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(FIR stands for  Far Infrared Ray Light)

Hello Everyone,
This is an email I was getting ready to send one of our customers who queried after she ordered a  Relax Sauna from us, what the difference is between the Relax Sauna and this one.  This particular sauna is typical of the many saunas we see on the market place that are made in China.   Here is the email I was getting ready to send her before I realized she had emailed me her question on August 29, 2009.   This sauna is typical of almost all of the portable saunas made in China.  They use pieces of black cloth and hot plates as panels.  And sometimes, they use NON-FIR (very inexpensive) Radiators to increase the Heat in the Sauna to help you sweat.  Unfortunately, these NON-FIR Radiators generate very little FIR energy at temperatures between 110 - 140 degrees.  As you increase the temperature (intensity or wattage)  they lose the purity of the FIR energy (4-14 microns).   So,  I decided to save this for future use.  The future is now, it appears.

Hello !

Thank you for your question.  I get so many questions like yours.  Answering them actually is a lot of fun, because it opens me up to see the glaring differences between these "very primitive" technologies, and the "semi-conductor chip" technology of the Relax Sauna.

I hope that I have been very thorough in this article in my explaining the difference between the Relax Sauna, and other saunas that primarily use carbon/charcoal panels, and sometimes add a non-Far Infrared ceramic heater to get the sauna to give you a quicker sweat. (but not necessarily a therapeutic sweat, which comes mainly from bathing in 100% far infrared Light. )

The promolife sauna that you have pointed out to me is very much like the ones we give $100 for. We have bought about 10 of these as trade ins on the Relax Sauna, since these saunas are very primitive in their technology, and most of them take 45-55 minutes for a good sweat, compared to 15-20 minutes for the relax sauna. I had purchased a $695 unit myself 8 years ago, and that unit took me about 18 minutes just to start sweating (With the Relax Sauna you can have a complete sweat in 15 minutes), and about 45-55 minutes for a complete sweat.   That Sauna is worth no more than $250.00.  If I bought 200 of their saunas from China, I could get their saunas for about 1/5 of what it costs me to purchase 200 of the Relax Saunas.   I have been selling the Relax Sauna for 7 + years, and have had much experience with the saunas made in China, and the difficulties many have had with them.  The company I had bought my other unit from is very reputable (they were one of the 1st companies to introduce these portable saunas into the United States.), and when one of the 3 pads (panels) burnt out, they sent me another one for $35.00.  So what generates their healing FIR Light does not cost very much, nor does it have a great value.

We did have a lady in San Francisco last April feel that the cost of the Relax Sauna was too much, after absolutely loving the warm healing feeling she got from being in the Relaxs Sauna at our booth.    She found a sauna online from a company that had a portable sauna that used our old tent, and had a double ceramic radiator. (It turned out that this radiator was nothing but a space heater.) She said it had a 2 week money back guarantee, so she ordered it, and was shocked at how harsh the heat was, explaining to me that she felt it taxed her adrenals. She returned it, and then got a Relax Sauna.  She was very very happy with the Relax Sauna, after her ordeal.

To discover what is a good FIR Sauna, one needs to look at what generates the Healing Light.

radiator alone        semi conductor computor programmed chip

In the Case of the Relax Sauna, we use a 1500 watt - double radiator, with each of the radiators generating 750 watts of pefectly absorbable Far Infrared Light between 4 - 14 microns. We use a semi conductor chip that is patented, and is made in Taiwan. Taiwan is the capital of the Semi-conductor world, as they make about 94% of the world's semi conductor chips. The semi conductor chip used in the relax sauna took 10 years to invent.  This technology appears to me more advanced than any other technology used to generate the FIR Healing Light., that is crucial for the therapeutic effectiveness of any sauna.  There are 20 of these chips in each of the 2  Relax Sauna Radiators.

