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Last Updated: 4/5/11

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Wave Frequency Enhanced Gems and Pendants    

EMF12 - H.E.A.T. Pendants
  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

 What can you do to help protect yourself from many of the negative energies
that we come in contact with daily?

There are over 80,000 harmful man made chemical substances found
in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

 Added to these unavoidable killers is another man made invader prevalent
in our homes, vehicles, offices, schools, hospitals, and more.

That is Electromagnetic Radiation Frequencies (EMF).

 EMF is generated by anything electrical - be it a
battery powered flashlight or AC powered appliances.

It is impossible not to be subjected to EMF radiation that far exceeds
maximum exposure amounts every minute of every day.
Daily, we are exposed to sonar, radar, television and radio waves,
cell phone tower signals and many other EMF’s.

It has been said that the most dangerous environment for today's
advanced man is his home and kitchen.
Unfortunately there is very little that can be done about it.
We as a society have resigned ourselves to accept that we are
slowly being killed by our environment.

We have all accepted our backaches, allergies,
high stress levels and decreased quality of life.

It's just the way it is... Or is it?

It’s your life!

What can you do about it?

You can wear H.E.A.T. Wave Frequency Gems!

What are H.E.A.T. Wave Frequency Gems?

(Human  Energy  Attunement Technology)

Frequency enhanced gems shield against environmental invasive intruders while
harmonizing the energies in and around the physical body to provide balance and stability.
This results in reduced stress levels, a harmonizing of energy throughout the body,
and a measurable increase in strength and flexibility.

Physics tells us that matter is not solid but is composed of pure energy.
These energy building blocks all vibrate at incredible speeds
emitting specific and unique frequencies.

For every man made invader, vibrating at its harmful frequency,
there exists an opposite and healing frequency.

Dr. Robert Becker, author of Body Electric and Cross Currents has reported
that certain types of crystals provide a natural protection
from harmful Electromagnetic Radiation Frequencies (EMF).

 Simply put, HEAT Wave Gems have been enhanced through a proprietary process
to harness an energy that apparently shields our bodies from our harmful environment; strengthens and harmonizes the energy flow within and outside our physical body.

More information on:

(Human  Energy  Attunement Technology)

Quantum Physics tells us that matter is not solid but is composed of pure energy.
These energy building blocks all vibrate at incredible speeds emitting
specific and unique frequencies creating our physical reality.

For every natural and man-made invader, vibrating at its harmful frequency,
there exists an opposite, harmonizing and healing frequency.

HEAT Wave is the name of the proprietary process by which g
ems and crystals are potentized, and energized in the highest order of alchemy
with sacred geometry & spiritual numerology & infused with
light & sound frequencies of multi-phasic tones and colors.

Human Energy Attunement Technology was inspired by the Holy Spirit
and blessed with the intercessory prayer of Saints & Angels.

Unless you are a spiritual avatar or quantum physicist,
our demonstration can change your view of reality!  Welcome to the Matrix!

What this means for you is:

Enhanced performance in any sport or activity
Reduction in pain
Increased relief of any symptom
Increased ability to handle stress
Allergies are harmonized
Chakras opened and balanced
Meridians are tonified or sedated as needed
Reflexology zones are cleared
Subliminal programming nullified

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