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Hello !
We will be demonstrating the Relax Far Infrared Sauna at the Omni Hotel in Championsgate, florida, just south of Kissimmee, Disneyland and Orlando.  see Relax Sauna page
5-10 minute sittings in this healing light can be incredible.   Please come by the booth .

Massage therapists who put their clients in the Relax Sauna before they  do a massage on them, are amazed by the results.  They can do a MUCH MUCH better massager.

See:  Florida State Massage Therapy Convention

The Florida State Massage Therapy Association serves massage therapists throughout Florida.

The hours of the show are this Thursday 7 - 10  pm. for the grand opening.
The public is invited Friday from 10 - 8 , and Saturday from 10-6.   If you live in the Orlando area, please visit me,
or my booth.  

By the way, 2 helpers I was expecting will not be there.  Anyone wanting to work for me at these times, please call me on my cell phone anytime today, Thursday:   626 200 8454 /  My name is Phillip Wilson, president, Momentum98.
I need someone to help me demonstrate the Acu-Masseurs, and the Quantum Age stirwands, and to encourage people to try the Relax Sauna.

We will also be showing the Acu-masseur all body shiastsu massager which is a due it yourself massager for the neck, shoulders,   the scapula, and every part of the body:   see

The Quantum Age Stirwand is an incredible product, as is the olive Gold:    Try them at the show.
We will also have massage tools, many of them for you to look at,  Squalane, Equinox Botanical Golden salve, and a few of our other favorite products.  
 see:  olive gold
see:  quantum age stirwands

We will also be introducing a low level cold laser device, which can be very useful for range of motion or other problems.

We will also be introducing Zen Frames, a technology that has flashing lights and head phones, and puts you into theta and delta.  See it at the show.

Thanks.    /   I look forward to seeing you .

Phillip Wilson

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