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Last Updated: 11/30/11
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Hitachi Magic Wand Massager
Turn your Hitachi Magic Wand into a Deep Exploring Stimulator ,

with the Hattachment Probe or the Hattachment G-spot.
Made of Ultra-Soft Pliable Latex.
Smooth latex cup attachment fits perfectly on the Hitachi Magic Wand massager head.
 The Hattachments also fit perfectly on the Hitachi Twin-Head Massager Heads.

hitachi magic wand
MAS22 - Hitachi Magic Wand

Soft foam Head is designed to provide great comfort with great spread.  The Handle is specially contoured to make it
easier & more comfortable to use at either high speed or low speed.  The steady, yet gentle massaging action
and special shape mean it's easier to achieve a longer & more continuous massage without tiring.

A note from Phil Wilson
President of Momentum98 

We are a health store, and have sold the Hitachi Magic Twin Head massager (since 1981) at shows
as the most incredible back, shoulder, leg, foot, sacrum, and body massager around.  We now recommend
that you get 2 of the Hitachi Magic Wands to approximate what the Twin Head was able to do.  
However, moving along... 
we were not originally aware that The Twin Head's  little sister, the
 Hitachi Magic Wand, was known as the Cadillac of Vibrators for personal use by women.

On June 14, 2000 our store, and our website were mentioned on a New York City Radio Show
as the only place to get the Hitachi Magic Wand. We were swamped with orders for MONTHS!
At that time, we were selling about 30-40 Hitachi Magic Wands a week, and appeared to be
the only place on the internet where a person could purchase the Hitachi Magic Wand.

We should also mention here that a lady by the name of Betty Dobson started  teaching 
(in 1971 or maybe sooner) classes in NY City for women on how to use the Hitachi Magic Wand. 
 Word spread until the Hitachi Magic Wand became a classic.

 She is still available for personal consultations.

If you purchase the Hitachi Magic Wand at the regular price, we will give you a free
cassette of
this infamous Radio program that ran on June, 2001 in New York City.

Or you can purchase the Magic wand from us at a discount, with no free cassette tape.
go to our information about this Radio show on our Hitachi Magic Wand page

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Hattachment probe
probe stimulator
MAS221 - Hattachment probe for magic wand



Hattachment g-spot
g-spot stimulator
MAS222 - Hattachment g-spot for magic wand

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2 or More 
Hitachi Magic Wand Electric Massager
      MAS22C Hitachi Magic Wand w/Free Cassette - 1 hr radio show featuring magic wand
         $59.95          $54.95
Hattachment Probe Stimulator  (straight)
Hattachment G-Spot  Stimulator (curved) 
Hattachment Combo - Probe Stimulator & G-Spot Stimulator