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6" by 6" - Folds out into three sections with four rotating wheels

What Is A Decoder Chart?

Decoder charts can help you decode a certain area of knowledge.
They are simple, concise descriptions with graphics on how to understand an aspect of life.
They are 18"x 6" charts that fold into a 6 page 6"x 6" cardboard booklet, and
generally contain special riveted wheels on 4 of the pages. (Dream decoder is a 10 page booklet)
The decoders are unique charts. Unlike a large reference book, these charts make the information easy and fun!
They have been consistent best-sellers at Expos for decades!


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All Decoders are 6" by 6" (folds out into three section with four sides with information wheels) and $9.95 each.

Time & Life Management Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD492 - $9.95

This decoder includes wheels on a number of important principles:
The 12 fundamental steps of Time & Life Management
Holistic Time & Life Management
Seven steps to Effectiveness
A disc personality model, which by knowing and understanding, can bring immediate advantages
144 Aphrodisiacs Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD60 - $9.95
An aphrodisiac is any substance which can stimulate, strengthen, and deepen the pleasures of sexual activity.  The word is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love.
This decoder introduces 144 aphrodisiac substances including drugs, herbs,
spices, general foods, drinks and essential oils.
Turn the 4 wheels and discover details on the astonishing energy and effort human beings
have put into improving their love life and love-making.
You will learn what substances to be wary of, and you will be surprised how many
of your every day foods which have aphrodisiacal properties.
Tao-Sex Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD66 - $9.95
This decoder presents a colorful, illustrated and lighthearted introduction into the ancient pleasures of Tao Sex. It is based on authentic Chinese texts.
Tarot Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD16 - $9.95
Keep this decoder handy with your tarot pack.
No longer will you be discouraged by tedious and time-consuming searches.
Just turn the wheel to the cards you want to look up and find the divinatory essence at any instance.
You can gain considerable insight into this ancient and fascinating system of divination at a glance.
Gemstone Crystal Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD29 - $9.95
This decoder introduces 36 of the most enchanting crystals in great detail
and functions as a handy reference tool, providing factual and esoteric information at a glance.
Color Therapy - 5" x 5"
CHD07 - $9.95
Palmistry Decoder - 5" x 5"
CHD14 - $9.95
This decoder makes this complex subject readily accessible.
You can examine your own hands, check on lines and mounts,
interpret the lengths of your fingers or the shapes of your hands. 

