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Original Backnobber
MAS50 - $41.95

Long Backnobber
MAS505 - $43.95

Big Bend
MAS506 - $43.95

Folding Backnobber

The Original Backnobber, the first of its kind, has been a classic favorite of professional, hands on therapists for over twenty years.  The Original Backnobber was the first massage tool by Backnobber Company (which started in approximately 1982). The creator needed a tool to massage his own back - and he created the first of a series of good quality, hand-held massagers.Another example of invention being the mother of necessity!

Each Backnobber tool comes with a 35-page fully illustrated User Guide.

The Original Backnobber is hand crafted from a steel bar, bent in the shape of an “S” with wooden balls, one relatively small and one somewhat larger, permanently affixed to each end. The tool is used by hooking the device over a shoulder or under an arm and using its leverage to apply direct, deep, steady pressure to trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper and lower back or any large or small muscle in the body where a trigger point might occur. This pressure followed by careful, regular stretching and strengthening exercises can, over time, significantly reduce tension and pain in soft tissue and increase range of motion and overall function.

The big part goes in the chest area, and therefore, the metal bar never hits the chest, so it is wonderfully easy to use to dig in and get any pressure points in the back area of the body from the hips to the shoulders.  It is especially effective on any part of the back from the small of the back to the points just below the shoulders, points you cannot reach by yourself. You can do the points on your lower back & seat by holding it sideways (perpendicular to you!), instead of over your shoulder. 

Which style to choose:

* The Original Backnobber is for regular-sized people. The Regular size Backnobber measures approximately 19 inches in overall length with curves 9 inches across each curve. This size is used comfortably by most adults for over the shoulder, deep muscle compression in the neck and upper back areas and under an arm for middle and lower back areas.

* The Long Backnobber is very effective for those who are over 6' tall (since it is easier for them to use).

* Big Bend was designed for large people weighing over 200 pounds. 

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Backnobber II

MAS502 - Original Backnobber II
Each Backnobber II tool comes with a 35-page fully illustrated User Guide.

Self care for your aching back !
Pressure point massage for that trouble spot!

The Original Backnobber II tool is a carefully designed, deep muscle therapy device, it is the most advanced product of its kind on the market today. Constructed and crafted from fiberglass reinforced, nylon, this tool will last for many years.

The Original Backnobber II tool is used by hooking the device over a shoulder or under an arm and using its leverage to apply deep pressure to trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back and virtually any other location on the body where trigger points may occur. This pressure can significantly reduce tension and pain in soft tissue and increase range of motion and overall function.

The Original Backnobber II tool is fitted with a built-in locking device that allows its two halves to be taken apart and “nested” for convenient storage and travel. This simple but effective, self-care tool is lightweight, ergonomic, durable, compact, attractive and versatile.

Made of highly durable polymer composite and molded into the shape of an "S," the Backnobber II is designed to be hooked over the shoulder or under the arm to allow the user to apply as much deep-muscle-pain-releasing pressure for as long as required to achieve its remarkable effects. 

Travel Friendly:

Unique locking mechanism

By pressing the button and pulling, the Backnobber II easily comes apart to pack away in a briefcase, purse, or bag.

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

If the truth be known, the Backnobber II ain't a perfect "S" shape.
And for good reason... 

Notice that the left half of the"S" is smaller than the right half of the "S," as in the picture above. Now - and this is the punchline - it is easier to do the shoulders with the smaller curve and it is easier to do the middle of the back with the larger curve.

The new Backnobber II is so popular, there seemed to be very little reason to carry the Folding Backnobber. The Backnobber II is also less expensive...

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MAS53 - The Original Jacknobber
MAS533 - Jacknobber II

The Original Jacknobber
 Made in Pennsylvania by the Original family

The Jacknobber is a quality pressure point tool for the back, neck, and shoulders.
It's effect will create a relaxing feeling that will make you feel great.

... and the Jacknobber II

The plastic version of the Original Jacknobber makes it ideal for use in hot tubs, swimming pools, and bathtubs...  
Made of molded translucent plastic in an modern new design, this product comes in blue, red, yellow, green, aqua, & purple.

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

This is probably the only website that explains how to use the Jacknobber for maximum relaxation and stimulation. We have been demonstrating these incredibly effective massagers at nationwide Expos for decades and know how to use them properly.

The picture is NOT the correct position on using the the Jacknobber: 
See below for proper instructions.

The secret revealed on how to use the Jacknobber...

Everyone thinks that the balls are moving...  and the trick to making this marvelous tool work properly is...
 you need to cheat.. yes, cheat !  Use the heal of the hand, right underneath the palm of the hand as the magical fourth point.

Notice the position of each ball on the picture to the right. The heal of the hand & the three balls do a great job - greater than one might expect -and certainly greater than each by itself could do. Try it! 


If you look at the picture on the left, you can see how to position your hand with one of the balls (usually the larger one) sticking out. Place one of the Jacknobber's knobs in between the index finger & the middle finger, and have it stick outside... (as shown above)... at the left...

 Positioning the balls, and then time to roll !

Then adjust the other 3 knobs on the jacknobber so that one of the knobs is at the
base of the thumb, the other at the base of the little finger, and the middle knob is sort of underneath the tip of the middle finger, on the side of the index finger (as above on the right). You are ready to roll !

Do the heal first !

Now you are in position! Place the heal of the hand on your friend's back, and then, and
only then place the other three knobs of the Jacknobber touching your friend's back. Now move the Jacknobber in large & small concentric circles...

A truly amazing, relaxing feeling.

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Index Knobber, Index Knobber II & Mini Knobber

Index Knobber - 2 Types
MAS49 - $8.95 - Ball Tip (above)
MAS491 - $8.95 - Rubber Tip
Index Knobber II
MAS492 - 10.95
Mini Knobber
MAS54 - ($5.95)

Great Pressure Point Massagers for all acupressure points on the back, feet, & wherever there is a muscle.

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A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98

We are one of the leading distributors of massage tools in the nation.
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Jacknobber II
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Index Knobber with plastic tip 
Index Knobber II
Mini Knobber
Original Backnobber
Original Backnobber II
Long Backnobber
Big Bend Backnobber
Folding Backnobber - (only available in quantity of 100 or more)