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 Lignite information page...
(and lots of information on animals, too)
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 The Original   Willard Water
as popularized on
the 60 Minutes TV show in 1981

Willard Water XXX information

The various solutions (of Willard Water with Lignite Added) , as received,
are to be diluted with water according to directions, before being used.
Remember it is the water that becomes the effective ingredient.
All of the products have a synergistic effect upon antibiotics and germicidal agents.
The Dr. Willard Water XXX is the most effective in this respect as it has natural bacterial,
fungicidal and antibiotic agents found in the lignite,
which is used in the production of LA-WATER (Lignite Activated Water).
We have evidence that all products have the unique property of relieving the stress in animals.

When a dog is "sick" it is one of two reasons:  both are concerned with Food and Water.

1.  Something is needed by the body, which is not there.
2.  Something is not needed by the body, which is there.

A ration should always contain nutrients sufficient for maintenance and body repair.  This does not mean any massive intake on a crude level such as:  protein, vitamins, etc.  Minerals and trace elements are as important as vitamins in maintaining good health and a sound body.  There is a difference in organic minerals and the same minerals in the organic (life) form.  The trace minerals in Dr. Willard's Water XXX are from organic material
laid down in nature some 50 million years ago.

No medicinal product has the ability, within itself, to perform any body healing.  They only set up circumstances whereby the body heals itself.  In private communication from veterinarians they have stated they probably 75 percent of all animal diseases are due to stress.  Stress is any change in conditions that is not good for the animal well being such as:  during severe exercise, after loss of blood, in serve re pain,  during emotional excitement (racing and hunting dogs),
exposure to extreme heat or cold, etc.

During stress there ids a reduction in the lymphatic tissue, including the spleen and the thymus, this means fewer lymphocytes in circulation.  Lymphocytes are important agents in the protection against infectious disease.  Water constitutes 91-92 percent
of plasma and lymph resembles plasma in composition.
Again we see the importance of the right kind of water in the life process of the animal.

Nutrient intake, nutrient absorption and body retention of nutrients are all essential for building a healthy dog.  Now supposing that we had a patented water additive that would produce a more active form of water that would influence those performances through greater vitamin activity, trace mineral utilization to assist metabolism and nutrient retention, plus a water that relieves stress in the dog, a test trial of 14-21 days will show if
Dr. Willard's Water additive is an economical aid to  "plus feeding".

Directions for its Use:

1.  Use in drinking water as a conditioning agent and to relieve stress.
Add 1/2 ounce of the XXX Normalizer per 25 gallons of drinking water,
or 1/2 teaspoon per 5 gallons.

2.  Use in feed to increase digestion and to relieve stress
If you are now mixing the feed with water, replace the water with an equal amount
of a solution made by adding one ounce of Dr. Willard's Water XXX to one gallon of water.
Use same as ordinary water.
If you do not add water to the feed then just spray the feed until moist with XXX solution.

3.  For irritation of skin, eyes, nose, or throat.
Spray the infected area with a solution made by adding one ounce of Dr. Willard's Water Normalizer per gallon of water.

4.  Use with burns, cuts, sprains, and other physical damage.
Make a dilute solution by adding one ounce of the XXX concentrate to one gallon of water.
Spray the injured area one to three times a day with this solution.

Other Articles on Willard Water !


Recently a product has come to our attention that may provide improvement in efficiency of poultry production.  The product is called CATALYST ALTERED WATER.  It is described as colloidal sodium, magnesium, calcium polysilicate polymer with a coating of a plant oil derivative which is combined with lignite.  Catalyst Altered Water has been used by a ranchers in South Dakota for ten years to relieve stress and improve productivity in cattle.  Results reported following the utilization of Catalyst Altered Water on poultry farms indicated that birds attained egg size and peak production earlier with extended length of the peak.  Fertility was also improved 3 to 5%.  Broilers were 1/2 lb. heavier and consumed less feed.
The birds appeared to show less stress during the production period.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, no scientific studies have been reported on CAW.  However, the Department of Poultry Science at UBC is interested in conducting controlled research studies in combination with feed ingredients which do not produce the fully expected potential, probably due to the content
of small quantities of nutritionally antagonistic compounds.

The Department of Poultry Science will prepare research proposals this Fall in hopes of obtaining sufficient funds to determine the effect of  Catalyst Altered Water on ingredients such as
alfalfa meal and canola mean in the poultry diet.