The Relax Sauna also uses a reflective tent, which mirrors on all 6 sides (including top and bottom of the "cube") the far infrared light, so that it is absorbed into the body from every nook and cranny of the tent, and not just from the panels.  This is important, because it order to absorb the far infrared light into our body, we must be in front of the "LIGHT."   The heat is a side effect.  The Heat does not really have anything to do with the Far Infrared Light (FIR) that is generated.  In the case of the Relax Sauna, the heat created is a by-product of the transformation that occurs when the semi conductor chip transforms the electrical energy into PURE Far Infrared Ray Energy.

The Ceramic heater in the unit you have shown me from the Promolife page appears to be only a space heater which heats the inside of the tent, and in no way generates healing light on any part of the body. It's purpose is to make the sauna hotter so you sweat earlier, but it probably is only a space heater, and is probably is very similar to space heaters you can get at discount stores for $15 or $20.  It might generate a good percentage of FIR light at 68 degrees F, but as you increase the wattage (heat), it appears that the percentage of FIR Light is drasticly reduced. 

When you take the 3 panels out of the sauna, and we have about 10 of these panels we have taken out of saunas that were returned to us as trade ins on the Relax Sauna. If you put these 3 panels, which are made out of pieces of cloth with charcoal embedded in them, along with a hot plate, and you put them on a table, you have materials worth maybe $30.00 - Maybe $40.00 .  Hot plates are not very expensive to make, nor are the pieces of cloth that are no more than far infrared clothing.  When the hot plates get hot, from the electric current generated by these saunas,  they in turn heat up the cloths.  Perhaps these cloths generate 100% FIR Light at 68 degrees F, as one company proudly points out. But as you increase the temperature to 110 degrees and more, the amount of Far Infrared Light is probably no more than 30%, and your body has to deal with the distracting near and medium infrared light which gets the skin hot, and makes it harder for your body to relax and totally absorb the Far Infrared Light, as one can do in the Relax Sauna.  See Below for picture of this panel.

panel of china made sauna    china made tent
The carbon cloth / hot plate panel stapled to the corrugated plastic on inside of china made sauna / china made sauna

When you take the Double Radiator out of the Relax Sauna, it looks like it is worth about $895, which is what it sells for by itself.

Even when you compare the Relax Sauna Double Radiator with all of the panels from a wooden sauna, that costs about $3500., one can easily believe that the Relax Sauna radiator is worth more than the panels of the wooden sauna.  It thus appears that  in the case of a wooden sauna, you are paying a lot for the pretty wood.

I have seen chat lines from Naturopathic doctors, where the inexpensive saunas from China (like the one you have asked me about from Promolife) are very much looked at with many reservations, as the ingredients of the tents (corrugated plastic, etc.) are suspect.  There is also glue used in gluing the black cloth to the hotplates. The materials in the tent are questioned by these health professionals.  Unfortunately, since the Relax Sauna is also portable, and not well-known, it is sometimes lumped in with all of these other inexpensive Saunas made in China.  The Relax Sauna, on the other hand, uses Nylon with Silver embedded in it, to give it the reflective qualities.  Nylon, which is in almost all socks and underware, is probably the most environmental friendly material that is synthetic.  If the Relax Sauna tent did not mirror the far infrared light, the Relax Sauna would cost about $6000 or so, since they would need the heating elements to shine on every part of the body.  A few portable saunas have now copied the old Relax Sauna tent to give this reflective property, but they do not use 100% far infrared generators.  And none of the wooden saunas reflect the FIR Light, as wood is not a reflective material, nor is the material that almost all of the portable saunas that are made in China. 

The Relax Sauna also uses a very quality chair, as compared to a $5 or $10 camping chair as is included in the Promolife Sauna.

Many individuals after they try the Relax Sauna upgrade their China Portable Sauna with a Relax Sauna.

Three women from one company bought 3 of the saunas similar to the promolife sauna  (but of a little bit greater quality) for $450.00 each, as a group deal  at the end of a health show a couple of years ago.  And 1 at a time, starting 1 1/2 years ago, they have purchased our saunas for $950 each, minus a $100 trade in value for their old saunas.  Every 6 months another of these 3 women  (2 sisters & their cousin) would come to our booth and work the same deal with us.  A few weeks ago, I coerced this one doctor to get into the Relax Sauna after she very proudly told me she already had an infrared portable sauna.  The result:  She bought the Relax Sauna from us.  The difference is very dramatic for some people.   And rightfully so. 

