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diet light

DIE01 - DietLight CD
DIE02 - DietLight Light bulb

The Blue DietLight Refrigerator Appliance Bulb and
Weight Loss Hypnosis CD
The only blue refrigerator appliance bulb made in the world, combined with
The First Hypnotic Weight Loss CD to use Light as a Trigger for your Weight Loss Success!
The Blue DietLight uses the principles of Color Therapy to effect the body and mind. Studies have shown that the color blue is an appetite suppressant. Blue also promotes positive decision making, according to the Harvard Business School.

Putting a Blue DietLight into your refrigerator is also used by our Exclusive Hypnosis CD as a visual anchor for your weight loss success. By using the Blue DietLight in conjunction with the Hypnosis program, every time you open your refrigerator you will be reinforcing your determination to follow through with your weight loss program. Your appetite will be suppressed, your weight loss goals will be brought up by your unconscious mind, along with the image of you being at your perfect weight, to aid you in your quest to lose weight and feel great!
Use the Blue Color Therapy Glasses in conjunction with Blue DietLight to reinforce Blue's natural effect on the body as an appetite suppressant; they are great when away from home; get a second DietLight and carry it in your travel bag, how simple! Drink plenty of Red Solarized Water and stimulate your metabolism. Stay focused while supporting your elimination system with the Yellow Color therapy Glasses.

The Hypnosis CD "Hypnotic Meditations To Create Weight Loss Success" is an Exclusive product, made specifically to use the Blue DietLight as a hypnosis anchor. Every time you see the Blue DietLight, all of your goals will be reinforced. For that matter, the CD is designed to strengthen your willpower. It does this by using the blue light to remind you at the deepest level that you can succeed at losing weight. It also amplifies the effect of the appetite suppression, making the effect of the Blue DietLight even more effective.


This Weight loss system is designed to be used in conjunction with any nutrition program, exercise program,
or virtually any method you might find for weight loss. It is in fact, a fabulous tool to aid you to suppress your appetite,
strengthen your will to lose weight, exercise, and in fact, it amplifies all your goals.

Q: What if you could turn off your hunger pains every time you opened the refrigerator?
A: Research has shown that blue light naturally suppresses the appetite. Additionally, the Harvard Business School
found that blue light promoted positive decision making, and strengthened resolve.

Q: What if you could stimulate your metabolism?
A: You can! Solarized water, is one of the most effective forms of Color healing.
It is a vibrational medicine, RED stimulates the metabolism.
Do not use RED through the eyes as it will stimulate the appetite,
RED is only for drinking, get physical with RED Solarized Water!

Q: What if you could improve your focus and stimulate your elimination system?
A: You can! The eyes convert light (Color) into energy, which travels through our nervous system,
and affects all body functions. Utilizing Color therapy glasses is a wonderful way to receive a Color treatment.
Remember Color is like a vitamin, when you have a deficiency in Vitamin C you take more Vitamin C,
when you have a lack of focus take more YELLOW or when you need to stimulate your metabolism take more RED.
YELLOW says I can, it is the solar plexus. YELLOW is proven to assist one to stay focused
(Wear YELLOW Color therapy glasses for twenty minutes).
YELLOW stimulates the elimination system (paint the bathroom YELLOW).
Use YELLOW only with BLUE as YELLOW will stimulate the appetite if not used in moderation and with BLUE.
Wear BLUE Color therapy Glasses to support your Diet Light when away from home.

Q: Is this an easier way to lose weight and feel better?
A: If there’s an easier way to suppress appetite, lose weight, and feel and look better, we’ve never heard of it.
This is a weight loss support system that is safe, natural, and effective. After all, what could be easier,
 than opening your refrigerator and actually feeling your munchies fade away.

Q: How does a blue light make the munchies disappear?
A: Of all the colors in the spectrum, BLUE is an appetite suppressant.
Weight loss plans suggest putting your food on a BLUE plate to assist in suppressing your appetite.
Remember the old BLUE plate specials” (when they came on BLUE plates), they had smaller portions,
were less expensive, and the customer left feeling satisfied, all thanks to the color BLUE.

Q: Is this all I need?
A: Yes, the DietLight is all you need to suppress your appetite. However, we have found a variety of
inexpensive tools,  which are designed to work with the DietLight that will enhance your success.

Q: Is there scientific research behind this?
A: In the early 20th century, a medical professional, Dr. Dinshah, developed and promoted a system of Color Therapy.
This system, called the Spectra-Chrome, was used by hundreds of doctors, surgeons, and hospitals,
all over the United States and Europe. It was finally replaced by antibiotics.
Color Therapy is currently used to treat cellulite and many skin disorders in spas and health centers all over Europe.

Go to our page on Color Therapy Eye Glasses
Go to our page on Color Therapy information
Q: How long have people been using Color Therapy?
A: The history of the use of color goes back over 5,000 years. Various color therapies were used by many cultures,
including the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Native Americans, and Tibetans.

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Hypnotic Meditation for Use with the Blue DietLight.
"For Your Weight Loss Success"

It is important for the program participant to do the following before using this CD:
1. Install the DietLight into your refrigerator. Wait at least 1 day before starting these hypnotic programs,
so that you will have a good internal reference for the light of the DietLight in your refrigerator.
2. Do the research necessary to determine which nutritional program would be most appropriate
and healthy for your Weight Loss Success! Consult your health care professional for advice if needed.
– REMEMBER – The DietLight will work on appetite suppression regardless of the nutritional program –
However – if your chosen nutritional choices consists of Twinkie’s and HoHo’s, your will have limited success.
This is an opportunity for you to change your eating habits, and make healthier choices for yourself.
3. Prepare your space when you listen to this CD. Turn off the ringer on your phone,
make your children understand that you will need 20 min. of uninterrupted time. Whatever is necessary.
4. The initial start up cycle is 12 days. Use each program for 4 days in order.
You may do as many sessions of each program as you can find the time for, but only one session at a time.
After you have completed the cycle of 4 days per program, you can repeat each program as needed and
even do any choice of programs in any given day, but only after the initial cycle of 12 days is complete….

Do Not listen to this CD while DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY!!!!

Program One
Amplification of the effect of the Blue DietLight for:
* Appetite Suppression
* Appropriate Food Choices (Based on their chosen nutrition plan)

Program Two
Amplification of the effect of the Blue DietLight for:
* Anchoring the achievement of the users weight loss goals to the sight of the DietLight.
This program will remind the unconscious mind of the goals of the user, and bring up the image of being
 in perfect health and at their perfect weight to the conscious mind, even if only for a second.
* The strengthening of the will towards the completion of their weight loss plan
and the achieving of their stated weight loss goal.

Program Three
This track is to increase the user’s success when they are away from home:
* Anchors the visual of any shade of the color blue to appetite suppression
* Anchors the visual of any shade of blue to making appropriate food choices
* Anchors the visual of any shade of blue to remind the conscious and unconscious mind of the users weight
 loss goals by bringing up the brief image of the user being at their perfect weight
* Anchors the visual of the color blue to the strengthening of the will towards the completion of their
weight loss plan and the achieving of their stated weight loss goal.

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