(WHISPER, a Beautiful Arabian Mare)

Not long ago....in mid-state Oregon, WHISPER, a beautiful Arabian mare, got very sick.  That sickness gradually turned into paralysis in her hind quarters.  Soon, the mare was almost completely paralyzed.  Her alarmed owners took her to Oregon State University for tests.  Too late, the light of life was dimming in her eyes!  Spinal taps and diagnosis indicated a central nervous disease.  The myelin sheath of the spinal cord and brain were being eaten alive by blood worms!  Whisper was sent home to die....The beautiful mare was also five months along with a foal.
Ellen and Hal Wilfley added four ounces of  Catalyst Altered Water  to a gallon of pure water.  At dawn and dusk, two times daily, they gave Whisper a half gallon of this "altered," normalizing water, along with the herb, comfrey.  In three days Whisper was strong enough to whinny!!!!!  By the seventh day she had bolted out of her stall and was running in the pasture with the other horses.  When the local vet saw her several weeks later, they said they could not believe it.  What should have been a terminally ill disease had totally reversed itself!!!!   A few months later, Whisper gave birth to an adorable foal.

Ellen and Hal Wilfley are in the business of raising Arabian horses.  They say with use of the water, consumption of grain by their horses has dropped from twelve pounds to four pounds a day.  The  "stools"  of these fine horses indicated almost 100% of the grain eaten is digested.  They actually cut back their dosage of vitamins and still their animals are livelier and healthier than ever before.!!!  Ellen and Hal Wilfley attest drinking Catalyst Altered Water increases the absorption pf their foods, including vitamins and minerals, from 20 to 80%!!!!!   It definitely calms down an excited stallion.  The skittish horse is sprayed gently on the back and chest and can be handled easily afterwards.  Hal and Ellan use Catalyst Altered Water to help heal their wounds and to relieve their expensive Arabian horses of colic, which is almost always otherwise fatal!!!   Uses for Dr. John Willard's water are too numerous to mention.  HOWEVER, YOU CAN READ MORE IN THE SPECIAL 45 PAGE BOOKLET, PUBLISHED BY THE NINETY-SIXTH CONGRESS, JULY 7, 1980, RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA.


Despite $1,100 in surgery and medical test, Josephine Smith's 2-year old house cat,
Willie was wasting away with leukemia.

All the veterinarians at Michigan State University, the state's Mayo Clinic for animals, said so.  So did sympathetic neighbors, who watched him drag himself around Mrs. Smith's west-side Detroit home.
Mrs. Smith, 71, tirelessly nursed him through 108-degree fevers.
"I was determined to get him well even through everybody had given up."  she said defiantly.

Finally, she gave Willie a remedy called Dr. Willard's Water.  Two days later, she said, the fever subsided, the swelling of his spleen, and liver went down and Willie began to eat "everything that wasn't nailed down."
MRS. SMITH, her sister and friends now are among the converts who are drinking the water daily for arthritis, emphysema and assorted ills.  Nothing---not even the warnings of the Arthritia Foundation or the American Lung Association---can persuade them that Willard's water, which was named after a South Dakota chemist who accidentally concocted it, doesn't work.

Della Cooper, a Monroe barmaid, drinks it for her stomach ulcer and cramps in her extremities and puts it on grease burns to stop the pain, blistering and scarring.

Willard Water Article

The unique properties of Willard Water are the result of action of patented catalyst which significantly alter the molecular arrangement of the liquid water.  The catalyst is a micelle that is a polysilicate polymer with the center of the negative charge near the surface.  All the evidence that we have, indicates that chains of polarized water molecules radiate out from the colloidal particle.  Water in these chains can penetrate openings that the molecules of water in the normal tetrahedral structure can not.  The water molecules in the chain would be less stable  (contain higher energy content)  than normal water.

The Catalyst Altered Water should be more reactive (better than ordinary water).

The proof of this activity is demonstrated by the experimental evidence that very dilute solutions of CAW water will react with lignite and remove practically all of the aromatic  (benzene)  compounds such as coal tar dyes, naphthalene, phenols, etc.  The CAW solution will also attack silicates, even pyrex glass.

The CAW solutions are powerful reducing agent in organic chemistry.  Photographs of a microscope slide of blood containing significant amount of peroxides and free radicals  (stress condition)  show up as white dots and white spider web-like structure.  One hour after drinking a glass of W.W. the new slide shows ONLY healthy blood.
It is reasonable to assume that if the Catalyst Altered Water was in the serum water that flows through the cell the reducing action (loss of electrons) should reinforce the electron flow in the skeleton of the cell and the more reactive water molecules would be readily available to produce the  "structured water" of Lings.

Pain is the result of damaged nerves.  In a private communication from an authority on enzymes, he stated, "that when dilute catalyst altered was was sprayed on the damaged area that a film went around the damaged nerve restoring it to normal operation."  Hence no pain.  This phenomenon has been noted by Veterinarians.


