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Last Updated: 1/8/15
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Bell's Ezee Slimming Patch

Ezee Slimming Patch by BELL
BLL04 - Slimming Patch - 15 Patches - $29.95
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approach to lose weight permanently. It makes sense that you have to change what made you overweight.

You will succeed with this herbal patch in combination with their unique directions that let you eat until you are satisfied and still lose weight! No side effects.

Read complete TESTIMONIALS from people who used Ezee Slimming Patch!

This information contained on this page is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consultation with licensed health care professional.

All herbal - no side effects. The natural way to lose weight permanently.
NO starving. NO drugs. NO pills. NO calorie counting. NO restrictive torture diet.
The patch helps you to decrease your calorie intake and increase your
metabolism which uses up stored fat.
Enjoy eating the right foods that cause weight loss.
Same food plan as used by movie stars to lose weight.
NO ephedrine. NO caffeine.
Iodine free. Iodine was removed.

(Information is from Bell Lifestyle Products, Inc.)


There is no need for anybody to be overweight. If instructions are followed on a long range goal.

This plan with the help of the patch works for everybody without exceptions.
People with an extra slow metabolism and obese persons need a different approach for permanent weight loss as outlined in a special section. You need ALL the information as a moral support to make sure you will not give up.

Everybody who is willing to make a few changes in eating habits will stay slim permanently. Some overweight people eat LESS than some slim people and gain weight, because they eat the wrong foods and they may have a very slow metabolism. We also have to face the fact honestly that most overweight people eat too much and they stuff themselves with fattening foods. The patch will help to stop the overeating and the fattening foods have to be replaced with foods that will cause a weight loss. Older people may have an additional problem, because their metabolism slows down naturally.

Read this information a couple of times, especially parts of special interest to you. Go over it again in a week to get used to minor changes you want to make in your plans. If it frightens you to make long term commitments, decide to try the changes for a few weeks and see how you like it. Hopefully you will like the new foods and tastes so much that you will carry on indefinitely. Perhaps you will also help other people, who are in the same situation. Friends will ask you what you did to lose weight. Tell them about the patches and your new healthy eating plan. It is worth it to spend time and effort on this. It will make a profound change in your looks, vitality and health. Nothing else is as important as this.

Even if you lose only 3 lbs. a month, this is all right. In 6 months you will have lost 18 lbs. or 36 lbs. in a year. All experts recommend to go for the slow and steady weight loss goal.

All the information you need is condensed into these few pages for easy review. It is important to read the information here as well as the additional healthy eating information in the box many times. Regardless what you weigh now, you CAN slim down with the patch and by eating the right food. You will have self respect, love yourself and be happier.

An all natural and safe herbal remedy!
The ocean kelp called bladderwrack has been in use for over 100 years. It is approved by the American Institute of Homeopathy as a natural remedy for obesity. No side effects ever reported. In the last few years people all over North America have rediscovered natural remedies and this is why this herbal patch is becoming so popular. Bladderwrack is renowned in France for speeding up the metabolic rate and breaking down fatty reserves. Widely used in French weight control programs as well as in creams and gels to help with cellulite externally.

This herb patch has a dual action. It creates in your stomach a sensation of being full BEFORE you eat that extra food you don't need. It is also a METABOLIC ACCELERATOR that helps burn off stored fat. The Bell patch will help you to eat a little less and establish a HABIT of eating the amount of food your body needs without getting into the automatic fat storing mode. Once you have reached your desired weight and change some bad food choices, you do not need the patch anymore. This system is similar to the patch used to stop smoking. You can take a shower while the patch is on. Best time to put a new patch on is in the morning every second day. Alternate the spot you are putting the patch on. You will notice a difference in the first days. Don't let the size of the patch confuse you. They do work!

How much less should we eat?
If you are overweight now, you ate more than your body needs. As a guide, eat about one third less. At that point you should feel some fullness and the "red light" comes on, telling you to STOP now. If you go through the "red light" you will fail. You still want to enjoy eating and feel good. You don't want to eat more then your body needs, so that it does not store the excess in fat and you have to carry that fat around every day for ever after. I personally tried this and I am surprised that it is not that hard at all. Quite obviously the patch is helping to stop eating before you eat more than you need. I enjoy having a draft beer and pizza for lunch. Normally I would eat 3 slices of pizza and I was very conscious whether I would be satisfied with eating 2 slices. I was. This showed me better than anything else that I was eating more than I needed to be satisfied. I will try to eat about a third less and stay away from foods that have a lot of fat or sugar in. Furthermore, I eat fruit or bran cereal for snacks so I am not hungry and will not overeat at the next meal.

