottled waters are actually drawn from municipal water systems."

According to FDA rules, bottled water is subject to less testing and lower standards than even our tap water. Disinfection is NOT even a requirement for bottled water. According to government and industry estimates, an amazing 25-40% of all bottled water is actually just bottled tap water.

With AquaWizard your purified water costs just pennies per gallon, so it pays for itself in as little as 1-2 months. No more running to the store to buy bottled water and no heavy bottles or jugs to lift. Use AquaWizard to fill your own bottles and take them with you wherever you go. Have the convenience of bottled water at a cost of just pennies per bottle.

How much water does the AquaWizard 'waste' to make one gallon
of good clean water?
How long does it take to make one gallon ?

The reverse osmosis AquaWizard machine makes about 1 gallon of water in about 1 hour. In making this good clean pure water, the filter also produces about 3 gallons of 'waste water'. The great thing is that this 'waste water' doesn't have to be wasted at all as it flows out of the lower tube and can be bottled as well. One might want to mark which bottle is which but the lower quality water can certainly be put to good use watering some of the non edible plants, the lawn, washing the car, etc.  For those, like us, concerned with water conservation, reverse osmosis water sold in a store has the same proportion of good water to waste water and with the price, you're the one paying for the water they send down the drain.

NEW Aqua Wizard 2

The NEW Aqua Wizard 2 Water Purification System has recently been redesigned to produce twice as much pure filtered water in half the time as the original model. It has a new look and the patented quick lock and unlock head ending the need to screw and unscrew the lid from the body.
     A pre-filter (sold in convenient 3 packs of three) has also been added for better chlorine removal that can be easily replaced three times a year.
     The main filter is replaced once a year meaning that one only has to make one purchase of filters each year.


You must run the New Aqua Wizard 2 for FOUR HOURS before collecting water for consumption.

New Aqua Wizard 2 replacement filter with pre-filter

Aquawizard FilterAssembled Filter

Aqua Wizard 2 installation instructions:

        aquawizardstep2.jpg                   aerator

                                          Figure 1. Aerator                                   Figure 2. Removing the Aerator

1. At the top of the unit you'll find the aerator (shown in figure 1), a small metal cylinder inserted in the top of the filter. To remove this, simply press the surrounding white ring down and gently pull the aerator out.

2. Attach the aerator to the faucet you'd like to use by screwing, or threading it into the existing faucet end. Note that the aerator has threads on the outside as well as internally to accommodate different faucet sizes. If neither of these sizes will fit your faucet, you will find several adapters in a bag with the black rubber washers that can be used in various combination to ensure a proper fit.

Aquawizard parts
3. Next, attach the short discharge tube shown above as 1A to the filter body by inserting the elbow end (the hard plastic piece with a 90 degree angle) into the base of the filter shown as 1B.

4. After attaching the short discharge tube and ensuring it is fully inserted, install one end of the longer tube shown above as 2A (this will be where the clean, filtered water is discharged) into the top side hole shown as 2B in the image above again being sure to insert it fully.
5. Finally, attach the newly assembled unit to the aerator installed on the faucet by pushing down the white ring at the top of the unit and pressing the whole thing up until you feel it securely lock in place. To make sure you have a firm, solid connection, GENTLY pull down. If the filter unit does not easily slide back off the aerator, you are ready to begin filtering!

Again, remember:
You must run the New Aqua Wizard 2 for FOUR HOURS before collecting water for consumption.
To remove the filter, make sure the water is turned off and allow a few minutes for the pressure to dissipate and then press down on the white ring at the top and gently pull the filter free.

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AQB101 AquaWizard 2 with tester

AQB132 AquaWizard Filter Replacement Cartridge  

$74.95 $72.95 $69.95
AquaWizard Carbon Filter Replacement Cartridge
(Package of 3)


AquaWizard Carbon Post-Filter (Not compatable with the new AquaWizard 2, will only work with the older version)