Handwriting Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD25 - $9.95
This decoder can enable you to analyze handwriting at a glance.
Various components which make a handwriting sample are discussed in detail.
Without much effort, you can gain considerable insight into handwriting skills.
Face Reading Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD06 - $9.95
Cosmetics, Perfumery & Body Care Ingredients - 6" x 6"
CHD33 - $9.95
This is a consumer's guide to cosmetics, perfumery & body care products.
Many of them contain chemical ingredients that pose risks to health, particularly to people
who are chemically sensitive. As a consumer you have a right to know which products are safe for you and the environment, and which ones you should avoid.  
Secrets of Chinese Longevity Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD41 - $9.95
Includes a Chinese medical self health check-up.
Provides six physical constitution types and can help you discover which types you belong to.
Recommends Yes & No Foods for your constitutional type.
Chinese Medicinal Herbs Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD62 - $9.95
This decoder presents much information on the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, 100 B.C.
This decoder introduces 52 of the most common Chinese medicinal herbs in considerable detail.
There is also a concise and easy to understand overview of the Chinese view of philosophy,
health, balance, illness and treatment.
Internet 288 Hubs Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD67 - $9.95
Although this was produced a few years ago, it still contains the url's of many very interesting websites.
The 288 listings in this decoder can still connect to the essential net hubs which will lead you to thousands upon thousands of links without wasting time on endless searching.
Computer Health Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD44 - $9.95
This decoder offers a comprehensive easy to understand overview of computer-related health issues, including:
Correct workstation set up - do's and don'ts - anatomy of the wrist.
Correct position of hands, shoulders, elbows, feet.
A variety of illustrated exercises for fast and effective results.
Twelve illustrated Shiatsu based pressure point exercises.
Essential information about monitor radiation.
Body friendly (ergonomic) alternatives to standard keyboards and a mouse.
Tips on prevention of injury and work stress.
Yoga for Health Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD49 - $9.95
This decoder is aimed at people who want to benefit from Yoga without much study and effort.
36 postures are shown and explained. Most of them are very easy to execute
and suitable for beginners and people who have little time.
Runes Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD23 - $9.95
The method suggested in this decoder is one used by many modern rune casters
and can produce astonishingly accurate results.
To consult the runes, first formulate your question. Then, cast the runes
which are provided with the decoder onto the casting board.
Follow the instructions and turn the appropriate wheel to discover your relevant divination.
Reflexology - 6" x 6"
CHD15 - $9.95
Solar System Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD47 - $9.95
This decoder is designed to make rapid scientific discoveries about the solar system as accessible as possible.
You will find a host of information about the planets and their satellites including size, mass, atmosphere, gravity and much more. Also included is a concise history of space exploration.
Astrology Decoder - 5" x 5"
CHD04 - $9.95
The spin of each wheel in the astrology decoder provides an overview for each of the signs.
It will let you recognize personality patterns in your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.
It can inspire your imagination and the understanding that your destiny can improve with
increased awareness of your own strengths and faults.
Chinese Astrology Decoder - 5" x 5"
CHD05 - $9.95
Moon Astrology Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD31 - $9.95
Most people know their Sun sign but are unaware of their Moon sign.
Yet the Moon sign is equally as interesting and revealing.
This decoder provides an easy way of finding your Moon Sign.
In 28 days, the Moon sign goes through a complete cycle, spending about 2 1/2 days in each sign.
Knowing the Moon sign can give valuable information on feeling, the subconscious, the ways a person deals with emotions, intuition, and that part of the self that sometimes escapes the control of logic & reason.
Celtic Astrology Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD041 - $9.95
Practical Aromatherapy Home & Garden Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD491 - $9.95
Commercial household chemicals contribute significantly to environmental degradation and everyday health problems such as asthma and allergies.
There are many natural methods which use essential oils and can be just as effective.
This decoder shows you how to make your own natural home care mixtures.
Garden pests are often treated with radical poisons which pollute soil and water.
This decoder shows you how to make your own environmentally friendly garden blends of essential oils that are non-poisonous and leave no lasting impact on soil or water.
Aromatherapy Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD02 -
Aromatherapy Home Use - 6" x 6"
CHD03 -
Aromatherapy Advanced - 6" x 6"
CHD031 -
 Aromatherapy Perfume Blending - 6" x 6"
CHD32 - $9.95
Aromatherapy For Women - 6" x 6"
CHD38 - $9.95
Herb Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD10 - $9.95
This decoder is an invaluable tool for all who are interested in herbalism and herbal cultivation.
A selection of 36 of the most commonly available and grown herbs is introduced on the 4 wheels and disks.
This includes latin name, properties, specific herbs, best planting times and soil conditions, life span, what parts to use, and botanical illustrations.

Spices Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD22 - $9.95
Up to the beginning of the industrial revolution, spices were a rare and highly valued commodity.
As you turn the wheel, you can find information on geographical origins, taste & aroma, culinary uses, type of cuisine, parts of plants used, as well as medicinal and other uses.
There is also a colored illustration of each plant as well as a detailed list of the most popular international spice mixes.
Tea & Coffee Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD48 - $9.95
This decoder outlines and explains the various and diverse range of classifications that are applied to coffee and tea, and also the features by which they are classified.
Included in this decoder is general information on the history of tea and coffee production,
tea and coffee terminology and grading, and information about preparation and storage of tea and coffee.
There is also an evaluation of 20 prominent tea types and 16 different coffees.
I Ching Decoder - 5" x 5"
CHD11 - $9.95
Explanation on how to cast the I Ching.
The decoder explains how the "Superior Person" could act or behave in relation to the questions asked.
All you need are 3 coins and this decoder to gain access to a source of profound wisdom.
Egyptology Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD36 - $9.95
Wheel 1 traces 3000 years of Egyptian history from the 1st Dynasty to the Greco-Roman period.
Wheel 2 follows the course of the Nile River from Nubia to the Delta.
Wheel 3 presents 25 pyramids, their locations, ancient name, modern name, base, height, etc.
Wheel 4 is an introduction to the Egyptian Pantheon of 18 Gods and Goddesses.
This decoder also features maps, illustrations, size comparisons, an introduction to hieroglyphs & more.
Buddhism Decoder - 6" x 6"
CHD43 - $9.95
This decoder aims to provide an easy to understand, comprehensive overview of Buddhism.
It is a unique interactive format that makes for an enjoyable clear and informative introduction,
suitable to all who are intrigued by Buddhism.
The Buddha's powers of thought and wisdom are still immensely impressive
to those who may not be interested in religion.