Dr. T.W. "Wayne" Perry of Purdue University has been actively involved in the recent investigations of applications from Dr. John Willard's Carbonaceous Activated Water (CAW).

He is a professor of animal sciences at the Lafayette, Ind. University---coincidentally Willard's alma mater.
One of the investigations he conducted was a controlled experiment
on a flock of sheep in the advanced stages of foot rot.

Perry found that spraying the infected area with a dilute CAW solution gave relief for from one to two weeks and then the infections returned.  Later he injected each sheep with 2 cubic centimeters of a combiotic (a combination of penicillin and antibiotic) and a similar amount of the dilute CAW.
"Cure was 100 per cent, "reported Willard and Dr. Perry is prepared to state that now have a cure for foot rot."

Willard himself had an unexpected experience with a 1,700 pound bull.  In the advanced stage of foot rot with secondary infection in the leg and thigh. ANIMAL VERY WEAK
When found, the animal was very"weak and one toe on the left hind foot was completely rotted away."

When I examined the animal, Willard said, the foot was covered with white maggots.  The animal lay on its side and could not get up.  Its eyes were glazed.  I injected  (in the rump)  a mixture of 5cc combiotic and 5cc CAW/1000.  I then sprayed the infected foot and leg with the dilute CAW.

"When the CAW solution came in contact, the maggots left in a hurry as if they were in pain,"  Willard said.  "This first treatment was administered at 5:30 p.m. and at 5 a.m. the next day, the bull was sitting up like a dog, his head was up and his eyes were alert.  He was trying to get up.  I gave him two pails of water---he drank eight gallons---and some cubes which he ate.  This was Monday morning.  By Tuesday afternoon he was on his feet.
The swelling in the leg and thigh was gone and the foot was considerably better.  This rapid cure. he added, must be evaluated with the knowledge that the rancher had been treating the bull for seven days---by the time I was called---with a daily injection of 10cc combiotic.
And he had sprayed the hoof with a commercial preparation for foot rot.

I reason that the bull's system was full of antibiotic and the rapid cure was a result of the synergistic action of CAW on a massive dose of antibiotics.  The rancher continued my CAW treatment for 10 days and the bull was able to walk into the packing house for slaughter.  Willard said, adding that treatment of foot rot with CAW.
In another controlled experiment, a rancher treated one half of his calves after branding, dehorning and castration (where necessary) with CAW/100. Willard said.  The treated calves acted "as if they had no pain and within a week there was no sign of damage.  The control group of calves still had scabs on the brand
and on their wounds, in some cases after six weeks."

He added that the untreated calves "went off bawling and off their feet for a time."  CAW stopped any hemorrhaging.  Said Willard.

He also related the experience of a veterinarian in Logansport Ind., who used CAW/100 in many "cuts, sprains and sores on animals with good results."

His most spectacular case.  Willard said was of a filly racehorse.  "In her first race, which she won, she pulled up with a bad case of splints in both front legs.  She refused to move, probably because of pain, until the vet sprayed her with CAW.  Then she walked into the horse trailer, unaided.  X-rays showed s hair-line crack in the splint bone of both legs.  Complete care followed treatment, three times a day, with  CAW.


Another area of animal care in which CAW has been used of value is that of weaning calves, Willard said.

He explained that the normal custom is to feed dairy calves there mother's milk for the first three days and then switch to a milk substitute.  "The shock to the calf is severe and I am told that usually a dairyman will lose 20 percent of his calves.

"We have been successful in over 100 dairy calves by adding four liquid ounces of CAW/1000 to every four pints
of milk substitute solution.

The CAW apparently acts to relieve the stress and also synergizes the antibiotic which is present in the milk substitute.  The CAW solution is discontinued after the first 24 hours unless the calf become sick.  Apparently the CAW micelle is retained in the digestive tract for a long enough period to accomplish its purpose.
He said a large beef producer weaned his calves after five months.  He added CAW in their drinking water the first day.  Willard said.  This one-day treatment lasted for three weeks and then the calves started coughing dust, pneumonia the rancher called it.  He then gave them CAW water ( a half-ounce of CAW concentrate to 100 gallons of water) once a week thereafter without any more trouble.

Willard added that "His (the rancher's) friend and neighbor lost the usual percentage of calves."
He said he believes it was "stress factor" but "can't prove it."

The scientist theorizes that part of CAW's apparent effectiveness is due to the widespread use if antibiotics by farmers and ranchers....almost every animal has had an injection of some kind.  He theorizes that "perhaps the animals have built up a tolerance so these very antibiotics are no longer as effective.  CAW---the restructured water---apparently augments the effectiveness of the antibiotic.

As Willard says, the applications multiply.  CAW works, but we still don't know exactly why it works.

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