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Last Updated: 3/1/17
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Nutrient Supplement.



Re-Memory Plus

Reclaim Balance and Peace of Mind

Re-Memory Plus™ benefits go beyond just the average cognitive supplement. Scientifically researched and formulated using the “Synergy Theory,” Re-Memory Plus uses balance to create harmony within and your mind alert.

Key Benefits

• Increases blood flow to the brain*

• Prevents buildup of proteins in the brain*

• Improves focus, sharpness, concentration, and memory*

• Encourages sounder sleep*
Beneficial Ingredients

Mother of Pearl

Anti-aging Agent • Antioxidant • Sedating Aid • Anticonvulsion


Increases Blood Flow • Reduces Vascular Resistance • Antithrombotic effects

Dong Quai

Anti-Platelet Aggregation • Decreases blood lipids • Anti-arthrosclerosis • Dialates blood vessels • Attenuates CNS system • Anti-myocardial ischemia

Corydalis Yanhusuo

Analgesic • Sedation Agent • Dialates Coronary Artery • Increases blood flow to the heart

Chinese Peony

Alleviates pain • Tranquilizing • Anticonvulsant • AntiPlatelet Aggregation

Sichuan Lovage

Increases cerebral flow • Anti-thrombosis • Tranquilizes CNS • Lowers blood pressure

Prunella Vargus

Pain Reliever • Tranquilizing • Lowers blood pressure


Improves erythropoiesis • Inhibits Thrombosis • Reduces cholesterol & blood sugar

Sicklepod Senna

Lowers blood pressure • Favors blood lipids • Inhibits bacteria & fungus • Diuretic

Uncaria Rhynchophylla

Sedative • Anticonvulsant • Spasmolysis • Antithrombotic



Immunotain Plus

Immunotain Plus™

Reinforce Your Body’s Defenses

The purifying power of Immunotain Plus™ uses modern technology to break the cellular wall of the Reishi Mushroom spore, creating balance and results through science and nature.

Key Benefits

• Improves antibody production*

• Encourages antioxidant activity*

• Strengthens the body’s immune system*

Reishi Mushroom

Improves Antibody Production, Supports Antioxidant Activity, Regulates the Body’s Immune System

60 capsules 30 day supply



Enery Power Plus

Synergy ForYour Energy

EnergyPower Plus™ is a proprietary blend of the highest quality herbs to increase stamina, while banishing fatigue. It’s a perfect daily multi-herbal supplement for whatever activity level you find yourself at.
Key Benefits

• Maintain optimum energy levels*

• Herbs historically known to reduce fatigue*

• Caffeine free and delivers no crash or jittery feelings

About the NatureKue Community

NatureKue, Inc. was founded with a dedication to a healthier world. Since then, NatureKue has committed itself towards a line of products that positively impacts those who make it apart of their healthy goals. NatureKue has grown a community of Researchers, Naturopathic Doctors, Heath Professionals, and people who can be your neighbors.

60 capsules 30 day supply



A-Heart Plus

A Heart Plus™ uses a proprietary blend of natural herbal extracts, utilizing the “Synergy Theory” to maintain your optimal heart health.

Key Benefits:

• Increase blood flow to the heart*

• Regulate blood viscosity*

• Support strong cardiovascular health and wellness*

• Maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels*
Beneficial Ingredients

Chinese Salvia

Chinese Salvia, or Danshen, is one of the oldest Chinese herbs to date, promoting blood circulation and expanding the coronary arteries. It aids in preventing damage caused by ischemia/reperfusion. It also inhibits the process of apoptosis. Studies have proved to inhibit platelet aggregation and hyperactivities along with containing anti-oxidant effects and scavenging free radicals.

Tienchi Ginseng

Filled with antioxidant flavonoids and energy-boosting polysaccharides, this herb eliminates blood stasis, accelerates healing, reduces swelling and relieves pain. Studies have shown Tienchi Ginseng to be a haemostatic agent for healing internal or external bleeding without any blood clots and regulates bloodflow. Tienchi Ginseng shares its energy-boosting property with the more popular known herb American Ginseng.


Also called milk vatch, Astragalus comes from a type of bean or legume. This heart healthy herb is known for protecting cardiac cells and raising your energy levels. Maintaining blood pressure and and being an anti-platelet and an anti-inflammatory is another specialty of this lesser-known Chinese herb. It promotes ATP formation, heal wounds as well as provide supplemental therapy for chronic asthma.


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