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Paintings by Linda Lamme
These are paintings from my computer, and are temporary, not finished,
not authorized by Linda Lamme to be published as finished paintings.

But they are here to be viewed to give the viewer of what I call spiritual art.

A certain magical something is in her paintings.

Many, many hours have gone into these paintings.
Finally, Linda will get a relief, that the painting is finshed, much in the same way
that Leonardo DaVinci did.

7 paintings are presented here on Feb. 7, 2007
the last 3 was a project made for the health food store: Momentum98 to hang on the walls of the store.

comments or questions:  EMAIL phil

 art picture 1

art picture 2

art picture 3

The MA rollers have nothing to do with the painting. The painting is in the background.
When looking at the original painting, it is very very magical.

forest with ma rolers in front of painting

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