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HEA20 - 30 caps

SIBERGIN®, the world’s leading high potency Siberian Eleuthero, is a classic adaptogen, helping the body achieve a natural balance between vitality and tranquility, boosting energy and relieving stress. Men and women of all ages appreciate SIBERGIN® for increased endurance, improved concentration, and enhanced well being.

Why Choose SIBERGIN® ?

*SIBERGIN® is the most potent Siberian Eleuthero product available.
SIBERGIN® standardized formulation provides the full spectrum of active components, eleutherosides, in each capsule.
SIBERGIN®’s unique patented paste extract and pharmaceutical quality European capsule delivery system assures maximum absorption and assimilation.

How is SIBERGIN® different from Ginseng ?

SIBERGIN® contains pure extract of Siberian Eleuthro the most researched herb in the world. Unlike its botanical “cousins” Korean Ginseng (overall stimulating) and American Ginseng (overall sedating), SIBERGIN® is the ideal and all-purpose herbal adaptogen. SIBERGIN®’s active components called eleuthrosides produce a harmonious and natural balance between energy and tranquility for both men and women of all ages. Used and prescribed by medical doctors, holistic practitioners and athletic trainers in Europe and America, SIBERGIN® is and effective adjunct to any health-enhancing or athletic training program.

Benefits of SIBERGIN®

Based on 50 years of scientific research of Eleutherococcus Senticosus

* Boosts energy*
* Combats fatigue*
* Alleviates stress & reduces depression, physical, emotional and biochemical imbalances*
* Improves concentration and memory*
* Enhances performance, coordination, and endurance*

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2- Day Detox Plan
HEA21 - 3.38 oz

The 2-Day Detox Plan is a quick and easy detoxification program* containing 13 carefully selected herbs, specifically aimed to flush-away toxins and support the body’s natural elimination systems.* It helps cleanse and purify the whole body,* particularly after times of prolonged stress, alcohol intake and bad diet.*

Why Choose The 2-Day Detox Plan ?

The 2-Day Detox Plan is a mixture of 13 natural herbs that work synergistically to promote elimination of toxins from the body by supporting the proper functioning of key detoxifying organs* - such as the liver, colon, skin, lungs, kidneys and lymphatic system.* It is designed for people on the move who want a quick and simple way to cleanse their body from environmental toxins (found in air, food and water) and cellular waste that build up during everyday life.*

Toxins are released as a by-product of normal metabolism and have to be eliminated from the body on a daily basis. Poor dieting, alcohol consumption and everyday stress increase the level of toxins in the body resulting in a ‘toxic feeling’ whilst suppressing the functioning of our immune system and our overall feeling of well being.*

What is in the 2-Day Detox Plan?

The 2-Day Detox Plan contains milk thistle, tamarind, dandelion, artichoke, meadowsweet, burdock, Oregon grape, birch, liquorice, fennel, yellow dock, Swedish bitters and prune extracts.

Milk thistle, artichoke leaf and dandelion root extracts, burdock, Fennel seed, birch leaf, prune juice and tamarind pulp, Swedish bitters, Meadowsweet herb, Liquorice root, Oregon grape and Yellow dock.

Fennel seed, birch leaf, prune juice and tamarind pulp are digestives that promote good gastrointestinal health.* Tamarind pulp also provides flavoring. Swedish bitters are digestive tonics with a long history of use.*

Meadowsweet herb extract promotes the elimination of urine and waste matter from the body.* Liquorice root reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue,* and along with Oregon grape, stimulates digestive function,* enhances immunity,* and helps harmonize and balance the body.* Yellow dock extract treats skin conditions attributed to toxic metabolites from poor digestion and poor liver function.*

Therefore, avoid starvation diets and harsh laxatives.
Choose the safe and natural 2 DAY DETOX PLAN from HealthAid.

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