How long will it take?
Some people may need patches for two months. Others may need patches for three months. It depends on how much weight you want to reduce. Most people will be able to establish a habit of eating a little less within three months. If after being off the patch for a few month and you notice you gained a few pounds, go back on it for a month to re-establish your habit.

Aim to lose 2 - 4 pounds a month

Most people put on the extra weight slowly at the rate of 1/2 a pound a month or less or 6 pounds a year or less. You will be able to stop this trend and reverse it slowly. Your weight loss will not come in exactly even amounts every week and every month. In some months you will lose more and other months less. Generally people lose in their first month more than 2 pounds and in the following months less. You will have weeks when you do not lose any weight. Do not panic. This is normal. Your body senses that you are losing weight and counteracts by slowing down your metabolism. Your genes know from hundreds of thousands of years that there are times of plenty, which are always followed by famines, when there was little or no food. This is similar to the animals that go into hibernation. Their metabolism slows down drastically, otherwise they could not last long periods without food. The patch helps to increase your metabolism. You can help further by keeping up your brisk walking or other exercise daily or every other day. Exercise will increase your metabolism. You have put on the weight slowly over a number of years. Aim at losing it slowly. It is not desirable to lose the extra weight fast, because your built in alarm will go off after a while and make you go into binge eating and your fat instinct will make you eat fatty foods to recover the loss. Try to lose it slowly as explained in the instructions. Crash diets are known to be followed by binge eating and putting on more weight than the person had before the start of the crash diet.

Adjustment period
Most people feel for about one week a growling stomach. This is temporary and will go away in a few days and not come back. Knowledgeable people I respect explain to me that a growling stomach was a sign the stomach was shrinking and adjusting to eating less food.
People do not respond in exactly the same way. One patch every second day is recommended. However, you can speed things up by using a new patch every day, or slow things down by putting on a new patch every third day.

Where to apply the BELL slimming patch
The best place is the underside of your arm, on a clean, dry spot free of hair. Do not apply over body lotions since the patch may not stick. The reason for putting it on your arm is, you should be able to see it so that you are REMINDED to eat less and preferably reduce fat intake and sweets. Once you have established a strong habit and you have burned off enough stored fat, you do not need the patch or the reminder anymore. Wear the patch with pride where you can see it.

If you don't want to show the patch. You can wear it on your thigh, belly, back or shoulder, almost anywhere. However, you will lose that extra help the visibility will give you. In the beginning you should use all the help you can get. Be proud to wear it and be proud to be doing something about your weight problem. Look forward to receiving those compliments. 50% are overweight and 90% would like to lose a few pounds.

If a person is very overweight, use a new patch every day to speed things up. Always put the patch on a different spot. If going swimming, apply a band aid over the patch to keep it in place.

Herbs are very mild compared to drugs. Many have been used for many years or even a hundred years. However, some common sense rules should be observed as follows:
Patch should not be applied on wounds, rashes, skin injuries. Do not place on sensitive skin areas. If skin irritation develops discontinue the use. If you have a serious health problem, such as diabetes, heart problems, thyroid problems, you may still be able to use these patches, however, should only do so with the supervision of your health care professional. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. One of the ingredients in the bladderwrack herb is iodine, like many foods obtained from the ocean. Amount of iodine on the patch is so minimal that no adverse affects were ever reported. Guarantee
The QUALITY of the patch is guaranteed. If patches are found to be defective, return them with your comment and we will replace them free of charge. The EFFECTIVENESS of the patch is supported by the true testimonials with full names and towns. They all say enthusiastically that the patches do work. In all those cases where the consumer changed eating habits according to instructions provided they all lost weight. We are very proud in helping people change their life. We CANNOT GUARANTEE that you will change your eating habits which made you overweight in the first place. It would be misleading and untruthful as well as counter productive. You have to accept the fact that the only thing that will give you a normal weight is eating the right food with regular 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and with at least a minimum of exercise. The patch will help you by being less hungry, stops you from stuffing yourself and increase your metabolism at the same time. After 90 days you should have adopted new eating habits and you may need no patches or less patches. We recommend that once you have reached your desired weight to use one patch a week as MAINTENANCE. Without the maintenance you might fall back into bad habits and overeat again.

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