All I have to do is coerce someone who has one of the Chinese Saunas into the Relax Sauna, and , " Oh My God.. What a difference." Many of these individuals realize the quality of the relax Sauna. We are getting more and more reports from individuals who have done research and have told us that our sauna is the "best one there is," including all of the wooden saunas.  We are getting testimonials weekly from people telling us what we have been saying for years.  It sure is nice, though, hearing it from the satisfied customer. 

The Relax Sauna has a sister product, called the Sky Eye Professional Model Radiator, which we sell primarily to doctors, and which was, as an example, able to almost entirely reduce in 7 weeks a 1.5" x 2" diabetic ulcer by using it only 20 minutes a day. Prior to this time, the woman had been in the hospital for 1 1/2 years, and it looked like the hospitals only alternative to using the Sky Eye 800 Watt radiator on it was to amputate it.

This sister product is listed with the FDA as a medical device. Two radiators almost identical to this radiator are used in the Sit-up Relax Sauna, while a 1000 watt radiator is used in the Relax Lie-Down Sauna.   So you can tell that the Relax Sauna is not just a quality device, but a professional model.  All sorts of safety inspecitions have been passed in many countries.  The Relax Sauna also offers another feature which gets the healing light to be absorbed by all parts of the body, and that is the Reflecting tent of the Relax Sit-up Sauna or the Relax Lie-Down Sauna.   Here is the complete report that you can look at:   Full Report of the Sky Eye Radiator

You can look at the website:

and from this page you can click on the link

where the last testimonial on the page starts out with:
I bought your Fir Relax Sauna at the Universal Light Expo in Oct 2010 and it has been a Godsend for me. I suffer from fibromyalgia and this sauna has helped me beyond measure. I have been a police officer for many years and this sauna has also helped lower my stress level after a day on the road. You have no idea how great I feel after 1/2 hour in this sauna. Since I am so relaxed when I come out of the sauna my sleep at night is better than it has been in years. It amazes me the amount of sweat that pours from the body from a truly "deep" sweat. This sauna just doesn't touch the surface, but goes deep and you can feel it.

I did much research on different saunas and this one is by far the "only" quality sauna I found
I am at the Expo in October every year and last year the only thing I cared about coming home with was this sauna. Nothing else at the show compared !!!

Here is a 3 1/2 minute interview with a lady who had purchased a similar sauna before getting a Relax Sauna.

I hope this explains a little why the Relax Sauna is becoming the most appreciated sauna in the marketplace.  Please call me if you have any further questions. my cell phone is 626 200 8454

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here are some other links, which I hope will direct you to the following pages. If not, contact me, and I will give you the direct links.

I hope that this very lengthly explanation has helped you see beyond the marketing hype of some of the other portable saunas out there.  It is simply a marvelous invention to heat 3 pieces of cloth with a hot plate and enclose them in a tent. This can be done very cheaply, as you can tell by the costs of these saunas.  They do some good, but their scope is very limited compared to the Relax Sauna.

Hope this information has been helpful to you. I have put much time into composing this email to you, and hope that I have covered all of the bases for you.


Phillip Wilson
Momentum98 - president
Relax Sauna - National Sales
3509 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43214
office:   614 262 7087 or  800 533 4372
cell 626 200 8454
Its cheaper than yours. Please tell me what difference between this and yours. Tell me why yours is much higher than this about 3 times cost.

This is a 6 minute video of a lady who started using the Relax Sauna about 7 years ago.
She candidly notes that the Relax Sauna is so very affordable, and also talks about the difference in feeling
that she got  in the Relax Sauna 
when compared to the inexpensive paneled saunas that she had also tried.


Happy Relax Sauna Users at Holistic Medical Conference in Minneapolis

Happy Relax Sauna Users at a holistic medical conference in Minneapolis

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relax lie down sauna

Happy Relax Lie Down Sauna User at a holistic medical conference in Minneapolis


radiator alone                   semi conductor computor programmed chip
The radiator & the chip that makes the magic happen!

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