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All Mini-charts are 6.5" by 9.5" and $4.00 each.

Medicine Wheel Mini-Chart
Medicine Wheel Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD832 - $4.00

Palmistry Mini-Chart
Palmistry Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD816 - $4.00

Aroma & Psyche Mini-Chart
Aroma & Psyche Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD827 - $4.00

Color Therapy Mini-Chart
Color Therapy Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD808 - $4.00

Qui Gong Mini-Chart
   .    . 
Qui Gong Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD838 - $4.00

Aphrodisiacs Mini-Chart
Aphrodisiacs Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD829 - $4.00

Bach Flower Essences Mini-Chart
Bach Flower Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD841 - $4.00

Aromatherapy Mini-Charts

Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD801 - $4.00

Aromatherapy Home Use
Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD826 - $4.00

Aromatherapy Home & Garden
Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD802 - $4.00

Yoga Mini-Chart
Yoga Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD825 - $4.00

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Tarot Mini-Chart
Tarot Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD823 - $4.00

Essential Oils Mini-Chart
Essential Oils Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD834 - $4.00

Shiatsu Self Massage Mini-Chart
Shiatsu Self Massage Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD819 - $4.00

Chart of Dreams Mini-Chart

Chart of Dreams Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD809 - $4.00

Mini-Charts - Chinese Astrology - World Religions

Chinese Astrology
Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD842 - $4.00

World Religions
Mini Chart - 6.5" x 9.5"
CHD824 - $4.00

Vitamins Mini-Chart
Vitamin minichart
CHD882- $4.95
Other Charts

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Angels Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Aphrodisiacs Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Aromatherapy - Advanced Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Aromatherapy - Essential Oils Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Aromatherapy - For Woman Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Aromatherapy - Home Use (Ailment) Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Aromatherapy  Perfume Blending Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
5" x 5" SQR
Ayurveda - Wonderful World Of Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Ayurveda Massage Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Beatles Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
6" x 6" SQR
Biorhythm Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Buddhism - 2 left!
6" x 6" SQR
Celtic Astrology
6" x 6" SQR
Chakras - Color Therapy Spectrum of Life) - unavailable
6" x 6" SQR
Chinese Astrology - Discontinued
5" x 5" SQR
Chinese Dietotherapy Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Chinese Face Reading Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Chinese Longevity
6" x 6" SQR
Chinese Medicinal Herbs Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Colour Therapy Discontinued
5" x 5" SQR
Computer Health
6" x 6" SQR
Cosmetic Ingredients Unavailable
6" x 6" SQR
Crystals & Gems Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Dreams Discontinued
5" x 5" SQR
Egyptology Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Feng Shui Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Flower Essence Decoder Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Goddesses (36) Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
6" x 6" SQR
Herb Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Homeopathy Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
I Ching
5" x 5" SQR
Internet 288 Hubs - 3 left!
6" x 6" SQR
Iridology Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Love & Affinity Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Moon Astrology Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Music Therapy - 4 left!
6" x 6" SQR
Mythology Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Numerology Discontinued
5" x 5" SQR
5" x 5" SQR
Personality Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR


Practical Aromatherapy
6" x 6" SQR
Reflexology Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Religions Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Runes Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Shiatsu Self Massage Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Solar System
6" x 6" SQR
6" x 6" SQR
Tao - Sex - 4 left!
6" x 6" SQR
5" x 5" SQR
Tea & Coffee
6" x 6" SQR
Time & Life Management
6" x 6" SQR
Vitamin & Mineral Discontinued
6" x 6" SQR
Yoga For Health
6" x 6" SQR