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The original Bonging Massage Tool, since the late 1970's
Ancient Oriental Massage Tools

MAS10 - Bonger (Pair)
  A Bonging Train !

Birth of Bong-a-long Continuation of Bong-a-long 
in Minneapolis 97

 Comes in a box of 2 (since 1977) Every bonger comes with this saying on its shaft.

How to BONG

Anyone can learn to BONG in about 5 seconds. The secret is in the grip. Don't hold the BONGERS just by the handles;
place your thumbs or forefingers
up on the flexible shafts. That way the shafts still do all the work, but you have better control
and can make the BONGERS go faster (holding them by the handles is good for the bottoms of your feet, however,
which like hard
BONGING; or if you are a small person working on a huge back).

Practice by bouncing one on your arm. Feel good?  Now you're ready to BONG your upper back. Just keep on bouncing,
and walk the BONGER up over your shoulder.
It is best to do your upper back this way, crossing over your chest to the
 opposite shoulder:
it gives you the best angle, and the shoulder being BONGED is relaxed.

You can even BONG your lower back. Take both the BONGERS and place thumbs on the shafts.  Turn them so the
 balls are facing out. Now reach behind, yourself and bend forward. Your thumbs are between
 the shafts and your body, right? OK, BONG away!!!

Of course, it's more fun to BONG someone else. If your weak hand can't keep the rhythm at first, BONG with both hands at once.
  It feels just as good to the BONGEE,
and your weak hand will naturally keep pace. Over time your rhythm will improve,
but rhythm isn't important to the BONGEE - she/he wants to feel the beat.

Most men, and many women, like to be BONGED fairly hard. But some backs are very tender. Start off slowly,
and build up till the BONGEE says
"Whoa. . ."


For Sore Muscles, Headaches, Poor Circulation, Cellulite

BONGERS are traditional massage tools used all over the Orient. They are good for breaking down muscle tension and
stimulating circulation.
Almost everyone stores tension in their neck and shoulders- BONGERS are just about always
effective in that area. However, BONGERS feel good all over
(but don't hit the kidneys! - see diagram).

They give an invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage. Their flexible shafts do all the work, allowing
the masseur/se to BONG indefinitely without effort.


The scientific name for the BONGERS percussion-like massage is tapotement. We prefer to explain it as the same principle
as tenderizing meat.
Most back pains are caused by over-worked muscles which contract suddenly (spasm), turning hard and knotty.
 This constricts the blood vessels that bring oxygen to the
muscles and carry waste from them.  Muscle cells start dying.
 You feel pain.
    That pain is your body crying HELP !! BONG ME !!


Nine out of ten headaches are caused by tight neck muscles.  BONG the neck gently on both sides of the spine
for 30 to 60 seconds and watch headaches disappear !!


Doctors say there's no such thing. Ask any woman over 30 and she'll tell you different! Actually, both are right;
 that cottage cheese effect comes simply from clogged capillaries
that don't let blood circulate through them any more.
 As a local circulation agent,
BONGERS work even better than exercise (though they are certainly no substitute for physical activity).
 They act like hydraulic pressurizes, forcing the blood back through.


BONG your friends and lovers; BONG yourself. After work or a workout. BONG the bottoms of your feet, your pectorals, your leg muscles, whenever it's sore.  It's fun to close your eyes, put on some music and BONG your head - watch the pictures flow!!  

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